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F-1 & F-100 Series

1948-66 Ford Pickup Parts



In January of 1948 a legend was born when Ford introduced its F-Series line of light trucks. With a bold new look, extra-tough chassis and durable sheet metal, these trucks forever changed our minds about what a pickup truck should be. Currently approaching the end of its seventh decade of production, more than 34 million of the F-Series legends have rolled off the assembly line. As the best selling American made vehicle of all time, these trucks have obviously won the hearts of pickup lovers worldwide. The earlier generations of these pickups, the F-1 and F-100 series are now experiencing a revival in popularity. They are now sought after to be reborn in a variety of different forms, from concours perfect restorations to wild and whimsical street rods. Heck, some are even being revived simply to be the daily driver workhorses they started out as all those years ago. A Legend is Born

Where it all began - a beautiful 1948 F-1 Pickup displayed by Ford at their 2014 SEMA show booth in Las Vegas.

Drake’s Pickup Parts Sampler #8 In this 48 page sampler we offer you a taste of the variety of parts we offer for the 1948-66 generation of Ford F-Series trucks. Look through what we have compiled here and please browse our web store (www.bobdrake.com) to see what’s available for your particular truck. We are known for producing quality, affordable parts for early Ford legends, and these trucks have become part of that family of legends. We built our reputation on the same kind of “old-school” quality, value and service the famous F-Series trucks now stand for.

Bob’s F-100 Pickup

Here’s Bob with his own 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup. He picked this beauty up at the Turlock, California swap meet for $700 about 15 years ago. Bob says the red 6 cylinder truck started right up, so he decided to drive her home to Grants Pass. The pickup made the 425 mile journey up through the Siskiyou Mountains to home with just a couple of minor maintenance stops along the way.

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Table of Contents Headlights 2-3 Parking Lights 4-5 Taillights 6-9 Grille 10-15 Hood 16-21 Running Boards 22 Mirrors 23 Antennas 23 Window Seals 24 Door Seals 25 Door 26-28 Interior 29-32 Insulation 33 Gas Tank 34-35 Bed 36 Hub Caps 37 Engine 38-41 Sheet Metal 42 Brakes & Chassis 43 Tools 44-45 Books 46-47 Decals 48 Gifts 49

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1951-56 Headlight rim screws

Stainless steel screws 52388-SSHL $1.00 pair

1948-55 Headlight Rim B5C-13064-A $35.00 each

1948-55 headlight sockets Bulbs or sealed beams plug into sockets inside headlight bucket. These sockets extend behind the headlight bucket, then connect to the headlight harness. Includes grommet. 1948-51 0A-13076 1952-55 B5T-13076-A $24.00 each

1948-52 headlight wire grommet Rubber grommet protects wires as they pass through the sheet metal panel on the left side of radiator. 1948-52 8C-13078-C $3.00 each

1941-48 headlight Bucket grommet Protects and holds wire secure in bucket 51A-13077 $4.00 pair

1956 Headlight Rim B6C-13064-A $28.00 each



In 1948 Ford took the headlights from the upper, outside corners of the fender and moved them down and inward to become a part of the grille design. A whole new style was created with the headlights integrated into the grille. This bold new look set the Ford F-Series trucks apart from the crowd.


1940-Up SEALED BEAM HEADLIGHT No alignment tabs, ready to install in your 1940 & up. Ford Script.

1948-55 Pickup Headlight Bucket And Spring 1C-13008-A $75.00 each

1942-55 Pickup Bucket To Fender Gasket

Die-cut cork as original. 11A-13044 $10.00 pair

Fits many car and truck years using 7" round sealed beam lights. Fits non-Fords too. 01A-13018-S $40.00 pair

01A-13007-6V (6-volt) 01A-13007-12V (12-volt) $25.00 each


Plain Steel


1961-66 Headlight Rim

1961-66 Headlight Rim

1961-66 Headlight Rim

C1TF-13064-AL ... Left

C1TZ-13064-AL ... Right

C1TF-13064-D ..... Left

C1TZ-13064-D ..... Right

C1TF-13064-C ..... Left

C1TZ-13064-C ..... Right

$85.00 each

$40.00 each

$65.00 each

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All our parking lights are copies of the originals and ready to install. The 1948-50 has a clear glass lens while the 1951-56 has a plastic lens like original. Fits either R.H. or L.H. PARKING LIGHTS


Complete assembly Includes 6V single-filament bulb. Stainless Bezel 7RC-13200 $35.00 each

Wire & Socket 7RC-13234

$12.50 each $4.00 pair $6.50 each



Lens . . . . . . . . . . . 7RC-13208


Stainless Bezel 1C-13200-SS $45.00 each Complete assembly. Includes 12V dual-filament bulb.

Painted Bezel 1C-13200-A $40.00 each

Wire & Socket 1C-13234-A

$14.00 each $6.00 pair



Lens . . . . . . . . . . . 1C-13208-A $9.00 each Stainless Bezel 1C-13210-SS $20.00 each


Stainless Bezel FAD-13200-SS $45.00 each Complete assembly. Includes 12V dual-filament bulb.

Wire & Socket B6A-13234-A $15.00 each Gasket FAE-13211-A $6.00 pair Lens . . . . . . . . . . . FAE-13208-A $10.00 each Stainless Bezel BAAA-13210-SS $20.00each

Painted Bezel FAD-13200-A $40.00 each


Complete assembly. Includes 12V dual-filament bulb.

Stainless Bezel B5C-13200-SS $50.00 each

Painted Bezel B5C-13200-A $40.00 each

Wire & Socket B6A-13234-A $15.00 each Gasket B5C-13211 $6.00 pair Bezel - Painted B5C-13210-A $12.50 each Bezel - Stainless B5C-13210-SS $25.00 each




Stainless Bezel B6C-13200-SS $50.00 each Complete assembly. Includes 12V dual-filament bulb.

