Wilmington Country Club Junior Tennis Clinics 2020

Wilmington Country Club Junior Tennis Clinics

June 8-August 28, 2020

Red (Ages 6-8) and Orange (Ages 9-10)

10:15am-12:15pm – Upon request juniors ages 6-9 can be transported to the golf clinic at 12:45pm

$200 per week or $45 per day

Green (Ages 11-12)


$300 per week or $65 per day

Yellow and Yellow Competition (Ages 13 +)


$300 per week or $65 per day

Junior Tennis Clinic Guidelines


Pre-registration is required

• A junior tennis clinic host will greet each student and direct them to their designated court. • 4 players maximum on a court with 1 coach • Ages 6+ years only • Players must apply hand sanitizer or wash their hands prior to entering courts • Players will be assigned a court prior to their first day of the clinic which they will go to directly. • A designated space next to the court 6’ apart will be assigned to each player as “cubbies” for their equipment. • Players will bring their own towels and water bottles. The water machine will be used to refill water bottles only. • All equipment and entrances will be disinfected.


• Coaches will use chalk, dots, etc. to indicate where players should stand at all times. • Players must stay 6 ’ apart. • Only coaches will touch equipment such as teaching baskets, ball, teaching tools, etc. • Each court will have 4 ball hoppers or tubes marked with a different color tape. Players will only use that hopper for the entire clinic. • Each coach will use their own teaching basket of balls along with a safety kit that contains hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.


• Players and coaches will apply hand sanitizer or wash their hands after finishing the clinic. • Coaches will disinfect all touch points (teaching baskets, hoppers, entrance handles)

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