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Which Season is best for moving?

Winter Why it’s a good time to move: Moving during the wintertime is considerably cheaper than it is during the warmer season. With children in school and winter weather disincentivizing many people from moving, there’s less demand for moving companies, which ultimately causes less expensive moving rates. Also, since moving companies are less busy, they’ll also likely be more flexible to your schedule and needs. This flexibility allows you to move based on the times available based on your schedule. Why it’s not a good time to move: It goes without saying that the cold and frigid temperatures of winter prevent a lot of people from moving during this season, especially with high chances of ice, snow, and rain which can result in dangerous driving conditions. Moving in the winter also involves more preparation, from waterproofing your boxes

Looking for the best time to move? From fall’s real estate deals and winter’s cheap moving rates to spring’s cooler temperatures and summer’s longer days, each season has benefits to moving. However, some have more considerable advantages than others. Whether you’re hiring professional movers or planning your own DIY move, you should decide which season best suits your budget and needs. Luckily, we’ve provided all the informa- tion to help you make the right decision. Here’s a look into the advantages and disadvantages of all four seasons when it comes to moving into your new home. When is it the Best Time to Move? Fall Why it’s a good time to move: Moving in the fall has its advan- tages. First off, in most areas of the country, the temperatures are cooling down but not too frigid, providing incredible weather for your move. Another great reason to move in the fall is that you’ll

be settled into your new home once the winter holiday seasons arrive. Plus, when it comes time to ring in the new year, you’ll already be feeling right at home. You may also have an easier home experience during the fall as peak home-selling season typically ends around late summer. As housing markets slowdown from October through the winter, you can likely find better deals on homes or apartments. Why it’s not a good time to move: If you have children, you may find it difficult to move during the fall. With the school year starting up, moving children during this time can be challenging– especially if it involves changing schools. Also, as everyone begins gearing up for the holidays, movers may have less weekend availability during this time of the year.

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