Painted Bezel B6C-13200-A $40.00 each

Wire & Socket B6A-13234-A $15.00 each Gasket B5C-13211 $6.00 pair Lens . . . . . . . . . . . B5C-13208-A $10.00 each Bezel - Painted B6C-13210-A $12.50 each Bezel - Stainless B6C-13210-SS $25.00 each

Amber PARKING LIGHT Lens When using parking lights as turn signals replace your clear lens with these Amber ones.

1948-50 7RC-13208-AMB $7.50 each

1951-52 1C-13208-AMB $10.00 each

1953-54 FAE-13208-AMB $10.00 each

1955-56 B5C-13208-AMB $12.00 each

1953-56 PARKING LIGHT RIM Screws Mount your lights with correct, original- style screws. 2 required per light. 357456-S $1.00 pair

1953-54 Pickup Lens Gaskets

Die cut gaskets. Cushions lens and seals out moisture. FAE-13211-A $6.00 pair

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1948-52 These beauties enhance the look of any pickup. Polished stainless steel rim and bucket, and a ruby red glass lens. This style has no mounting nuts inside. Install nut on inside after removing lens and rim. Use 6V or 12V bulb, not included. Right Side Left Side Plain lens 40-13407 40-13408 $30.00 each Blue dot 40-13407-BD 40-13408-BD $35.00 each

Wire Worms™

Flex-Loom Conduit

Stainless Steel • Available separately with male or female fittings • Each conduit is 15" and can be cut to shorter lengths! • Includes all nuts, washers and 4 wires per conduit (not shown)

1948-56 Panel Chrome-plated die-cast housing. “DUOLAMP 11A” stamped on the side. Glass lens is true to the original and features “DUOLAMP 11A” and “Stimsonite” molded into glass. Complete assembly includes black wire conduit, black painted bucket and all necessary hardware. Right Side Left Side Plain lens 11A-13404 11A-13405 $75.00 each Blue Dot 11A-13404-BD . . . 11A-13405-BD $80.00 each


1 male/1 female connector


2 male connectors

$60.00 pair




1953-56 & 1957-64 Flareside Fenders

Right Side

Left Side

Both styles feature a red plastic lens with wiring included. Ready to install on 6 or 12 volt system. Bulb not included. Both styles feature a red plastic lens with wiring included. Ready to install on 6 or 12 volt system. Bulb not included.




$20.00 each


B5C-13404-SS B5C-13405-SS $30.00 each

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All lenses are precision made using high impact plastic with high reflectivity for safe driving. The blue dot is an all glass lens with a chrome ring. The “Ford” script is die-cast and chrome-plated with pins and clips.

1953-56 & 1957-64 Flareside TAILLIGHT LENS


Plain Blue Dot

Ford Script Blue Dot

B5C-13450-BL $15.00 each

B5C-13450-PBD $25.00 each

B5C-13450-SBD $30.00 each


Ford Script

B5C-13450-P $15.00 each

B5C-13450-S $15.00 each

Add a Ford script to your lens

1948-54 taillight screw kit

ford script Beautiful chrome over precision cast zinc as original. Excellent as a custom add-on for any year Ford’s interior or exterior. Includes mounting clips. 91A-16606 $15.00 each

The correct hardware for the mounting bucket to bracket and rim to bucket. 6-piece kit includes 2 stainless steel rim screws, 2 each of cad-plated mounting screws and lock washers. 40-13446-S $2.00 kit

1953-56 & 57-64 Flareside TAILLIGHT LENS to housing gaskets Seals between lens and housing. B5C-13461 $6.00 pair

TAILLIGHT BRACKETS Heavy-gauge, die-stamped metal, painted black or high-buffed stainless steel. Bolts to the rear corner of bed at support post. 1938-54 91C-13471 RH or LH black use without bumper

$20.00 each $20.00 each $20.00 each $15.00 each $15.00 each $15.00 each $20.00 each $25.00 each

81Y-13470 81Y-13471

1938-52 1938-52 1955-56 1948-52 1948-52 1953-56 1955-56

RH black use with bumper LH black use with bumper


B5C-13470-A 7C-13470-CH 7C-13471-CH

RH or LH black

RH chrome LH chrome


RH or LH stainless steel RH or LH stainless steel






Rated for 100,000 hours of operation. Low voltage LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights draw a fraction of the current required by traditional bulbs. This low draw, cooler temperature operation, can actually prolong the life of a vehicle’s electrical system. Epoxy sealed solid -state construction will hold up to moisture, shock and vibration. Rugged polycarbonate lens are superior to acrylic plastics. No drilling, extra mounting plates, or wires to splice.

46-52 Pickup & ’46-51 Wagon

’46-52 Pickup & ’46-51 Wagon

’48-56 Panel

Used behind red lens.

Right Side 40-13450-LED $32.00 each

Right Side 40-13450-LEDP $38.00 each

Left Side (with License Light) 40-13451-LED $40.00 each

Left Side (with License Light) 40-13451-LEDP $45.00 each

11A-13450-LED $32.00 each

1953-56 Pickup & ’57-64 Flareside

Left Side (with License Light) BAAA-13451-LED $60.00 each

12V LED Flasher Units Special for LED 12 volt units necessary to operate LED brake and turn signal lights. HR-90650 2-terminal unit HR-90651 3-terminal unit $15.00 each LED

Right Side BAAA-13450-LED $35.00 each

TAILLIGHT ASSEMBLIES 1953-56 Pickup & ’57-64 Flareside

Left Side (with License Light) Black BAAA-13451-LEDB

Right Side $45.00 each

$70.00 each




BAAA-13451-LED-SS $80.00 each


BAAA-13450-LED-SS $55.00 each

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No Trim Mount Holes


With Trim Mount Holes

1948-50 Pickup Grille High quality die-formed steel as original. Primed in black and ready to paint. $350.00 each

1948-50 Pickup Grille TRIM Dress up that grille with this high polished stainless steel grille trim and molding kit. Designed to clip onto the grille bars. Set of 5 bars. Includes mounting clips.

