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As the world slowly but surely comes out of this pandemic, it is our pleasure to put together this second virtual LAMC. Last year we had a little over 10,000 music industry lovers sign up to attend the LAMC and here I am writing a week before the start of the conference and we are already about to cross the 20,000 registered mark. This is wonderful news as it is one more proof that the interest in our industry is stronger than ever. Gracias a todos. When the LAMC was first started, the battle cries (or at least the conversation points) were a bit different than what they are now. The alternative in Latin Alternative Music Conference was used in exactly the way we felt it was meant to be. Something else, something new, something different. In our case, it was to promote sounds, sights and ideas that were different to what had been dominating the Latin music scene up to then. To provide an alternative voice to talk about something different. Fast forward 22 years and it is not uncommon to see Latino chart toppers with green or pink hair and the global blurring of the lines happening more and more frequently. We have seen our original mission statement come to fruition. What was once alternative is now the mainstream. We thank everyone who has helped or who has tried to make a difference. It all adds up to grains of sand and before you know it, we have a lovely beach. After this year’s conference is over, we will sit back, enjoy the moment and think about what is next. What is the new “alternative”. We hope to continue offering encouragement and opportunities in one way or another in the years to come. We also do hope to see a lot of you in person in 2022 once again in New York City!

Tomas Cookman

LAMC STAFF : Tomas Cookman, Jennifer Sarkissian, Tommy Vargas, Mia Bohling, Ulia Moreno, Frank Gelardin, Raul Campos, Rob Filomena, Sergio Pastrana, Josh Norek, Bernie Leos, Jose Tillan, Charlie Singer, Gaston Etchechoury, Maritere Escobar, Adriana Darcy, Niko Michault, Agustin Lopez, Patricia Zavala, Tony Gonzalez, Miguel “Mosco” Oyamburu, Nahuel Rojo, Mariana Contegni, Matias Ghio, Gerardo Kalmar, Micaela Ritacco, Diego Osorio, Valentina Duarte, Joshua Cortés Hernández, Eduardo Hernández, Yair Martinez, Monserrat Hernández, Paola Carrillo, Nayibe Nicoli, Lucas Otero

La única. Para todo.

The American Professional II

La guitarra American Professional II Stratocaster ® en Miami Blue viene con pastillas V-Mod II, mástil Deep “C” con bordes redondeados y trémolo sincronizado de 2 puntos con un bloque de acero laminado en frío. Serie American Professional II: utilizada por más artistas en más escenarios. Noche tras noche.

Hosted by Raul Campos 2021 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Tuesday, May 4th (NYC) 12:00pm - (MAD) 18:00 - (BsAs) 13:00 - (CDMX) 11:00am - (LA) 9:00am PANEL : Tengo La Voz! Digital Marketing and Promotion Presented by: Symphonic Distribution Featuring : Ady Harley (Facebook / Instagram) - moderator , AJ Alvarez (Symphonic) Gil Gastelum (Cosmica Artists), Mayna Nevarez (Nevarez Communications) Henrique Fares Leite (TikTok), Paul Dryden (ATO) (NYC) 1:00pm - (MAD) 19:00 - (BsAs) 14:00 - (CDMX) 12:00pm - (LA) 10:00am LAMC Talks with Billboard Latin : C. Tangana sits down with Leila Cobo (NYC) 1:40pm - (MAD) 19:40 - (BsAs) 14:40 - (CDMX) 12:40pm - (LA) 10:40am Apple Music: Integraciones y Herramientas para Artistas With: Jennifer D’Cunha and Analuz Vizarretea (NYC) 1:50pm - (MAD) 19:50 - (BsAs) 14:50 - (CDMX) 12:50pm - (LA) 10:50am PANEL : Wonder Women of Latin Music Presented by: Amazon Music Latin Featuring : Maria Fernandez (Sony Music) , Gabriela González (ASCAP) Alicia Arauzo (Universal Music España), Gabriela Martinez (Warner Music Latin) Sandra Jimenez (YouTube) , Laura Tesoriero (The Orchard) - moderator (NYC) 2:55pm - (MAD) 20:55 - (BsAs) 15:55 - (CDMX) 1:55pm - (LA) 11:55am LAMC Talks with KEXP El Sonido : Mon Laferte sits down with Albina Cabrera (NYC) 3:25pm - (MAD) 21:25 - (BsAs) 16:25 - (CDMX) 2:25pm - (LA) 12:25pm peermusic: Fundamentals of Songwriting Presented by: Yvonne Drazan With: Mala Rodriguez , Frank El Medico , Micky Huidobro (NYC) 4:15pm - (MAD) 22:15 - (BsAs) 17:15 - (CDMX) 3:15pm - (LA) 1:15pm LAMC Talks with NPR alt.Latino : Ana Tijoux sits down with Felix Contreras (NYC) 4:40pm - (MAD) 22:40 - (BsAs) 17:40 - (CDMX) 3:40pm - (LA) 1:40pm KRK Presents: Behind the Board with Dave Pensado and Friends Featuring: Dave Pensado , Rafa Sardina , Josh Gudwin , Dave Way (NYC) 5:05pm - (MAD) 23:05 - (BsAs) 18:05 - (CDMX) 4:05pm - (LA) 2:05pm Indie Showcase Presented by: Latido Music by mitú Performances by: Pachyman , maye , KHEA , YEИDRY , Villano Antillano , Flor De Toloache , Los Master Plus

