Farming In Focus - Spring 2022

STAFF SPOTLIGHT Hamish Newell Welding & Fabrication Apprentice

How long have you worked at K-Line Ag? Just over 18 months

What is the best thing about your job? Learning new skills and processes at TAFE and on the job and transferring them to work tasks. I like being challenged to build new components and practising different welding techniques and constantly trying to improve upon them. What is the worst thing about your job? Having to leave work when I’m in the zone and enjoying what I’m doing. Running out of wire mid run!

My joke of the season Q: What do you call James Bond in a bath? A: Bubble-0-7

Tell us about what a normal workday looks like for you? It involves fabricating and welding parts and components using various tools, skills and techniques. What do you think about K-Line machines? I think they are really high-quality machines. It’s really cool to be able to step back and say “ I helped build that.”

What do you like doing in your spare time? I enjoy riding my dirt bike. I enjoy applying skills I’ve learnt at work and TAFE to building projects at home, such as building a new tray for my Ute. I love camping and getting into mischief with the boys!


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