With Crank Hole 7C-8200

$185.00 set


$200.00 set


$200.00 set

No Crank Hole

No Park Light No Crank Hole




1948-50 Pickup & Commercial HOOD TRIM & DUMMY HANDLE This chrome-plated set consists of a LH dummy handle with vertical trim and the RH vertical trim. 7C-16608/9 $95.00 kit

1948-50 Pickup Front Hood Trim Moldings These trim pieces finish off the openings needed for the hood handle and base. Beautiful stainless steel, highly polished and a perfect copy. 7C-16956/7 $50.00 pair

1948-50 Pickup Upper GRille Panel

This panel mounts between the fenders above the grille; providing a smooth mating surface for the closed hood. Pre-drilled for the signature “F O R D” chrome letters. 7C-8190 $185.00 each

7C-8315-S shown

1948-66 Pickup “FORD” Grille Letters

Die-cast chrome-plated individual letters that fit between the grille and hood. Includes mounting hardware. Set of 4.


$45.00 set $65.00 set

1948-50 & 1952 Pickup


1962-64 Pickup 1965-66 Pickup

C5TZ-8316-S . . . . $65.00 set

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V8 Grille Emblems These are made just like the originals were- and all are the correct size and shape. Die-cast and chrome-plated for years of beauty.

All include mounting hardware

1952 2C-16608-A $45.00 each

1953 BAAA-8259-A $60.00 each

1951 1RC-8259-A $45.00 each

1955 B5C-8259 $60.00 each

1956-57 B6C-8259-A $60.00 each

1954 B4C-8259 $60.00 each


All include mounting hardware



6-cylinder GRILLE stars These are used in place of the V8 emblem on 6-cylinder models. They are the correct styles and die-cast and chrome-plated.

1953 BAAA-8259-S 1954 B4C-8259-S 1955 B5C-8259-S

$60.00 set




1953 “TEETH”

These beauties enhance the looks of a plain painted grille in any pickup. That “Plain Jane” looking truck will become “Super Deluxe” with the appearance of these teeth. Set of 6. BAAA-8164/5-B $185.00 set

Includes mounting template

1954 “HASH MARKS” These beautiful

reproductions, also known as stripes, were an attractive addition to the grille of the 1954 Deluxe Pickup. B4C-8251/2-A $150.00 pair

Includes mounting template

1955 Pickup "Gull Wings" Also called boomerangs and considered the boldest of the grille trim pieces. They were offered for the Deluxe Pickup and brought a new and distinctive appearance to the grille. They look great on a street rod or original pickup. B5C-8419/20-A $185.00 pair

Includes mounting template & hardware

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When Ford integrated the headlights into their grille design, anewsupportingcast of sheet metal and rubber parts were needed to pull off the look. Here's a small sampling of those parts we offer. Go to bobdrake.com to see more.

1948-52 Pickup Radiator Air Deflector

These small pieces fit between the fender and the radiator to fill in the gap. They are a must for cooling. Die-stamped steel as original and ready to install.

Right Side 7RC-8104 Left Side . . . 7RC-8105

$25.00 each

1951-52 Pickup Headlight Support Panel

These panels mount behind the grille on each side to support the headlights and help direct air through the radiator. Die-stamped sheet metal with correct the shape, contours and mounting holes for perfect fit and function. Right Side 1C-13068 Left Side 1C-13069 $45.00 each

1951-52 Pickup Lower Radiator Air Deflector

Fits between the lower grille panel and the lower radiator grille panel and the lower radiator seal. Helps direct airflow through the radiator for better cooling. Die-stamped steel as original. 1RC-8208 $43.00 each



Lower Grille Panels - As Original Excellent quality with all the correct details. Precision tool stamped in heavy gauge steel, looks and fits like N.O.S. originals. 1948-50 Pickup 7C-8188 $185.00 each 1953 Pickup BAAA-8188-A $200.00 each 1954 Pickup B4C-8188-A $200.00 each 1955-56 Pickup B6C-8188-A $175.00 each 1961-66 Pickup C3TZ-8188-A $200.00 each




Lower Grille Panels - Smooth Excellent quality, precision tool stamped in heavy gauge steel. Looks and fits like originals and gives a low-down smooth look to your ride. 1953 Pickup BAAA-8188-SM . $200.00 each 1954 Pickup B4C-8188-SM $200.00 each 1955-56 Pickup B6C-8188-SM $220.00 each


231⁄2" B3T-8348 1953-56

29" 7C-8348 1948-52

1948-50 Pickup Lower GRille Pan/Fender Seal This pair of rubber gaskets fits on either side of the lower grille panel where it meets the lower fender assemblies. 7C-16086 $10.00 pair

Splash Pan/Radiator Seal Closes the gap between the lower grille pan and the radiator directing air into the radiator. Ensures better cooling. 1948-52 Pickup & Commercial 7C-8348 $4.00 each 1953-56 Pickup B3T-8348 $5.00 each

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HOOD These die-cast, high luster chrome coated emblems are manufactured with meticulous care and attention to detail. Each style hood emblem is an exact duplication of the original.

1953-56 Pickup Fordomatic Hood Name Plate Chrome-plated die-cast zinc. Mounting hardware included. BF-7042527-A $20.00 each

1953-56 Ford Crest Hood front Emblem The field around the lightening bolt and gear are painted red. Behind the Ford script and inside the gear is painted black. Adds beautiful detail. Includes hardware and pad. BAAA-16637-A $40.00 each Rubber Pad BAAA-16638-S $8.00 each

1953-56 Pickup Overdrive Hood Name Plate Chrome-plated die-cast zinc. Mounting hardware included. BF-7042528-A $20.00 each

1961-66 Pickup V8 Front Hood Emblem Emblem is die-cast with a brilliant Chrome finish. Complete with mounting studs and hardware. V8. Comes painted. Pad (C1TZ-16638) not included. C1TZ-16607-A $65.00 each

1961-66 Pickup V6 Front Hood Emblem

Emblem is die-cast with a brilliant chrome finish. Complete with mounting studs and hardware. 6 cylinder. Pad (C1TZ-16638) not included. C1TZ-16607-B $60.00 each

1961-66 Pickup Hood Emblem Pad C1TZ-16638 $3.00 each



F-100 Hoodside Emblems Background around F-100 was originally painted red. Comes pre- painted red, although customers can paint any color they wish. Fits R.H. and L.H. Sold in pairs.

