Texas Baseball Ranch May 2018

ELITE PITCHERS BOOT CAMPS 2018 Service Highlight Take Your Game to the Next Level Let us help you take your pitching game to the next level.

• Are you unable to achieve enough velocity to get the attention of scouts? • Is your stuff inconsistent? • Do you experience pain while throwing? • Do you struggle with confidence? • Is your control letting you down? Whatever the case, our Elite Pitchers Boot Camps are the perfect place to iron out your major issues and take the next step toward exceptional performance. We only open up a limited number of spots for each session to ensure that you get the personal attention you deserve. Check out the dates for our upcoming camps.

You might think that you’ve hit a wall or that it will take months to break through, but with the right coaching, you can solve your biggest issue in just three days. Join Coach Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch ® for this year’s series of Elite Pitchers Boot Camps.

These camps feature a unique experience to get one-on-one training tailored to your needs. You’ll be around incredible coaches and high-level peers who are all invested in

making you the best athlete you can be.

• • •

July 20–22

• • •

June 8–10 June 22–24

August 10–12 September 1–3

At the Texas Baseball Ranch ® , we know that coaching can’t be one- size-fits-all. No two athletes are the same, and you’re not even the same athlete you were last year. Similarly, everyone has their own hurdles. That’s why we focus on helping each athlete achieve their unique potential rather than assuming that everyone needs the same things.

July 6–8

Go to texasbaseballranch.com/elite-pitchers-bootcamp to register.

Act now! Your game won’t get better on its own. All you need is the right information, the best training, and a killer work ethic to take your game where it needs to go. Let us help you get there in three jampacked days.

With that in mind, let us ask you: What’s your biggest pitching problem?

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Studies in both mice and humans show promising results. In one Caltech study, researchers observed a decrease in anxiety in



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