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An Electrician’s Guide to Evolving with Technology Dialogue A Publication of the Ontario Electrical League Issue 40-3 • Fall 2018


Submitted By: Virginia Pohler “W hy did you get into the trade?” I am asked this question quite frequently, as I’m not what most consider to be a “typical electrician”. For me, it was a rather pragmatic decision. I had been working in a factory as a production worker, doing the same boring thing 800 times a day. I found myself looking forward to the occasions when the machine I ran would break down. This meant something interesting would happen when the maintenance guys were deployed to troubleshoot and remedy the problem. I always found their job far more interesting than mine, so when I was laid off due to an economic slowdown, I took advantage of the retraining funding

Editorial Focus: TECHNOLOGY

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that involved creativity and problem solving, something that would challenge me and allow me to grow over the years. Looking back, I had no idea what I was getting into – but luckily for me, the electrical industry is not short on any of the things I was looking for in a career. I started my path in this industry in 2001 and have been amazed at the continued and rapid changes in the industry since then. Like many of you, I vaguely remember the time before everyone on the job had a cell phone and when having a “mic” on the job was a luxury. I remember the first time I used my new first-generation iPhone to help me troubleshoot problematic wiring in a motor starter, and how easy it was to snap some pictures to share with a colleague and discuss in real time. We now

available to me and enrolled in an industrial electronics program at Fanshawe College. REGARDLESS OF THE PROFESSION OR CAREER STAGE, I SEE SOME COMMONALITIES IN ALL OF US WHO HAVE CHOSEN A PROFESSION IN THE ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY. At the heart of my decision to pursue a career as an electrician was a desire to do something interesting withmy days, something TO ENSURE DELIVERY, MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP! PUBLICATIONS MAILAGREEMENT No. 40032872

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