1955 Mounting hardware included. B5C-16721 $75.00 pair

1956 Mounting hardware included. B6C-16720/1 $90.00 pair

1948-50 F-1 NAMEPLATE

The nameplate is mounted on the side of the cowl panel where hood and fender come together. Die-cast, chrome- plated. Mounting hardware included. 8C-16605 $20.00 each

1953-54 Hoodside Emblem Fits RH and LH. Mounting hardware included. BAAA-16721 $50.00 pair

1953-54 HOODSIDE TRIM kit

A deluxe reproduction for the Deluxe Pickup. Kit includes the RH and LH boomerang, 2 Ford F-100 pieces, 2 dot-pieces and hardware. BAAA-16732/3-AK $230.00 kit

1951 Pickup Hood Side End Trim Die cast, chrome plated. The upper and lower stainless steel hood trim fits snugly into these trim pieces. Mounting hardware included. 1C-16732-B $125.00 pair

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1963-64 Hoodside Nameplates These are made just like the originals were- and all are the correct size and shape. Die-cast and chrome-plated for years of beauty. Hardware Included Your Choice $75.00 each




Hoodside Emblem Inserts These are the correct plastic inserts for inside the bezel. Letters are chrome with red background. Sold in pairs. Your Choice $30.00 pair

1963-64 Pickup C1TZ-16720-A

1963-66 Pickup C1TZ-16720-250

1963-66 Pickup C1TZ-16720-350

1966 Pickup Fender Emblem Bezel Chrome Ford bezel with black “100” encloses the chrome lettering on red background plastic insert. Mounts on front fender below cowl. Two per truck required. Includes bezel and plastic insert. C6TZ-16720-B $65.00 each

Fender Emblem Inserts A chrome bezel fender emblem was used to display the model or special features. These are the correct plastic inserts that fit inside the bezel. Letters are chrome with red background. Sold in pairs.

1965-66 Pickup C5TZ-16720-F $35.00 pair

1965-66 Pickup C6TZ-16720-A $30.00 pair

1961-66 Custom Cab Door Emblem Chrome “Custom Cab” emblem, chrome as original. Includes hardware. C1TZ-8125622-A $20.00 each

1955-56 Custom Cab Door Emblem Die-cast chrome plated. Background painted original Ford color. Clips included. B5C-8125622-A $35.00 pair



1948-52 Pickup Hood Hinge Side Plate

Restore smooth movement to your hood. It is best to change both sides at the same time for the best results. Exact copy of originals. Right Side 7C-16796 Left Side 7C-16797 $43.00 each

1948-52 Pickup Hood Arm & Spring Support

These heavy-duty stamped-steel support arms are an exact copy of the originals, right down to the dual springs. Painted black. Right Side 7C-16802-B Left Side 7C-16803-B $90.00 each

Hood Hinges Replacing hood hinges, supports and hardware can revive your hood to open and close like new and avoid ugly chips in your paint. 1953-55 BAAA-16785 . . LH . . $65.00 each BAAA-16786 . . RH . . $65.00 each 1956 B6C-16785 . . . LH . . $65.00 each B6C-16786 . . . RH . . $65.00 each

1953-56 Pickup Hood Hinge Spring BF-16812-A $20.00 each

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1948-52 Pickup Hood To Radiator Seal

1948-52 Pickup Hood Front Air Deflector

This special rubber seal closes the gap and eliminates rattles between the air deflector attached to the hood and radiator. High- grade rubber. 8C-16614 Upper - 45" (Customer divides into 2 pcs.) 7C-16614 Lower - 361⁄2" . . . . . . . . . $5.00 each

This large panel fits across the inside of the hood just above the radiator when the hood is closed. Its purpose is to close the large opening above the radiator tank. This will keep the air from going over the tank, shifting the air through the radiator. A must for better cooling. Die-stamped steel and ready to install. 7RC-16613 $68.00 each


1953-56 HOOD Locking panel assembly

1953-56 Pickup Hood Front To Top Of Radiator Seal Rubber seal that fits in channel on hood and closes the space between hood and radiator, eliminating air-flow over the top of radiator. Helps increase cooling. BAAA-16770-A $8.00 each

This sturdy die-stamped steel panel fits between the fenders, grille and radiator. It supports the hood locking mechanism and helps direct air through the radiator. Painted black and ready to install. B5C-16717-A $245.00 each

HOOD BUMPER KITS Includes all necessary rubber bumpers. 7C-16761 . . . . . . . 1948-52 $20.00 kit BAAA-16761 . 1953-56 $20.00 kit B7C-16761 . 1957 $10.00 kit B8C-16761 . 1958-Early 65* . $12.00 kit C5TZ-16761 . Late 1965-66 $12.00 kit * Before Serial #600,001

1953-56 Pickup Hood to Radiator Seal Retainer Steel channel mounts to hood and holds the rubber seal (BAAA-16770-A) above to direct more air through the radiator. BAAA-16771 $8.00 each

1953-56 HOOD SAFETY CATCH While you’re bolting in peace of mind with the above latch, don’t forget this catch to ensure your hood stays down.