Hosted by Raul Campos 2021 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Wednesday, May 5th (NYC) 12:00pm - (MAD) 18:00 - (BsAs) 13:00 - (CDMX) 11:00am - (LA) 9:00am PANEL : Streaming Strategies Presented by: The Orchard Featuring : Amaya Mendizabal (Amazon Music), Ariel Chichotky (Dale Play Records) Inés Sapochnik (The Orchard) - moderator, Mauricio Ojeda (YouTube Music) Diego Burgos (Deezer), Ruben Abraham (Warner Music Latin) (NYC) 1:00pm - (MAD) 19:00 - (BsAs) 14:00 - (CDMX) 12:00pm - (LA) 10:00am LAMC Talks with KEXP El Sonido : Natalia Lafourcade sits down with DJ Chilly (NYC) 1:25pm - (MAD) 19:25 - (BsAs) 14:25 - (CDMX) 12:25pm - (LA) 10:25am LAMC Talks with Billboard Latin : Rebeca Leon sits down with Leila Cobo (NYC) 2:00pm - (MAD) 20:00 - (BsAs) 15:00 - (CDMX) 1:00pm - (LA) 11:00am PANEL : Afro-Latino! Presented by: Facebook Featuring : Mabiland , La Dame Blanche , Akapellah , Fidel Nadal , Carlos Alomar - moderator , Sergio George (NYC) 3:10pm - (MAD) 21:10 - (BsAs) 16:10 - (CDMX) 2:10pm - (LA) 12:10pm (NYC) 3:30pm - (MAD) 21:30 - (BsAs) 16:30 - (CDMX) 2:30pm - (LA) 12:30pm LAMC Keynote Interview : Gustavo Santaolalla by Javier Andrade (NYC) 4:10pm - (MAD) 22:10 - (BsAs) 17:10 - (CDMX) 3:10pm - (LA) 1:10pm BELIEVE Case Study : Robot 95 With: Alejandra Olea & Adriaan Glastra (NYC) 4:25pm - (MAD) 22:25 - (BsAs) 17:25 - (CDMX) 3:25pm - (LA) 1:25pm Sounds from Spain Showcase Presented by: Sounds from Spain Performances by: Love of Lesbian , Paula Cendejas , Baiuca , Astola y Ratón , La Selva Sur , Amber Figueroa (NYC) 5:35pm - (MAD) 23:35 - (BsAs) 18:35 - (CDMX) 4:35pm - (LA) 2:35pm BMI Showcase Presented by: BMI Performances by: Vanessa Zamora , Pehuenche , Alex Rose , Niña Dioz , Gustavo Laureano LAMC Talks with Deezer’s La Ola Podcast : Paloma Mami sits down with Veronica Orozco

Hosted by Raul Campos 2021 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Thursday, May 6th (NYC) 12:00pm - (MAD) 18:00 - (BsAs) 13:00 - (CDMX) 11:00am - (LA) 9:00am PANEL : The Creative Process in Pandemic Times Presented by: KRK Featuring : Eduardo Cabra , Aldo Gonzalez (Universal Music Latin) , Alizzz , Áureo Baqueiro - moderator , Guaynaa , Carla Morrison

(NYC) 1:05pm - (MAD) 19:05 - (BsAs) 14:05 - (CDMX) 12:05pm - (LA) 10:05am LAMC Conversation : Elvis Costello sits down with Sebastian Krys (NYC) 1:40pm - (MAD) 19:40 - (BsAs) 14:40 - (CDMX) 12:40pm - (LA) 10:40am How Your Music Travels the World Presented by: Spotify - With: Monica Herrera Damashek , Santiago Puentes & Bel Aztiria

(NYC) 2:10pm - (MAD) 20:10 - (BsAs) 15:10 - (CDMX) 1:10pm - (LA) 11:10am PANEL : Post Pandemic Touring on a Local and Global Level Presented by: Industria Works

Featuring : Richard Lom (WME) , Andrés Sánchez (OCESA) , Austin Barmak (Electric Feel Ent.) Javier Montemayor (SeiTrack) - moderator , Diego Sáenz (PopArt), Henry Cárdenas (CMN) (NYC) 3:10pm - (MAD) 21:10 - (BsAs) 16:10 - (CDMX) 2:10pm - (LA) 12:10pm Facebook e Instagram: Mejores prácticas y storytelling con música With: Tania Dorantes (NYC) 4:00pm - (MAD) 22:00 - (BsAs) 17:00 - (CDMX) 3:00pm - (LA) 1:00pm LAMC Talks with Deezer’s La Ola Podcast : Tainy sits down with Veronica Orozco (NYC) 4:20pm - (MAD) 22:20 - (BsAs) 17:20 - (CDMX) 3:20pm - (LA) 1:20pm PANEL : Publishing and Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond Presented by: Songtrust Featuring : Jorge Mejia (Sony Music Publishing) , Eliezer Ponce (BMG Publishing) , Mary Nuñez (Warner Chappell) , David Weitzman (Primary Wave) Julio Bagué (peermusic) - moderator , Molly Neuman (Songtrust) (NYC) 5:20pm - (MAD) 23:20 - (BsAs) 18:20 - (CDMX) 4:20pm - (LA) 2:20pm CWA 101 – Navigating US Tax Withholdings Presented by: Citrin Cooperman - With: Maria del Pilar Lopez (NYC) 5:45pm - (MAD) 23:45 - (BsAs) 18:45 - (CDMX) 4:45pm - (LA) 2:45pm BizBat Contest Winner Spotlight Presented by: BizBat Winners: Emilia Vega , Ultralux (NYC) 6:00pm - (MAD) 0:00 - (BsAs) 19:00 - (CDMX) 5:00pm - (LA) 3:00pm LAMC at Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage Anywhere Performances by: Dawer X Damper , Cande y Paulo , Pahua , La Dame Blanche , Hendrix , Sebastián .Otero , Fidel Nadal

