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DeSoto City Lights May, 2017 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department DeSoto Is Seeing Beneϐits One Year After Receiving Prestigious ISO 1 Rating In April 2016, the Texas State Fire Marshal’s office announced that the Insurance  Services Office (ISO)  recommended that DeSoto’s Public ProtecƟon ClassificaƟon be  changed to Class 1 for all properƟes located within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant or water  supply sucƟon point and within 5 miles of a fire staƟon and Class 1X for all other class‐ rated properƟes.   

“From a private development standpoint, the ISO 1  raƟng means that businesses who choose to invest  in our city will have an increased level of confidence  that the City of DeSoto is doing everything possible  to protect and improve their investment,” said 

DeSoto Fire Rescue Chief Jerry Duffield.  “A year aŌer receiving the raƟng upgrade, we are seeing companies look at DeSoto  favorably as they plan where they will build their new facility and the ISO 1 raƟng is a  prime reason they are choosing DeSoto,” said Murphy Cheatham, CEO of DeSoto Economic Development  CorporaƟon.  “Being accredited as an ISO Class 1 fire department places DeSoto Fire Rescue in an elite group of about 200 fire  departments, out of the 48,000 naƟonwide, who have aƩained the raƟng,” said Chief Duffield.  “This validates and  affirms City of DeSoto's commitment to providing the best services at all  levels.” 

Here is DeSoto Fire Rescue’s new quint during a recent nighƫme training.

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