BAAA-16892 $20.00 each BAAA-16892-SS . . Polished stainless steel $30.00 each Chromate-plated





Quality sponge rubber by Drake is made just like the originals. It’s the correct way to fill the gap between fender and cowl. 7C-16068 . . . 1948-52 BAAA-16126 . . 1953-56 Notched for fender bolts . . $20.00 pair



All rubber with 5/16" bead for fender seams and bolt-on body parts. 7' roll. BAAA-16070 $20.00 roll

1948-56 Fender Welting

Grain vinyl features 3/16" bead for all fender seams or other bolt-on body parts. 25 ft roll. Black shown. B-16070- BK $30.00 roll

BK CR For other colors, replace “BK” in part number with code below Bright orange OR Medium blue BLM Red RD Bright red RR White WH Bright yellow YL BRD GRD GY MR

COWL Lace Mounting hardware not included.



1948-56 Pickup . . 21C-16740 . . . . $25.00 each 1957-60 Pickup . . B7C-16740 . . . . $10.00 each 1961-66 Pickup . . C1TZ-16740-B . . . $10.00 each

Dark brown Dark green



Molded rubber with correct hole locations

Extruded Rubber


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COWL Vent Seal Molded or extruded rubber for the best fit. Seals cowl vent lid to body when closed, eliminating leakage. 7C-8102330-A 1948-52 Pickup $12.00 each BAAA-8102330-A .1953-66 Pickup $12.00 each


Don’tworry.Wepromise tonever shareyour information withanyone.

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RUNNING BOARDS 1948-52 Pickup . . . 8C-16450/1 . . . . . . $625.00 pair 1953-56 Pickup . BAAA-16450/1 . . . . . . $450.00 each Die stamped, heavy gauge steel. Ready for fitting and paint.

1953-56 RUNNING BOARD to BODY SEAL Original shape and curve rubber seal fills gap between body and running board for a finished look. 1953-55 Pickup . . BAAA-16540-A . . . . $20.00 pair 1956 Pickup . . . . B6C-16540 . . . . . . $15.00 pair 1953-56 Panel . . . BAAA-16540-C . . . . $25.00 pair


BAAA-16540-A Seal Profile shown

Mounts on body below the door to hold cab/running board rubber seal. RH & LH. BAAA-8110112-PR $20.00 pair

1948-66 Pickup Running Board Step Plates Cast with Ford oval or pickup crest.

Background not painted. BAAA-16400 $60.00 pair




1953-66 Pickup Outside Rear ViewMirror This mirror stands alone in detail and quality. Bob Drake exclusively offers this 6-hole mounting bar to fit all 1953-1966 Trucks. Die-cast and chrome plated. Stainless steel head rolled over tinted glass. FoMoCo stamped. Includes mounting hardware and rubber door grommet. Best

1948-52 Pickup Hinge Mirror Head Nut and washer included. 48-18403-C $30.00 each

1948-52 Pickup Door Hinge Mirror Assemblies


on the market. BAAA-17696 $65.00 each

Fits RH or LH and includes hinge pin, machine screw and washer. Like the originals, the arm features an untapped screw hole which requires the door hinge to be drilled and tapped. 48-18403 Curved Arm $35.00 each 48-18403-E Straight Arm $60.00 each

Swan Necks Die-cast, chrome-plated arm and polished high-grade stainless steel head add distinctive looks to any car. Includes mounting hardware and rubber mounting base pad.

U-18402/3 . . . . $110.00 pair U-18402-R RH . . .$60.00 each U-18403-L LH . . .$60.00 each

ANTENNAS Complete and ready to install. Exact copy of the original. Includes lead in wire. Fits right hand side on top of cowl. 1953-55 Pickup BAAA-18813-A 1956 Pickup B6C-18813 $70.00 each Universal Antenna Fits any car on side of cowl or any suitable surface. Great for pickups on cab behind door. Polished stainless telescopic mast extends from 25" to 90" with pointed bullet cap on bottom. Chrome mounting-lugs are adjustable for easy fit. HR-18813-A $25.00 each 1953-56 Pickup Antenna

Universal Peep Mirrors

Clamps onto closed car door edge. Each has a polished stainless steel head with a chrome arm. Includes all mounting hardware.

Flat Glass Stylish stainless head and chrome arm. HR-18414-LR3 3" head B-18414-LR4 4" head Your Choice $30.00 each

Straight arm. RH or LH. All hardware included. HR-18423 3" head HR-18424 4" Your Choice $30.00 each

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We’ve improved all our 1948-56 Ford Pickup window seals by developing a superior rubber compound which offers a perfect fit and extra-long life. We’ve also engineered new tooling for each style which produces seals that feature even the smallest of original factory details in order to provide the best possible weather sealing. Window & windshield seals


WSP-4852 WSP-5152-S WSP-5355

1948-52 (no chrome) 1951-52 (for chrome)



1956 (no chrome) 1956 (for chrome)


$40.00 each


RSP-4850 RSP-5152 RSP-5356 RSP-56-W

$22.50 each $25.00 each $25.00 each $40.00 each $60.00 each $60.00 each

1948-50 1951-52

1953-56 (use without wrap around glass) 1956 (use with wrap around glass)


1948-52 Panel

BAAA-8242084-P 1953-56 Panel



1956 1957-60


Vent Window Back Edge Glass Seal Rubber molded around a metal insert. Ready to install on window division bar. 7C-7022296 1948-52 BAAA-7022296 1953-55 B6C-7022296 1956 B7C-7022296 1957-60 C1TZ-7022296 1961-66 $17.50 set

Vent Window Seals Made like the originals using quality rubber for a sure fit and seal. One pair serves R.H. and L.H.


$55.00 set

1948-52 Pickup

BAAA-8121448/9 B6C-8121448/9 B7C-8121448/9 C1TZ-8121448/9

1953-55 Pickup . . . . . . . . . $70.00 set

$55.00 set $90.00 set $50.00 set

1956 Pickup

1957-60 Pickup 1961-66 Pickup




Bob Drake door seal kits are the finest available. They are produced from high quality, sponge rubber, extruded from molds. One piece construction affords a perfect fit eliminating air and water leaks.