Hosted by Raul Campos 2021 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Friday, May 7th (NYC) 12:00pm - (MAD) 18:00 - (BsAs) 13:00 - (CDMX) 11:00am - (LA) 9:00am PANEL : Rompan Todo y Ahora Qué? Presented by: Ingrooves Featuring : José Tillán (The POPGarage) - moderator, Julieta Venegas , Andrea Echeverri , Nico Entel (Red Creek Productions), Juan de Dios Balbi (Entertainmex) , Enrique Blanc (NYC) 1:05pm - (MAD) 19:05 - (BsAs) 14:05 - (CDMX) 12:05pm - (LA) 10:05am LAMC Interview : Eduardo Cabra sits down with Javier Andrade (NYC) 1:45pm - (MAD) 19:45 - (BsAs) 14:45 - (CDMX) 12:45pm - (LA) 10:45am Amplifica tu audiencia y posiciona tu música a través de TikTok Featuring: Rob Ruiz (TikTok) , Ceci Giménez , Renee , Leon Leiden (NYC) 2:15pm - (MAD) 20:15 - (BsAs) 15:15 - (CDMX) 1:15pm - (LA) 11:15am PANEL : Mental Health for the Creative Community

Presented by: The Latin Recording Academy & MusiCares Featuring : Fito Paez , Pepe Aguilar , Ximena Sariñana , Rozalén (NYC) 3:15pm - (MAD) 21:15 - (BsAs) 16:15 - (CDMX) 2:15pm - (LA) 12:15pm Insights - Harnessing data to make creative & strategic decisions Presented by: The Orchard With: Jacob Fowler (NYC) 3:35pm - (MAD) 21:35 - (BsAs) 16:35 - (CDMX) 2:35pm - (LA) 12:35pm LAMC Talks with KCSN : Gabriel Garzón-Montano sits down with Nic Harcourt (NYC) 4:10pm - (MAD) 22:10 - (BsAs) 17:10 - (CDMX) 3:10pm - (LA) 1:10pm PANEL : Exploring Alternative Revenue Sources Presented by: IBERIABANK/First Horizon Featuring : Michel Vega (Magnus Media), Paula Kaminsky (GTS) , Javier Liñan (El Volcan) , José Juan Torres (Torres LLC) , Polo Montalvo (La Buena Fortuna), Alex Hernandez (IBERIABANK/First Horizon) - moderator (NYC) 5:10pm - (MAD) 23:10 - (BsAs) 18:10 - (CDMX) 4:10pm - (LA) 2:10pm Fireside Chat - Financial Advice for Musicians Presented by: City National Bank With: Ana Perez (City National Bank) & Louis Barajas (Wealth and Business Manager) (NYC) 5:30pm - (MAD) 23:30 - (BsAs) 18:30 - (CDMX) 4:30pm - (LA) 2:30pm Acoustic Showcase Presented by: Supersonica Performances by: Denise Rosenthal , Silvina Moreno , Silvana Estrada , Lennis Rodriguez , Gina Chavez , Mariangela , Kathy Palma


C. TANGANA C. Tangana is an artist and songwriter from Madrid with global multi-plati- num hits with hundreds of millions of streams. Tangana has won multiple Latin GRAMMYs for his work on Rosalia’s debut album “El Mal Querer” as well as a Best New Artist nod from Los 40 Music Awards and an MTV Euro- pean Music Award.


Ady Harley is based in Miami and is Head of Music Label Partnerships, LATAM for Facebook and Instagram. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s relationship with labels and artists in the Latin America and US Latin markets.

GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA Gustavo Santaolalla is an Argentinian musician, composer and producer that has developed an extensive and successful career. He has been awarded 2 Oscars, 16 Latin GRAMMYS and 2 GRAMMYS and many other awards for his work. Santaolalla is currently working on the animation series Maya and the Three (Netflix), the Spanish television mini-series El Cid (Amazon Prime Video), and Freak Power: The Ballot of the Bomb, a docu- mentary inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s run for sheriff of Pitkin County. REBECA LEON Rebeca León is the CEO and Founder of Lionfish Entertainment, an artist management and production company operating in the music, film, TV, and digital businesses. Lionfish currently represents Rosalia, Lunay, and St. Pedro. Previously as a manager, Rebeca worked with Juanes, and J Balvin. Before Lionfish, Rebeca spent eleven years in the touring business, running Latin operations as SVP for AEG/Goldenvoice.


EDUARDO CABRA Cabra is a Puerto Rican musician, composer, film scorer, multi-instrumental- ist and producer, founder, and musical brain behind Calle 13. He is a 28 time GRAMMY & Latin Grammy winning music producer, including Producer of the Year.

LEILA COBO A Fulbright scholar from Cali, Colombia, Leila Cobo is the Vice Presi- dent/Latin Industry Lead for Billboard as well as a classical pianist and successful novelist and biographer. Leila works closely with broadcast partner Telemundo on the Billboard Latin Music Awards and programs the yearly Billboard Latin Music Conference. She has published two award-win- ning novels and her new novel, Decoding Despacito: An Oral History of Latin Music's Greatest Hits, tracks the stories behind the biggest Latin hits of the past fifty years.

ELVIS COSTELLO Elvis Costello is a legendary GRAMMY winning singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. A pioneer in punk and new wave that has gone on to record many albums covering various genres


Laura Tesoriero is the VP LATIN of The Orchard. Laura is President Emeri- ta of the Latin Recording Academy. She has been part of the Board of Directors since 2010, being the first woman elected as President of the same in 2013 until 2018.


NATALIA LAFOURCADE Natalia Lafourcade is a multiple GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY winning singer, songwriter. Her most recent album, “Un Canto Por México, Vol. 1” won a GRAMMY for Best Regional Mexican album.


Nelson “Polo” Montalvo, is the founder of the Puerto Rican music manage- ment company “La Buena Fortuna.” He manages Residente, Kany Garcia, Pedro Capo, iLe, Jorge Drexler and others.


Gabriela Martinez is the managing director Warner Music Latina. In her role, she has been key in the development and careers of some of music’s most renowned global artists. She has been recognized as a Latin Recording Academy / Leading Ladies of Entertainment, a Billboard Latin Power Player, Billboard’s Women in Music and the Latin Alternative Music Conference’s

SEBASTIAN KRYS Sebastian Krys is a 12 time Latin Grammy and 6 time GRAMMY award winning Producer and Engineer. In 2019, he was given the BMI Champion Award. He has worked with Elvis Costello, JLo, Shakira, Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Iglesias, Carlos Vives, La Santa Cecilia and many more. Krys was the A&R behind Luis Fonsi’s Global smash “Despacito” and he has also worked as A&R for Juanes, Cami and many others.


