King's Business - 1968-01

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large projects are to be accumulated on a reserve financing basis, employing a fund-raising organization. CHRISTIAN OUTREACH PROGRAM “ The supreme task of the church is the evangelization o f the world.” That means far more than evangelistic campaigns in the church, a door-bell ringing pastor making one thousand calls a year, evangelistic sermons, and adequate facilities. It means every member “ going everywhere preaching the Word.” Several programs are now under way to achieve this scriptural goal. First, there is the Neighborhood Bible Discussion Plan, enlisting adults to make their homes evangelistic centers through a weekly meeting o f neighbors in their homes. Some groups will have teachers; other groups will be non-directional. These are designed for unreached adults. Training classes are held preparing adults for this modem, popular and effective method of winning neighbors to Christ. Over 40 of our people are currently interested in participating. Second, Action Groups are being formed, resulting from a Lay Institute for Evangelism conducted in our City by Campus Crusade for Christ. These small groups are for Christians who desire to have a koinonia experience with fellow-believers. They ask each other, “What is God doing in your life?,” “What are your priorities?,” “ Have you shared the four spiritual laws?” These small groups are places where spiritual action is thus stimulated. Third, through the Minister of Youth, Christian Outreach in the form o f TEEN SPREE is a “going concern.” This is a weekly club meeting in a neighboring home near the school campus. The club is geared to capture the interest o f unsaved, unchurched, Junior High young people. Secular music, gospel songs appealing to youth, humor­ ous skits and a crisp, youth devotional portraying Christ conclude the meeting. The director of TEEN SPREE works under the supervision o f the Minister o f Youth. Fourth, trained evangelistic callers are being prepared for direct work in the living rooms of neighbors. Special visitation times are established on a church-wide basis for many to participate. Fifth, Child Evangelism Classes. There are 33 Good News Clubs, sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship; in 13 of these clubs our church has 18 workers reaching 285 children each week. Sixth, University Outreach. Willamette University, located in Salem, is near our church and is attended by several o f our own young people. These are encouraged to attend the weekly Campus Koinonia meetings which are also attended by one o f the pastors for evangelistic contact purposes. Bible study in living groups is en­ couraged by one of our students who is thereby a member of the Evangelism Committee. The Christian Outreach program is thus specialized at the follow­ ing levels: Cradle roll families, grade school children, Junior High Youth, college youth and adults. In all these methods o f Christian Outreach, an expanded Evangelism Committee o f the Board of Dea­ cons is providing direction. CONCLUSION Members, church leaders and staff members are all working hard at First Baptist in Salem. We’re excited about what God is doing. This is only the beginning, but we are “ tooling up for a new line,” and our entire community is going to know there’s power in the name of Christ.




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