• Designed to match the original profile in every way • Soft extruded sponge rubber for best door fit & sealing • Bonded molded rubber sections to better fit door contours

Includes original style plastic plug mounting clips.




1948-52 Features the correct molded shapes around the hinges and at the bottom, front and rear, of the door. These junctions are hot bonded for long wear and perfect fit. Includes lower seal 81C-812230-K (also available separately) which fits into the metal channel on the body. Complete for both doors. 8C-8120530/1 $55.00 kit Lower Seal only 81C-812230-K $25.00 pair

(800) 221-3673 1953-56 One piece construction with special front and rear bottom corner pieces hot bonded in place. The 1956 style features a special “S” piece where it passes under the windshield post. Kit includes everything for both doors. BAAA-8120530/1 1953-55 B6C-8120530/1 1956 Your Choice $55.00 kit

1961-66 Keep moisture, dust and drafts out of your pickup cab with Drake’s high quality Seal. Constructed from lengths of soft extruded rubber bonded to precisely molded shapes in one continuous piece, the Seal perfectly tucks against the contours of the door to provide a seamless fit. C1TZ-8120530/1 $55.00 pair



Clips All clips are installed at the right location

Made in the U.S.A.

Oregon Crafted



Window glass run Not only performs with smooth movement, it's the right look.

Fuzz Strips these finish the top of door opening and give the door glass extra protection, Pre- bent in our factory with clips installed.

dIVISION BAR Securely holds you glass

in the proper upright position for smooth opening and closing

DOOR WINDOW GLASS CHANNEL Kits Deluxe kits with all the correct materials needed for your specific year. These top of the line complete kits are ready for installation. No assembly required. BAAA-45983-PUX 1953-55 $150.00 kit C1TZ-45983-PUX 1961-66 $175.00 kit


'61-66 Cab Step Repair

1961-66 Pickup Inner Door Body Kick Plate

RH C1TZ-10132-81 $60.00 each LH C1TZ-10133-81 $60.00 each

Inner Door Body Step Plate RH C1TZ-10130-81 $50.00 each LH C1TZ-10131-81 $50.00 each

These sheet metal pieces form the threshold for stepping into your 1961-66 Pickup. They’re exposed to all the dirt, mud, water, etc. you might track into your truck. As a result of that exposure and years of stepping on them, they will develop rust, cracks, dents, and holes. Replace yours now.






1961-66 Custom Cab Custom Cab Plates Serves both doors. Includes buttons, O-rings and rubber gaskets. C3TZ-8120966/7-A $160.00 pair


1961-66 Pickup Outside Door Handle Button Kit C1TZ-702350-RK $15.00 kit

Die-cast and including every detail. Each is finished with a superb chrome finish that will compliment any pickup. 7C-8122400-A 1948-52 RH $40.00 each 7C-8122401-A 1948-52 LH $40.00 each 7C-702350/1 1945-52 RH & LH $75.00 set BAAA-8122400 1953-60 RH with button $40.00 each BAAA-8122401 1953-60 LH with button $40.00 each BAAA-702350/1 1953-56 RH & LH $80.00 set C1TZ-702350/1 1961-66 RH & LH $95.00 set

1956 Door Striker Plates

Years of use will take its toll on door striker plates if proper alignment has not been maintained. Enjoy a solid door closure every time with no “slam” or “rattle”. Chrome plated. B6C-8122009 $40.00 pair


1961-66 Door Storage Compartment Exact copies of the hard-to-find originals. Features chrome outer trim with black vinyl zipper pouch. Easily mounts into original door panels, an original Ford accessory. Adds a great place to keep maps, tools or anything. Can also be installed in various other trucks, cars, boats, motor homes etc. with suitable space. Includes factory-correct mounting screws . . . designed

for a perfect fit & long life. C5TZ-8120130 $195.00 pair

(800) 221-3673



1948-52 chrome body, plastic knob, stainless escutcheon

pIN Mounted

Clip Mounted

1953-55 chrome body, plastic knob, stainless/ rubber escutcheon

Set-Screw Mounted

1956 chrome body, plastic knob, stainless escutcheon

1948-56 DOOR HANDLES & WINDOW CRANK Escutcheons Kit Each kit serves a complete pickup & contains 2 handles, 2 cranks and 4 escutcheons. 7C-8122600-AK 1948-52 $75.00 kit BAAA-8122600-AK 1953-55 $75.00 kit B6C-8122600-AK 1956 $75.00 kit





rubber cup





Complete your interior with a pair of Drake’s door arm rests. Simply upholster the molded rubber pad then fasten it to the metal bracket which screws to the plastic base. RH and LH sides. Includes mounting hardware and template. 8C-8124141 1948-50 Black plastic $50.00 pair BAAA-8124141 1951-56 Ivory plastic $50.00 pair

Manufactured with meticulous care and attention to detail, beautiful highly polished stainless steel. 7C-8122618 1948-52 2-piece Spring-loaded BAAA-8122618 1953-55 Rubber cup B6C-8122618 1956 $10.00 each











1948-66 SUN VISORs

Dare to compare! Available in the original painted style or add a touch of class with our chrome version. Will fit your original visor or slide on our replacement. 7C-8104144-P 1948-52 Brown RH & LH $20.00 each 7C-8104144-C 1948-52 Chrome RH & LH $30.00 each BAAA-8104144-P 1953-55 Gray RH & LH $20.00 each BAAA-8104144-C 1953-55 Chrome RH & LH $30.00 each B6C-8104144-P 1956-60 Gray RH & LH $20.00 each B6C-8104144-C 1956-60 Chrome RH & LH $30.00 each

These are the correct replacement visors to slide on that new bracket and arm. Same matching colors as the headliners, door panels and kick panels. 7C-8104104-BR 1948-52 Brown $25.00 each 7C-8104104-BL 1948-52 Black $25.00 each 7C-8104104-GR 1948-52 Gray $25.00 each BAAA-8104104 1953-55 Gray $25.00 each B6C-8104104-AA 1956 Gray $25.00 each B7C-8104104-B 1957-60 Gray $18.00 each C1TZ-8104104-C 1961-66 Gray $18.00 each