PEPE AGUILAR Singer, songwriter, musician and producer recognized as one of the leading Regional Mexican artists. He has sold more than 15 million records sold and has won countless awards, including 4 GRAMMYs and 5 Latin GRAMMYs. He also was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Maria Fernandez is the EVP, COO Latin for Sony Music Entertainment for its Latin Iberia region which includes Latin America, the US Hispanic market, Spain and Portugal. In this role, Maria is responsible for Finance, Opera- tions, IS&T, Human Resources and Business Development in the region.


Javier Liñan began his professional career doing A&R for BMG and worked his way through major labels. In 2008 he decided to leave the majors and founded his own label El Volcán Música working with artists like Zenet, Solea Morente, El Canijo de Jerez, Los Planetas, Tomasito and Joe Crepus- culo, to name a few.Wonder Women of Latin Music.

ANA TIJOUX Ana Tijoux is a Latin GRAMMY-winning and GRAMMY-nominated singer, rapper and activist raised between France and Chile. She burst onto the international scene with her single “1977” and has performed on stages around the world. In 2020, she was named among the BBC’s 100 Most Influential and Inspiring Women of the Year.


ROZALÉN Rozalén is a Latin GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter from Spain. With #1-charting, platinum and gold selling albums. Rozalén is an important social activist defending minority and underserved communities and is always accompanied on stage by sign language interpreter Beatriz Romero, to create a live show experience that is accessible to all.


Michel Vega co-founded Magnus Media, in partnership with Marc Anthony, and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. In this role, Mr. Vega oversees all operating units of the diversified entertainment and sports enterprise, which include an artist and athlete management division, record label, music publishing, talent agency, television and digital content studio, and an entertainment-centric marketing practice.


Alicia Arauzo, born in Madrid, is the General Manager at Universal Music Spain. She has many years of experience in the industry and now holds day-to-day responsibilities in the records division of the company.

SERGIO GEORGE Sergio George is a legendary pianist, arranger, and record producer, known for his work in the salsa genre. He was an important part of the RMM label, and now, as the leader of his own studio, Sir George Ent., he is one of the biggest names in salsa. George currently works with such acts as Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle.


JAVIER ANDRADE Argentinean journalist that hosted the first Pan-Regional Music News TV program for MTV Latin America - Noticias MTV. He has also written for the “Miami New Times.”

JULIETA VENEGAS Julieta Venegas is a Mexican singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. In her 25 years of career she has won several Latin GRAMMYs and one GRAMMY award and recorded 8 albums.


José Tillán is an award winning, multifaceted and multicultural media execu- tive with over 25 years of experience in the television and recorded music industries. He is the principal of The POPGarage, a media/content develop- ment and production company. He currently serves on the President’s Council for the Latin Recording Academy (LARAS). He is also the recipient of three Latin GRAMMYS for his production work with Ricky Martin, Julieta Venegas and Juanes as well as the winner of an International Emmy for the Latin GRAMMY awards.


Molly Neuman is the President of Songtrust, the world’s largest global royalty collection service and music publishing administrator. As President, Neuman leads the company’s day-to-day operations, global expansion, and royalty collection innovations. Under Neuman’s leadership, the platform has grown to represent more than 300,000 songwriters, 2,000,000 songs and thousands of music companies.


LA DAME BLANCHE With her explosive mix of hip hop, cumbia and dancehall, the Afro-Cubana singer, flautist, and percussionist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche, delivers a powerful and compelling sound that summons the spir- its. Her latest album “Ella” is a homage to women and garnered critical acclaim from outlets including The New York Times, COLORS x Studio and NPR.


Aldo Gonzalez is Vice President of A&R for Universal Music Latino, Capitol Latin and Machete Music. Has been in the forefront of the reggaetón move- ment and behind some of music's biggest releases from artists including Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Karol G, Sebastian Yatra and Luis Fonsi, to name a few. With an eye to musical and industry trends, he looks forward to lever- aging his strong industry relationships to create the next big international

ALBINA CABRERA Albina Cabrera is a radio & TV host, content producer, and music curator from Argentina. She is currently based in Seattle as the Latin American Content Producer and a co-host of El Sonido on KEXP 90.3 FM. For more than a decade she has been amplifying the alternative music from Latin America, Spain, and the Latin diaspora around the world. She also collabo- rates on Nacional Rock (ARG) 93.7 FM. GUAYNAA Jean Carlos Santiago, better known as Guaynaa, is a Puerto Rican artist that landed on the international reggaeton scene with his hit song “ReBoTa”, which has almost 400 million YouTube views. After releasing a steady stream of hit singles and collaborations, his debut album BRB was released in 2020 and he has gone on to release a steady stream of hits collaborating with artist including Sebastian Yatra, Mala Rodriguez, Diplo, Nicky Jam, Los Angeles Azules, Lele Pons, Lola Indigo and many others.



Jorge Mejia is President & CEO for Sony Music Publishing Latin America and US Latin, a role in which he is responsible for Sony Music Publishing’s operations across Latin America and the US Latin marketi. He also is a Latin GRAMMY® nominated composer. A Steinway Artist, Jorge studied piano at the New World School of the Arts and the New England Conserva- tory of Music

MON LAFERTE Mon Laferte is a Chilean singer-songwriter and winner of multiple Latin GRAMMY® Awards, 5 Diamond, 37 Platinum and 13 Gold Records. She’s been called “The most relevant Latin American pop artist of the time” by VICE. Her new album, SEIS, is an intensely personal album and a unique work that hints at a new phase for the Chilean artist.hits.


