Furnace inspection scam With winter still settled in for a few more weeks, there is a seasonal scam making the rounds of communities. The CSA Group, which provides product testing and certifica- tion services and sets standards for Canada on household products and other items, has issued a warning of a door-to-door “furnace inspector” scam. The con artist claims to represent the CSA Group and asks to do an inspection of the home furnace. The CSA Group does not send staff out to do inspections at private homes. Anyone ap- proached at their home by someone claim- ing to be a CSA official should refuse that person entry, call the police, and also notify the CSA Group’s Anti-Counterfeiting unit at – Gregg Chamberlain

The bad news frompolice is there were still more fatal accidents on Ontario highways last year compared to the year before. The good news is the “Big Four” were not re- sponsible for as many of them. The OPP released a comparison report on fatal traffic accidents for 2014 and 2015, showing an increase in fatalities of 299 last year compared to 288 the previous year. The number of actual collision calls for police dropped from75,644 in 2014 to 69,469 in 2015. What police refer to as the “Big Four” causes of fatal traffic accidents also declined last year compared to the previous year. Im- while the Big Four were responsible for fewer driving fatalities last year, the number of cases where a fatal traffic accident involving more than one life lost has increased.That includes collisions involving large commercial trans- port trucks, where 71 deaths resulted last year compared to 66 in 2014.There were fewer col- lisions involving freight transports with 5373 in 2015 compared to 6307 the previous year. The number of accidents involving mo- torcycles increased from 803 in 2014 to 838 in 2015, with the number of fatalities almost even at 31 last year compared to 32 the previ- ous year. “Big Four” causes of fatal accidents decline ACTUAL I TÉS • NEWS paired driving accounted for 45 deaths in 2015 compared to 52 in 2014.The number of deaths due to distracted driving was 69 compared to 82. In 2014, speeding resulted in 64 deaths compared to 61 the following year, and failure to use a seatbelt resulted in 51 deaths in 2015 compared to 53 in 2014. Last year marks the lowest number of deaths due to impaired driving situations in more than a decade. The distracted driving fatalities are also fewer since the province enacted legislation in 2009 to deal with the situation. What the OPP statistics indicate is that

All Homes are not created equal Woodfield has expanded it’s selection to include six exciting new designs, including a bungalow with a loft. These homes, like all Woodfield Homes come with the latest luxury finishes and six new appliances included in the price. Woodfield puts more into a home... so you can get more out of a home. Come see why we continue to say... Seeing is Believing.


THE NORWOOD LOFT 1,764 SQ. FT. $375,400

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