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THE BIGGEST MYTH About Weight Loss

“I want to lose 10 pounds before swimsuit season.”

I believe one reason many people are hung up on the overimportance of weight is

“I need to get back to my high school weight for my reunion.”

because it’s used to calculate body mass index, or BMI. This formula, which uses height and weight to determine if a person is overweight or underweight, was established in the 1830s by a man named Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. This guy was an astronomer, mathematician, statistician, and sociologist. But do you know what he wasn’t? A medical doctor. This may be why the BMI formula is a bit flawed. The formula can’t distinguish between fat weight or muscle weight, so people just lump the two together. At Fitness Together Mooresville, we’ve launched a new software to help get people to break up with the idea of weight as the only indicator of health. Our InBody machine is the gold standard of body composition analysis. By measuring electrical currents and direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis, this machine breaks your body into four primary components: fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water. With this information, InBody gives us a comprehensive look into a client’s overall health, empowering us with the tools we need to help our clients reach their peak physical health. I am really excited to offer the InBody software to our clients. Knowledge is power, and InBody gives more accurate knowledge than a scale or BMI chart ever could. If you’re ready to break up with the idea of weight loss

“Can you help me get back down to my college weight?”

I hear these things all the time. People come into the clinic with one thing on their mind: weight loss. I understand why. Our society has been conditioned to view the number on the scale as the end-all-be-all of our health. Weight loss companies cater to this mindset, offering temporary meal plans or supplements that can help people lose five pounds, reach their high school weight, or whatever other “magic number” someone uses to define their health. I can tell you without a doubt that using starvation diets or liquid fasts to change your habits over the short-term doesn’t work. These diets always come with a finish line, and even if you reach your goal without cheating, most people revert back to the old eating habits that led them to the undesirable weight in the first place. They regain the weight — and a little bit more — because now they’re overeating after starving themselves. The diets you see advertised on TV or in magazines offer quick weight loss solutions, but they aren’t sustainable, and they’re terrible for your health! Most people I know who have tried some starvation diet endorsed by a celebrity spokesperson feel terrible the whole time they’re on it, but people keep spending money on them. Why? Because they think weight loss is the key to better health. It’s not. Yes, your weight is partly made up of body fat, but that number on the scale also includes things like muscle mass and water weight. This is why just trying to change a number on a scale won’t really improve your health. Many times, when those starvation diets “help” people lose weight, they’re actually causing muscle and fat loss, which is a disaster!

and see how InBody can help you get healthy, give us a call. There’s a lot of knowledge to share.

-Bryan Wisdom


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