Henry Cardenas is the Founder, President and Executive Director of CMN, the largest indie Latin promoter in the US. He is also co-founder, along with Marc Anthony, of the Maestro Cares Foundation. Throughout his career, Henry has produced some of the highest-grossing acts in Latin music histo- ry, including the Marc Anthony concert at Madison Square Garden, Maná at the Allstate Arena and the Vicente Fernández concert at Madison Square Garden, to name a few.


Amaya Mendizabal leads Amazon Music’s Latin music programming strate- gy by creating playlists and stations serving a variety of subgenres and cultures. She is a 15-year veteran of the music industry and in 2019 she was named one of Billboard’s Latin Power Players.



©2021 IBERIABANK, a division of First Horizon Bank.


CARLA MORRISON Carla Morrison is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Mexico. Over the course of five albums, her honest approach has earned her Latin GRAMMY wins, numerous GRAMMY nominations and collaborations with the likes of Ricky Martin, J Balvin, and Macklemore. Returning with new music, Morri- son is reinvented, mature and confident while conserving the raw revela- tions of emotional and personal heartbreaks that are the bedrock of her material. Javier Montemayor is in charge of booking and touring at Seitrack working with artists including Zoé, Caifanes, Miguel Bosé, Juanes, Ha Ash, Ximena Sariñana, Molotov, DLD, Café Tacvba, Los Ángeles Azules, Bronco, Sebastián Yatra and Danny Ocean, among many others. He started out promoting music and live events locally in his native Monterrey, Mexico as well as managing bands. He co-founded HOME agency, managing artists such as Zoé, Cartel de Santa, Jumbo, Vaquero, Volován y Sussie 4. In 2010 HOME agency fused with SeiTrack. JAVIER MONTEMAYOR SEITRACK


Inés Sapochnik is the Director, Latin, Marketing & Sales at The Orchard. Prior to joining The Orchard where she has been working for four years, Inés began her music career in digital music at Deezer as the Editorial Manager (Southern Cone). After spending most of her career in Spain, Inés now resides in Miami.

CARLOS ALOMAR Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Carlos Alomar is well known for his work as David Bowie's music director. He has also worked with artists including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, James Brown, Soda Stereo and many more.


ALIZZZ Cristian Quirante Catalán better known as Alizzz is a Spanish artist and producer from Cataluña. Alizzz has achieved a total of 2 diamond, 30 plati- num, and 6 gold certified recordings internationally for his production work with artists such as Rosalia, C.Tangana, Aitana and Piso 21, among others.


AJ Alvarez is the Director of Client Marketing and Playlisting for Symphonic Distribution. She brings a wealth of diversified experience from digital sales and marketing to cultural festival management. AJ has been instrumental in creating advertising campaigns across search engines, YouTube audience development, playlisting strategies and social media in multiple languages.

DJ CHILLY Chilly (William Myers) is a DJ, creative producer/audio editor for Seat- tle-based radio station KEXP 90.3fm / He's the co-host of KEXP's modern Latin mixshow "El Sonido" (Mondays 7-10pm PT), and is also a club DJ with the Seattle Latin/global bass crew ¡Manos Arriba!

ANDREA ECHEVERRI Andrea Echeverri is the lead singer of Aterciopelados, one of the first rock bands from Colombia to gain international notoriety. Their music fuses rock with a variety of Colombian and Latin American musical traditions. The group has received numerous awards, including multiple Latin GRAMMYs.

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Mayna Nevarez is the founder and owner of Nevarez Communications and also sits as Chapter Chair at Women In Music in Miami. Mayna got her start as Publicity Manager at BMG US Latin. She has overseen publicity for Daddy Yankee, Carlos Vives, Natti Natasha, Elvis Crespo and many others. Billboard Magazine named her among the "Top 5 Executives to Watch" in its Women of The Year in Music issue.

AKAPELLAH Pedro Elias Aquino Cova, better known as Akapellah, is a Venezuelan MC and freestyler signed to Universal.

XIMENA SARIÑANA Ximena Sariñana is a Mexican singer-songwriter and actress. She has released four studio albums, with a fifth to be released later this year. She has multiple GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY nominations as well as MTV MIAW Awards. As an actress, she has participated in series, soap operas and movies. Her altruism and activism have led her to be a spokesperson for Greenpeace, WWF, Oceana and The Young Center, among other initia- tives. She is also the first official ambassador of UN Women.


Mauricio Ojeda’s role as YouTube Music Label Relations Partner Manager for US Latin has allowed him to support and encourage the digital growth of artists such as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and J Balvin, amongst many others. He has more than 18 years of experience in music, talent scouting and online media partnerships and throughout his tenure at You- Tube, he has been the head of partnerships with majors, indies and artists in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Puerto Rico.



Diego Burgos is the Global Editor for Latin Music and Content Manager for the Andean Region at Deezer. He is an expert music curator with a solid track record in musical management and programming. Diego also heads the editorial strategy for the Americas, and works hand-in-hand with the regional editorial team to execute it.

SANDRA JIMENEZ YOUTUBE MUSIC Sandra Jimenez is the Head of Music for LATAM at YouTube.

FIDEL NADAL Fidel Nadal is an Afro-Argentine singer and songwriter, a pioneer in the reggae in Spanish and the hardcore punk movement in Latin America as the lead singer of Todos Tus Muertos.


Mary E. Nuñez is the Vice President of Synch for US Latin & Latin America at Warner Chappell Music Publishing Latin Division. Nuñez is a leader in securing placements with her synch teams throughout Latin America in the areas of commercials, television, films, trailers, video games and other brand initiatives.






MABILAND Mabiland is a Colombian singer, songwriter and rapper born in El Choco, and now based in Medellín. Her debut album “1995” came out in 2018 with singles charting on Spotify’s Viral 50 Colombia playlist. Mabiland has since gone on to critical acclaim from media and fans around the world with men- tions in NPR, Vibe, Billboard and Remezcla, among many others.


Ariel Chichotky is the Director of Dale Play Records. Originally an artist manager, Ariel has experience in business structuring and team building, and is currently learning how to apply all of this remotely.