1961-66 Padded SUN VISORs


These are a real nice reproduction. Same dimensions, color and leather- texture as the original. Just slip yours off and slip these new ones on. C1TZ-8104104-BK Black C1TZ-8104104-RD Red C1TZ-8104104-TN Tan $70.00 each



(800) 221-3673



1953-56 Throttle Cable With Knob The black plastic knob is molded

directly onto the cable. BAAA-9700-TA $40.00 each





We fill letters with black paint


1953-55 Dash Knob Kit

Exact copies of originals in every detail. Made of high-impact injection molded black plastic. Ashtray knobs drilled for self- tapping screws (included). Kit includes knobs listed below. Headlight Knob Correct length shaft molded into plastic Wiper Knob Threaded insert molded into plastic Cigar Knob Stainless steel escutcheon, stud molded into plastic Ashtray Knob Drilled Glove Box Knob Drilled BAAA-9270-K $20.00 kit

1953-56 Pickup Dash Knob Bezel Kit Die-cast chrome plated letters painted original Ford color. Kit contains 5 bezels & 2 threaded nuts. BAAA-10852-K 1953-55 Pickup $35.00 kit B6C-10852-K 1956 Pickup . . . . . $35.00 kit


1953-56 Heater-Defroster Cables With Knob



The black plastic knob is molded directly onto the cable end just like the original. Inside the flex is a teflon sleeve for easy cable movement. Black rubber tubing houses the flex. A threaded mounting shaft secures the stainless steel cover. Fresh Air kits have 3 complete cables and 1 additional knob. BAAA-18518-F 1953-55 Fresh Air Heater $65.00 kit B6C-18518-R 1956 Recirculating Heater $30.00 kit B6C-18518-F 1956 Fresh Air Heater $65.00 kit

1953-56 Heater Brackets For Dash Control Cables Die-stamped, polished stainless steel has unpainted, embossed lettering. Brackets mount under the dash. BAAA-18597-FH Fresh Air Heater (4 holes) $35.00 each BAAA-18597-RH Recirculating Heater (2 holes) $35.00 each

1953-56 Replacement Knobs High-quality black plastic. Each has a 10-32 threaded metal insert molded in the plastic. Easy to install. BAAA-9700-RH Recirculating Heater 1 short, 1 long knob $8.00 pair BAAA-9700-FH Fresh Air Heater 1 short, 3 long knobs $15.00 set BAAA-9700-CT . Choke-Throttle 2 long knobs $8.00 pair





1953-56 Dome Light

Housing & Lens Available, as original, with a cream color painted housing and fluted off- white plastic lens or step up to the all chrome housing. Both include socket. Switch, bulb and wiring sold separately.


1948-52 Pickup Dome Light Assembly

A complete replacement dome light. Includes chrome bezel, plastic lens, wiring, switch and housing assembly. Ready to install. Uses GE63 bulb, not included. 1C-13783 $40.00 each


BAAA-13786-P BAAA-13786-C

$40.00 each $50.00 each

Painted Cream





1948-69 Pickup Dome Light Lens

Being a removable item, the dome light lens is often missing or broken. Replace it with the correct style and fit for your year and housing. 8T-13783 1948-52 Pickup $10.00 each BAAA-13783 1953-56 Pickup $10.00 each FDA-13783-A 1957-58 Pickup $6.00 each C1TZ-13783 1961-63 Pickup $9.00 each C4TZ-13783-C 1964-69 Pickup $15.00 each



1953-56 Pickup & Panel Headliner Retainer Seal 176" length supplied serves one pickup or panel truck. BAAA-8150956 $18.00 each

(800) 221-3673



1948-56 Gas Pedal Made like the original. Durable rubber bonded over metal. TAAA-9735 $15.00 each

1948-52 Pickup Steering Column Pad

Rubber pad cushions and eliminates squeaks between the steering column and dash. 1948- 1952 fits between bracket and dash. 1953-1956 wraps between steering column and bracket. 7C-3679-S 1948-52 Pickup $3.00 each TAAA-3693 . . . . . . . . 1953-56 Pickup $4.00 each

1965-72 Pickup Steering Column Tube Flange

1948-52 Pickup STEERING COLUMN COVER PLATES These two pieces fit like a glove around the steering column and the brake and clutch pedal arms sealing the floor opening. Die-stamped steel as original. 7C-8112150/1 $34.00 pair

This special flange unit sits below the steering wheel at the top of the steering column. It houses the turn signal and horn mechanisms (not included). C5DZ-3511-A $30.00 each

Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads The choice of Hot Rodders



1941-56 Pickup Original bull’s eye design. 11A-2454 $10.00 each

1933-48 1/2-20 stud for after- market Hot Rod pedal

1948 & Up Trucks Truck & Comm. Looks good in a "BIG FORD” 7RT-2454 $15.00 each

assemblies. HB-2454-SS-1 $35.00 each




Deck Lid • Roof • Floor • Trunk & Tool Box • Door Panels • Hood • Firewall • Etc.

This is the industry’s leading damping mat. This constraint-layer damper is designed for street-rod builders and car-audio competitors and is the most aggressive and best performing sound deadener we produce. Due to its double-thick foil and higher level of butyl-rubber adhesive, Drake’s damping mat can yield as much sound damping results as three layers of some of our competitor’s products. When performance and value are a concern, there is no other product that delivers like our damping mat. Higher rubber content and less filler content yields better performance.




