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Francis Drouin Député fédéral, MP Glengarry - Prescott - Russell

As of the 2011 Canadian census, there were nearly 105,000 farm families in our country making a living from crops, livestock and market garde- ning. That makes for a lot of parents and kids who live, work and play near potentially unsafe environments. And that is why this year, the Cana- dian Agricultural Safety Association is launching a new three-year theme for Canadian Agricultural Safety Week: Be An AgSafe Family. For 2016, the March 13-19 campaign will focus on the tagline Keeping Kids Safe. According to Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting, a national safety program, preschoolers living on family farms are twice as likely to die from an accident as regular children. These fatalities are most commonly the result of being run over, falling from equipment or drowning. Keeping an eye on the kids at all times is probably the greatest single thing farm parents can do to help keep their kids safe. TIPS FOR KEEPING TABS ON KIDS 1. Talk with your child and ask them to identify the dangers on your farm. Help them see hazards they might not be aware of. 2. Explain the rules for safe play and repeat them often. 3. Keep children out of the farm yard unless there is a parent with them. 4. Set aside a safe play area (such as a lawn) that is clearly defined. If you leave your children alone outdoors to play, consider enclosing the area with a fence and using a gate with a safety latch. 5. When assigning farm chores to kids, make sure the tasks are age- appropriate, especially when it comes to using equipment and vehicles. Making family farms safer for kids

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It’s important to know the whereabouts of your kids at all times when you’re working and playing on the farm.



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