Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

Call Child Protective Services. Some agencies will conduct an investigation if they believe that a child’s life is in danger. Most courts will seriously consider the findings of Child Protective Services. Keep in mind that both parents and the children will probably be evaluated and

Both parents may be evaluated

evaluations include home visits. If you do contact Child Protective Services, obtain a copy of the written complaint for your records.

when Child Protective Services gets involved.

Maintain a log. Document each time your child tells you the other parent consumed alcohol or other drugs while in the role of custodial parent. Child Safety Measures It is clear that innocent children who count on parents and caregivers to protect them from danger are being placed at risk when a substance impaired driver has made the decision to drive impaired with a child passenger. Children should be taught to never get into a vehicle if they are afraid for their

safety. Talk about ways to manage uncomfortable situations. Teach your children techniques for keeping

Teach your children the safest ways to ride in a car.

themselves safe by instructing them to: • Sit in the back seat; • Buckle-up tight and use their child safety seat, if age appropriate;

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