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Tips for Taking Online Classes If you are a first-time online

Practice time-management One of the biggest appeals to taking online classes is being able to create your own schedule, have strong time-management skills. Without them, you may find yourself cramming before classes or turning in subpar work. Managing time will depend on your schedule and learning style, however, we have conducted a list of basic tips you can practice: Look at your syllabus immedi- ately. This will allow you to get ahead and make note of upcom- ing assignments. Mark assign- ment due dates on a calendar that you regularly check so that you however, that freedom can be detrimental if you do not know how much of a workload is coming for the weeks ahead. Create a weekly schedule that you follow. Each week, designate certain hours for reading, watching lectures, completing assignments, and studying. Try time blocking. When working on assignments, allocate a certain amount of time for each task before moving onto the next. Take advantage of your resources

students succeed. Have questions regarding your class? Advisors are able to assist students online through virtual meetings as well as answer phone calls and emails. Need to access books? Universities have online libraries that can allow you to access books, articles, databases and much more. The only difference with online classes is that you don’t have to leave your home! Stay motivated Last but least, stay motivated. Don’t underestimate the effort needed to commit fully to your online classes. Here are some ways to stay motived and en- gaged in your learning experience: • Make sure your environ- ment is comfortable. • Understand that you may have productive and less productive days. • Give yourself healthy snacks to boost your energy. • Reward yourself after com- pleting a challenging task. • Make sure to take some time for yourself. • Stay positive and power through.

learner, online classes can seem intimidating. However, with the right preparation and knowledge on how to take advantage of many resources and technologies the schools provide, success can be yours! We have provided some key tips for online learners on how to get the most value out of your online class. Get to know the online system From announcements to class discussions, your school will most likely use an online classroom environment for most daily tasks. It is essential to become accustomed to the online learning environment. Take time to get to know these operating systems before your classes begin. You’ll find that the more familiar you become with the operating system, the more prepared you’ll be to excel in your online class. Have a dedicated study space Whether you decide to study in your bedroom or your living room, ensure that this space is quiet, organized, and distraction-free. Kindly ask friends, family, or roommates to respect your work mode and be sure to log off of all social networks so you won’t be interrupted or distracted.

Schools often offer a variety of resources to help online


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