PEEL & Stick Backing

Universal iNSULATION Damping Mat 36" X 50"

Heat resistant from -22°F to 248°F. Will not absorb moisture or attract insects, plus resists deterioration. B-5010-F $45.00 sheet

(9) Sheets 29" x 21"

(9) Sheets 29" x 20"

Universal Self-Adhesive Insulation, Sound Deadener Easy to install with self- adhesive backing that requires no surface preparation. Use on floor, roof doors, trunk and firewall. 5/64" thick. each box covers 36 or 38 sq. feet.

STPBMB3 Black - 36 sq. feet. $120.00 set STPSBS9SH Silver - 38 sq. feet. $120.00 set

Universal SYNTHETIC WOVEN MAT FOIL FACE INSULATION 40" X 96" Use in steel or fiberglass cars to reduce noise and vibration. Terrific insulation: the foil acts as a temperature barrier blocking heat while the synthetic woven mat is a great sound deadener. The adhesive backing makes the sheet super easy to install. B-5010-FG $45.00 roll

Peel & Stick Backing

Synthetic Woven Mat 1/4" Thick

Aluminum Foil Face

(800) 221-3673






387/8" long, 101" wide, 11½" deep BAAA-9002 • 17 gallons • $180.00 each

463/4" long, 8" wide, 17½" deep 7C-9002• 20 gallons • $235.00 each

1961-72 627/8" long, 63/4" wide, 171/4" deep C1TZ-9002 • 19.5 gallons • $260.00 each


533/4" long, 53/4" wide, 173/8" deep B7C-9002 • 18 gallons • $235.00 each 1957-60 533/4" long, 5" wide, 18" deep B6C-9002 • 20 gallons • $235.00 each


B6C-9002 1956 Shown




01A-18416-B 01A-18416-A

1932-70 Locking Gas Caps

1932-50 Pickup Non-Locking Gas Cap

First introduced in 1940 as a Ford accessory. Bob has brought it back in full original form. Die-cast with precision detail, show grade Chrome on the body and flipper complete with the red painted accent ring. Comes with 2 matching keys. 48-18416 1932-50 Pickup w/Ford script $35.00 each 01A-18416-B 1932-50 Pickup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35.00 each 01A-18416-A 1951-70 Pickup $35.00 each

Made with attractively buffed Stainless Steel. Vented for any tank. Easy grip ribbed edge. No-leak neoprene gasket. 18-9030 Plain . . . $30.00 each 18-9030-V8 V8 Logo . . $30.00 each

1948-52 Pickup & Truck Gas Tank Outlet To Floor Die-cut rubber, seals around raised portions of floorboard under gas line and gas shut-off valve go through the cab. 7C-9136-A $8.00 each

1953-56 Gas Tank Neck Grommets Exact copies of the originals insures a perfect fit. Long life gas resistant rubber. BAAA-9080 . . . . . . 1953-55 $15.00 each B6C-9080 1956 $15.00 each

1948-77 Pickup Fuel Senders

Exact copy of the original for use with original gas tank and gauge. Features corrosion- resistant plating with brass float for extra long life, and includes rubber mounting gasket.

1953-55 Pickup Gas Tank Straps Original style straps securely hold gas tank in place with 5⁄16"–24 X 1.08" bolt on one end. Rear bracket approximately 1" longer. TM-245 $30.00 pair


$45.00 each $45.00 each $45.00 each $45.00 each $55.00 each


1957-60 (B7C-9300) Shown

BAAA-9300 1953-55

B6C-9300 B7C-9300 C1TZ-9300


1957-60 1961-77

(800) 221-3673



1938-50 Pickup TailGate Chain Each assembly matches the original units to a “T”. Includes RH & LH chain & cover, hook, and latching link. Sold in sets of two. TM-109 $63.75 pair

1953-66 Pickup TailGate Chain Each style is an exact copy complete with ribbed, protective sleeve and ready to install. All have original finish or dress up your 1953-1966 with the stainless steel version. BAAA-8344456-SS $140.00 pair

1938-50 Pickup Bed Mount for TailGate Chain Fasten the chain secure with this special bracket. TM-109-B $25.50 pair

Just need the hardware?

Universal Classic License Plate Frame Tired of cheap plastic and bulky billet? How about these slim, trim, no maintenance shiny stainless steel units! They fit your current US plate for a neat, clean look. Button head stainless hardware included. HR-13409 $40.00 pair

Universal License Plate Mount Hardware Kit contains special-order, all stainless truss-head screws in two different lengths (8 each) as well as nuts and washers. BD-13409-HK $9.00 kit

1938-72 Pickup TailGate Hinges

Excellent quality. Correct for all 1938-56 Pickups and all 1957-72 Style-Side (Stepside). Black 8C-8343018 $10.00 pair Stainless 8C-8343018-SS . $20.00 pair

Universal Ratchet Tie Down

Whether it’s a vehicle or pile of oversized sheet metal parts, this heavy-duty ratchet tie down will keep your belongings where they belong, safe and secure.

T-90800 .

$11.75 each $17.95 each

2" Wide x 15' Long 2,200 lb

2" Wide x 27' Long 3,300 lb . . . . T-90801



HUB CAPS All these caps fit 1940-56 steel rims

• Best on the market • Correct colors

• Super precise,crisp stamped logos • Baked on paint resists scratches

We paint ’em

1941 Car & 1941-42 Pickup 11A-1130-P

1942 Car, 1946 Pickup 21A-1130-P

1940 Standard Car & Pickup 01C-1130-P

1940 Deluxe 01A-1130-P

1946 Car 51A-1130-P

Your Choice $42.00 each

1947-48 Car & 1948- 60 Pickup 6A-1130-P

1940-46 FORD


4 RIBBED STYLE 01A-18303-14 14" 01A-18303-15 15" 01A-18303-16 16"

59A-18303-14 14" 59A-18303-15 15"

1947-48 FORD

SMOOTH STYLE 6A-18303-14 14" 6A-18303-15 15" 6A-18303-16 16"



CONVEX STYLE 8A-18303-14 14" 8A-18303-15 15"

Four styles in three sizes. All stainless steel. $35.00 each

(800) 221-3673


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