Coles Online Orientation Guide 2020

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS ADVISING CENTER [UPAC] Academic Advising, A Student-Centered Approach

INTERNSHIPS & CO-OP SUPPORT Department of Career Planning and Development

FLIGHT ACADEMY The Flight Academy engagement platform will help you keep a log of the outside of classroom activities that support your academic journey. You will complete activities and attend events to earn points and badges that can later be shared with potential employers. Participation, reflection, and engagement will help develop your abilities and teach you to listen to and learn from a wide variety of perspectives. Show up with intention and an open mind and you will be surprised by what you find. Launched to deliver the BUSA courses in Fall 2019, in the Fall Semester of 2020 the platform will begin an expansion to include student organizations, leadership, group competitions and more.

Academic Advising at the Coles College of Business is pro-active and solution-oriented. To help you navigate throughout your KSU Career, it is critical to meet with your Advisor periodically to stay on track. Each conversation is an opportunity to connect and ensure that nothing stands in the way of your dreams!

Internships & co-ops are valuable tools in translating classroom theory to real-life skill. IIn partnership with the Department of Career Planning and Development, we are proud to offer Coles College students dedicated internship and co-op advisors.

Advisors Can Help You □ Transition to KSU

Our Academic Advisors use a team approach. You will have a dedicated Academic Advisor(s) assigned by major who will be your guide as you navigate your chosen degree program. Here’s What That Means □ We can provide you with more complete information. Our advisors specialize in the degree programs and stay connected to the related academic department. □ Any advisor can help you work through a major change and/or add a minor or certificate. □ We can address concerns and questions faster and more efficiently. □ You have the option to visit the same academic advisor each time just schedule your appointment with that advisor directly.

□ Navigate academic requirements □ Select courses and create a schedule □ Connect with valuable campus resources □ Explore progress toward a BBA degree

CAREER COACHING Hughes Leadership & Career Program

Our career development program is designed to help you develop the relevant skills employers need now. The three required BUSA courses, powered by the Flight Academy, will help you engage with meaningful co-curricular activity to help you on your journey from college to career. We stand ready to help you take flight.

Advising Milestones: When to Meet with an Advisor □ First Year Holds, 30 hours □ Before submitting your Coles College application

□ Degree Mapping, 60-90 hours □ Graduation Checklist, 90+ hours □ When you have questions or concerns

This program is made possible by generous donation from Tom and Barbara Hughes.

Email: Virtual Reception Desk: go to Office Location: Suite 431 on the 4th Floor of the Burruss Building, currently closed for in-person inquiries/appointments Contact us!

How to Make an Appointment Appointments are scheduled through the EAB system:• Go to for instructions on scheduling your appointment. □ Click here to go directly to the EAB System □ Go to and select “Coles College of Business Undergraduate Programs Advising Center”

EDUCATION ABROAD While travel may be on hold for now, think about Education Abroad as you make a plan for the coming years. These experiences enrich your resumé and make you more marketable to employers. Academic Advisors can support you in these decisions.

We Advise □ Current and prospective business students □ Students pursuing a business certificate □ Students pursuing a business minor □ Students interested in adding a business minor

Our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals and find success. We are here for you!



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