Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

or she can drive, the law in all 50 states says that a person is intoxicated and must not operate a motor vehicle if the BAC reaches .08. The safest rule to follow is to not drink and drive and never ride with anyone who has been drinking. Drugs Impairment varies from drug to drug. An over-the-counter drug like ibuprophen may not provide any form of impairment if taken at a normal dose. However an illicit drug, like heroin, would cause significant impairment influence of prescription and illegal drugs have been implemented in some states and set a standard level of intoxication for each drug. Often times, a case involving drug impaired driving will rely on a police officer administering special tests to gauge impairment. There are even police officers specially trained as Drug Recognition Experts that are called to the scene when drug impairment is suspected. Ultimately, the decision to drive while substance impaired rests with each individual. While you have more control over making safe choices for yourself, you cannot control other people. You can point out that there are dangerous and deadly consequences of driving while substance impaired and often that may motivate a person to change his or her behavior. However, you should not feel guilty if, in spite of everything you do, the person you are concerned about continues to drive while substance impaired. You must acknowledge that you cannot control him or her, and focus on protecting others on the roads and highways. right away and can last for hours. Laws regarding driving under the


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