Farming In Focus - Spring 2022


Bron Rogers, West Wyalong Machinery Centre

“This year is proving that if you get your crops in early, if you’re prepared and ready to go, you’ve maybe got a chance of getting them up.” Bron says K-Line Ag’s Speedtiller ® , Trackattack ® and range of Rippers have been flying out the door, helping an increasing number of farmers in the upper Riverina region to achieve faster turnaround on soil preparation. “When it comes to the machinery you use, timeliness can be a massive advantage,” she says.

As wild weather continues to play havoc on crop production in many parts of the country, responsiveness has become one of the most important tools in a farmer’s arsenal. “We’ve probably never seen a season like this before,” says West Wyalong Machinery Centre salesperson Bron Rogers. “We get 40mm of rain, a gap, then another 40mm, then another little gap. Some of our customers have had to resow their crops three times this season.

The unpredictable weather, in addition to growing concerns about an incursion of foot- and-mouth disease, make for challenging times for the predominantly wheat and sheep- based area around West Wyalong. But with adversity also comes opportunity. “The ones who got canola in and up, they’re looking good, with the prices being favourable. They can really kick some goals,” she says. “Canola, wheat and barley are the staples out here, a little bit of oats, and a lot of sheep.”

West Wyalong Machinery Centre Dealer Principal Andrew McCulloch, salesperson Bronwyn Rogers & Administrator Laura Sincock

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