Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

driving while substance impaired. Even if your friend or loved one does not meet the official criteria established for identifying addiction, they may continue to behave in a dangerous and harmful way by driving while substance impaired. There are a number of people who underestimate the impact of alcohol and/ or drugs on their physical and mental capabilities. Despite the fact that some people feel more outgoing when they’ve consumed alcohol or drugs, often it will affect the central nervous system, which impairs vision, coordination, judgment, and reaction time. Because judgment is affected, the person consuming alcohol and/or drugs usually believes they are okay to drive, but they may not make the safest decision in that state of impairment. Different types of drugs affect the body differently. Something as benign

as ibuprophen, when taken in high doses can actually kill you. Some drugs bring your body up and make you excited or jittery. Other drugs, such as alcohol are actually depressants to your system.

Different types of drugs affect the body differently.


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