UMS Case study: Metroselskabet

base stores geographic coordinates of addresses citizens provide and corre- lates the same with the target area for the alert. The database receives inputs from a Citizen Portal where citizens can update their contact information. The system has a two-step authentication that ensures security. Registrants can add multiple areas of interest (home, work, school etc.) and can personalise their notifications directed towards such areas as well. The portal also provides users with an option to keep their identities anony- mous by using aliases in the citizen data- base. When an alert has to be sent, the contact information along with an alias will be matched and the alert will be disseminated. Results: The system disseminates 500 - 3,000 messages on an average, dur- ing any announcement that needs to be made, delivering most of the messages within the first minute itself. This gives neighbours and other affected citizens ample time to make necessary arrange- ments to avoid any inconvenience that they might experience. The success rate of the first wave of messages dissemi- nated is around 83% and the alert sys- tem gives a clear indication of message

delivery status, allowing the authorities to plan subsequent waves of dissemi- nation to alert nearly all the affected citizens. THE UMS SOLUTION FITTED THE NEEDS OF METROSELSKABET UMS’ Address Based Alerting solution was congruent with the requirements of Metroselskabet and offered a simple approach to achieving their needs. The solution has been deployed using a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, allowing the administration at Metroselskabet to use the solution without the hassle of hardware setup and maintenance. UMS offers alert templates which provide the option of creating predefined alert areas and messages for rapid dissemination. The solution also allows administration to send alerts either as voice messages or as SMS, ensuring greater coverage in the affected areas. The citizen portal relieves the organisa- tion of the burden of periodically updat- ing affected residents’ contact informa- tion. Through the portal, all registered citizens (or those who wish to register for the first time) can update their con- tact information and choose multiple ar- eas from where they can receive alerts and notifications.

The solution also allows authorities to identify citizens who have not received the alerts and plan for alternate/ sub- sequent alerting to ensure that these citizens have the necessary information available beforehand.


Preparedness and accurate information reduce the impact of service disruptions. Making sure the right facts are available to the right people at the right time is essential. Metroselskabet needed a nov- el system that allowed them to inform neighbours of construction sites regard- ing plans, extended working hours, in- creased noise and special transportation which might affect normal conditions. UMS’ Address Based Alerting solution has enabled them to carry out their ex- pansion work with higher tolerance and respect from their neighbours with mini- mal additional effort.

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