Paula Kaminsky is the US Managing Director at GTS US and manages Sebastian Yatra. GTS provides global management, co-management, booking and strategic services to its artists and is part of the Universal Music Group in Latin America, the US and the Iberian Peninsula.

GABRIEL GARZÓN-MONTANO Gabriel Garzón-Montano is a singer-songwriter who has an ability to exe- cute a wide range of musical styles . His latest album, Agüita, released October 2020, has been featured in TIME Magazine’s & NPR’s Best Albums of 2020 & nominated for Best Latin Record for the 2021 Libera Awards.



Ruben has been part of Warner Music for the past 16 years and is currently VP of Marketing at Warner Music Latina, leading company’s marketing strategy including releases that have gone global with hundreds of millions of streams. His expertise has also led Warner Musica’s YouTube channel to a rapid growth of more than 6 million subscribers to date. Ruben was includ- ed on Billboard’s 2020 Latin Power Player list.


Paul Dryden is the Head of Digital Marketing and Senior Product Manager at ATO Records/Red Light Management in New York City. ATO’s roster includes the Alabama Shakes, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Brandi Carlile, Kaiser Chiefs, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Benjamin Booker, Mariachi El Bronx/The Bronx, SOJA, Jovanotti, and more.


Gil Gastelum has been in the music business since 1989 and is founder of the boutique music management + record company Cosmica Artists. Cosmi- ca has represented artists such as Carla Morrison, Gaby Moreno, The Marías, The Red Pears, Lila Downs, among others. Gil's role at Cosmica has been that of a marketer, manager, head of label services, publisher, and founder of the company. His philosophy as it pertains to his artists is “Go Where The Love Is”, “Utilize the Innovation of Imagination” and with that you can blaze your own path.


Alex Hernandez is the Managing Director of Sports and Entertainment (S&E) Banking for IBERIABANK/First Horizon. A Miami native, music professional, and banker for 30 years, Alex began his professional career at Bank of America. At IBERIABANK/First Horizon, Alex continues to assist business professionals, high-profile entertainers, entertainment companies and sports professionals with their financial needs.



Jose Juan Torres’ experience as a tax and entertainment attorney has made him a key player in the careers of recording artists such as Residente, Bad Bunny, Lunay, Visitante, Monsieur Periné and iLe, among others. As a business manager, Jose Juan provides guidance and support to the devel- opment of their careers and their finances. He has been named one of Billboard’s Top Business Managers two years running.


Andrés Sánchez is a concert promoter at OCESA, Mexico's largest promot- er company. He is responsible for promoting concerts from national and international artists, as well as managing venues for live events in Mexico’s major cities as well as promoting world-class festivals.


Diego Sáenz is Managing Director of Popart Music based in Buenos Aires. He Is the Executive Producer of the Soda Stereo Gracias Totales tour, Soda Stereo and Cirque du Soleil’s SEP7IMO DIA and Cirque du Soleil’s MESSI 10. He has also been production manager touring around the world for Gustavo Cerati, Soda Stereo’s Me Verás Volver tour and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ Satánico Pop Tour.


Eliezer “Eli” Ponce is Director of A&R for BMG Music Publishing, overseeing the Latin music genre. Ponce, based in Los Angeles, currently represents many Latin artists/writers and producers including Paloma Mami, Erika Ender, Gente De Zona, Maffio, Alex Sensation, and J Alvarez, among many others. Ponce was named one of Billboard’s Latin Power Players in 2020.



Vice President Latin Division East Coast and Puerto Rico of peermusic, Julio Bagué has helped build a formidable U.S. Latin roster of major label artist/writers including Chayanne, Victor Manuelle, De La Ghetto, Lelo & Jazz (Los Hitmen), Prince Royce, Chocquibtown and Sofia Reyes. As a multiple Latin Grammy-winning producer, Bagué has worked with a variety of artists including Jon Secada, Luis Enrique and Eddie Palmieri, among others.


Austin Barmak started his career at Universal Music Argentina in 2008 working in the marketing, business development and music sync licensing department. He went on to manage one of the top Argentine pop superstars, Axel. He now manages Argentine trap star Khea. Austin has integrated his business into Electric Feel Entertainment and is helping develop the Latin division which includes artists, songwriters and producers. AUREO BAQUEIRO Developing his career as a songwriter, arranger and producer Aureo Baque- iro founded Brava! Music in 1999, a production company focusing on artist development, music production and concept creation for live entertainment. Through Brava! Music he has developed artists for Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music such as Sin Bandera, Natalia Lafourcade, Ha Ash, Motel, Paty Cantú and has written and/or produce for artists Alejandro Fernandez, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Thalia, Timbiriche and Benny, among many others.


Juan de Dios Balbi is the founder of Entertainmex and a legendary manager from Mexico City and has contributed to the career of many artists including Café Tacvba, Control Machete, Austin TV, Los Bunkers, Ely Guerra, Cen- tavrvs and Amandititita, among many others.



Henrique Fares Leite is the Head of Music Industry Relations Latin America at ByteDance (Tik Tok). He was formerly Head of Music Industry Relations LatAm at Deezer, joining the company in 2013 to develop the Latin Ameri- can market after 5 years at Microsoft Paris as Content Project Manager. Prior to that he was involved with live events (promoting important festivals in Brazil) and had his own indie label.

NIC HARCOURT Nic Harcourt is a broadcast journalist, curator, host/interviewer voice over and artist manager. He has helped launch the careers of Adele, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, KT Tunstall, Florence & The Machine and countless others. Before hosting the weekday 88.5 FM Morning Music Mix at KCSN, he was best known for his former role as a director and on-air presenter for KCRW. ENRIQUE BLANC Enrique Blanc is a Mexican journalist and writer. He has published several books such on Café Tacvba and Julieta Venegas, among other titles. Blanc produces and hosts the Radio al Cubo program on Radio Universidad de Guadalajara and was editor of the magazine La Banda Elástica between 1995 and 2015. He is a founding member of the Latin American Music Journalists Network (REDPEM) and was an advisor on the Netflix documen- tary series Rompan Todo.


David Weitzmani is Partner at Primary Wave, his role is to source iconic catalog acquisition, He has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years in creative positions such as A&R for a music distributor and as a music supervisor for TV series, commercials and Indie films.

PALOMA MAMI Paloma Rocío Castillo Astorga, aka Paloma Mami, is a Chilean-American singer-songwriter, born in New York City making music touching on Latin Urban, R&B, Trap and Soul. After releasing a string of popular singles, she released her debut album Sueños de Dalí on Sony Music Latin. 2021

FELIX CONTRERAS Felix Contreras is creator and host of Alt.Latino, NPR's pioneering program about Latin Alternative music and Latino culture. He has hosted and produced Alt.Latino episodes from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and throughout the U.S. He is also a part-time musician who plays Afro-Cuban percussion with various jazz and Latin bands in the Washington, DC, area.


Nicolas Entel has written, directed and produced documentaries and TV series for Amazon, HBO and Netflix. For Amazon, he created We are Not Dead a post-apocalyptic story set on the US-Mexican border scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2021. He is a founding partner in Red Creek Produc- tions and has written, directed and produced documentaries and TV series. He is the creator, executive producer & showrunner for the Rompan Todo documentary. RICHARD LOM WME Richard Lom is an agent in the Personal Appearance Department at William Morris Endeavor (WME). Focusing on Latin music since 2015, Lom represents J Balvin, Caifanes, Nicky Jam, Cazzu, Juanes, Prince Royce, Farruko, Bomba Estereo, and Vicente Garcia, just to name a few. In addition to his own roster, Lom is responsible for overseeing all bookings of WME contemporary clients touring in Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic,

TAINY Marco Masís Fernández, AKA Tainy, is a Puerto Rican producer and song- writer. He has won multiple Latin GRAMMY and BMI awards, and worked on global hits like Cardi B’s “I Like It” featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and J Balvin’s “No Es Justo” feat. Zion y Lennox. He co-produced J Balvin’s Vibras, and Bad Bunny’s debut album X 100PRE as well as their collabora- tion album Oasis. In 2019, Tainy and music executive Lex Borrero teamed up to launch NEON16, a “multifaceted talent incubator" and label working with Interscope. 2021

VERONICA OROZCO DEEZER Veronica Orozco is a podcaster, blogger and social media influencer that hosts Deezer’s La Ola podcast.

The LAMC celebrates 10 years of “El Sonido” at KEXP in Seattle. We have invited them to write some words about their first decade and celebrate 10 of their favorite moments on the show so far!

El Sonido of a Generation In 2021, El Sonido – the space that KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle created to amplify and celebrate the music of all Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and that of the Latin diaspora around the world –celebrates its first 10 years on the air. During this decade, its historic host DJ Chilly built from Seattle a place of musical conversation between the multitude of scenes in modern Latin music. This place was enriched and complemented with the inclusion of Argentine DJ, Albina Cabrera, as co-host of the show and as Latin American Content Producer for the station. Together they bring listeners El Sonido every Monday from 7 to 10 PM (PT). In celebration, we invite you to our virtual special event on KEXP’s YouTube channel this May 22 at 2pm PT. Subscribe to the channel and enjoy some of our most memorable moments, our favorite festivals, surprise performances by our most beloved artists and all the music that makes up El Sonido past, present and future. This year we’re joining forces with the gathering of colleagues and friends of music at LAMC to celebrate together El Sonido of an entire generation and to share with you, very briefly, some of our history. If it’s the first time you’ve heard about us, we are a non-profit arts organization and radio station based in Seattle working for the music community for almost 50 years. KEXP has a diverse and ever-growing listenership around the globe and is working to reach more listeners and artists by expanding our boundaries both with the music we share as well as with our growing roster of DJs who represent a variety of backgrounds and musical tastes. On the airwaves as well as on our historic Live on KEXP sessions, we’ve built bridges with communities of music lovers around the world and spread their great songs and, at the same time, their messages. The communities are never far away from the songs that the music scene creates, and that’s why we grew up together the last decade. Looking back at all of these memories, we’re sharing with you10 of our favorite moments from the past decade of El Sonido with you.

From hip-hop to electropop and beyond, Chile has always been a massive inspiration for the show. We’ll start with an amazing pop talent, Javiera Mena, who put on an incredible show featuring dancers as one of our favorite live sets in our studio. Also, In 2021 we made a partnership with the feminist music collective Ruidosa from Chile featuring a conversation with the Colombian-american singer-songwriter, Kali Uchis.

Javiera Mena - Chile Photo by Matthew B. Thompson

Belafonte Sensacional - México Our neighbor to the south is a direct line to incredible music. In March of 2019, KEXP collaborated with our friends from the NRMAL festival and Panoram Studios to showcase a variety of killer acts such as Sotomayor, IMS, Elsa y Elmar, El Shirota, Little Jesus, Ximena Sarinana and more. In 2020, when the pandemic forced us to do performances from home, we continued

this tradition with some voices of the new generation with sessions en español with Son Rompe Pera and Belafonte Sensacional

Terror Cactus - Seattle/US-Argentina Photo by Jake Hanson

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest may not be known as a hotbed of cutting edge Latin flavors, but that’s rapidly changing. There’s an ever-growing group experiment- ing and getting down to new cumbia and electronic flavors as well as traditional groups excelling in everything from salsa to son jarocho, and in the last decade we’ve seen a young generation of artists from the NW push boundaries of what is typically considered Latin music. This is Terror/Cactus, led by the Argentine, Seattle-based artist Martín Selasco

South America has great and diverse music scenes and Argentina in particular has been a permanent source of rock in Spanish. The new generation of women in music is embodying a new narrative when it comes to rocking out. Such is the case of Marilina Bertoldi, the Argentine singer, songwriter and guitarist who participates with a very special session recorded from the largest cultural center in Latin America, El Centro Cultural Kirchner, in an alliance between KEXP and the Argentine Ministry of Culture.

Marilina Bertoldi - Argentina Photo by Julieta Maria

Hinds has come to our studios several times, but in truth there’s a plethora of artists from Spain who are key pieces for the music of El Sonido and for our history. Artists like La Mala Rodriguez, Melenas, Los Planetas, Los Punsetes and Triángulo de Amor Bizarro are some of our wishes for live sessions in the future.Hinds has come to our studios several times, but in truth there’s a plethora of artists from Spain who are key pieces for the music of El Sonido and for our history. Artists like La Mala Rodriguez, Melenas, Los Planetas, Los Punsetes and Triángulo de Amor Bizarro are some of our wishes for live sessions in the future. Brazil is massive in stature as is it’s music scene with an unending wealth of unique and creative talent. It’s a music universe all it’s own. While we haven’t had a chance to visit the country in person yet, we’ve had help with direct imports from Leandro Rissi, our Brazilian contributor who alongside Argentina’s Barbarelle Salazar and Malen Denis, Paraguay’s Vidal Delgado, Guatemala’s Julio Adelso, Seattle’s own Aarin Wright, Mexico’s Erich Mendoza and Ecuadorian-Seattleite Ignacio Izquirdo have volunteered to offer up some of their country’s or scene’s notable exports in the form of playlists curated specifically for our audience. One of our favorite things is discovering new bands from talented tastemakers already immersed in their scene. Speaking of Brazil, make sure and check both KEXP sessions from southern psych ambassadors Boogarins.

Boogarins - Brazil Photo by Carlos Cruz

Hinds - Spain Photo by Melissa Wax

The session with Colombian Pacific musical collective Canalón de Timbiquí was unforgettable. The band, led by educator, musician and singer Nidia Góngora, displayed its charm and Afro-Colombian musical tradition showing only a part of the immense musical wealth of this South American country. We say only one part because the diversity of scenes is infinite. Some Colombian artists who passed through our history were Lido Pimienta, Ela Minus, Los Kitsch, Ságan and Bomba Estéreo.

Canalón de Timbiquí - Colombia Photo by Chilly

For it’s small geographic size, Costa Rica is huge when it comes to music. It’s got one of the greatest alternative rock scenes anywhere on the globe and excels at everything from heart-on-sleeve indie pop to garage punk, and currently the hip-hop and electronic flavors have been bubbling to the top as well. Traveling to the Costa Rica version of NRMAL and meeting artists, writers and radio DJs opened up the doors even further to the treasure trove of tico sounds. For live sessions, it was Las Robertas’ fantastic set at our old studio that paved the way.

Las Robertas - Costa Rica Photo by Matthew B. Thompson

Chicano Batman is one of many examples of generations of Latin Americans born, raised and/or based in the United States who also have many things to say. Forming a sound between cultures, a refuge for themselves and a channel of expression in and out of themselves, has been what keeps the Latinx scene in the United States increasingly healthy. Some other artists who have accompanied us are Helado Negro, Buscabulla, Y La Bamba, La Santa Cecilia, Xenia Rubinos and more.

Chicano Batman - US Photo by Dagmar Sieglinde Patterson

Gracing our studios for a session with their infectious blend of Afto-Peruvian, indige- nous, funk and electronic styles, Novalima opened our eyes to a piece of what is happening on South America’s central Pacific coast and are helping pave the way for some our most anticipated artists and sounds. There’s a new generation expressing their roots and innovative spirit, crafting whole new worlds in the musical spectrum, and it’s exciting to see so many Afro-Latinx and indigenous artists moving to the forefront.

Novalima - Peru Photo by Dagmar Sieglinde Patterson

El Sonido of a Generation

the future of music Together, let's shape

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50+ Territories

1.5k Music experts at your service

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*Data from 2020

For almost all the LAMC editions in the past, we have highlighted art that has inspired us.In doing so, we helped put a a focus on a handful of the many incredible artists who are sharing their creativity be it via their paintings, photographs, silk screens, fabrics, graphics etc. When we all meet in New York at the Stewart Hotel, we exhibit the art in the area leading into the main conference room. Year after year, the artists reach a new set of creators and those who champion them. It’s an audience that appreciates what they are doing (and often buy out all the art displayed). This year we continue virtually and we proudly highlight two artists - Carolina Velez and also the husband and wife team of James and Karla Murray .

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez Muñiz is a creator from Mexico City. She processes her surroundings, family histories, traditions, and experiences through bright and symbolic imagery. She plays with what scares her. Carolina holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she specialized in painting and weaving. Her projects are communitarian in nature and have been supported by the National Fund for the Arts and Culture in Mexico and the Luminarts Foundation in Chicago.

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez

Carolina Vélez

an independent global music company

New York City has long been a city where immigration was a key part of what made it unique, what made it special and what made it … New York. With each wave of immigration, along came grocery stores, restaurants, meeting places, barbershops, bakeries etc etc - all basically destinations to help people make their adjustments to a new city and life. New York is all about change. Latinos have long been a key part of the New York experience. You can feel it, you can see it, you can hear it and you can especially taste it. Things come and go. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not so much. The changing of New York City can be felt with the fact that you are seeing less and less of the classic mom and pop Latino stores that helped tell our initial stories. James and Karla Murray have been famously taking photos of New York City storefronts for years. I have long been a fan of their books and their story telling so I reached out to them and asked if they had photos of Latino storefronts from days gone by (some recent and some not so much) that we could show as part of the LAMC and they happily obliged. It was a pleasure going through all the photos they shared to come to this group of images. Please enjoy them as I am sure there are versions of this story in your town too. It’s always good to look forward but it is also important to keep the good of the past around to use as a learning example. Just like with musicians and the people who champion them, each one of those shops had their own dream, vision and story. Tomas Cookman

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