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1 To help establish a fair and

competitive listing price, based on an exhaustive analysis of current market conditions.

“Thanks to the great marketing and photos, Dave got me two great offers within 2-3 days of listing the condo and helped me close quickly and easily.” Vintage Condo Seller | Demun

2 To

buyers as possible into your home until it is sold. 3 To update you weekly with the results of our activities. 4 To assist in negotiating the highest dollar value between you and the buyer.

Results Why sellers choose to work with us

Our systems get on average $12,500 more for our sellers than the market Selling 99.1% of asking price without price changes with a market average of 97.6% Selling over 555 houses resulting in $335M in sales Top one-half of top1% in all markets we serve

“You understood the special nuances of what it would take to get it sold.” Historic Home Seller | Clayton

Meet theTeam

SABRINA ROBB – Listing Specialist &Team Lead Demonstrating an expertise in marketing and selling homes in the CentralWestern Corridor of St. Louis, Sabrina and her team sold over $150M in sales since 2010. Because of her relocation expertise, many local employers also rely on Sabrina as an important participant in their recruiting efforts as our community competes globally to attract and retain top talent.

srobb@robbpartners.com 314-283-7590 DAVE ROBB – Listing Specialist

Dave is one of the most respected Real Estate Consultants among both home buyers and sellers & colleagues alike. His savvy marketing knowledge and negotiation strategy often

results in an outcome that exceeds expectations. dhrobb@robbpartners.com 314-283-7053

GABRIELE DEHART – Buyer Specialist A 15-year real estate veteran, Gabriele is constantly working to ensure our buyers receive the best service enabling them to find their dream home and to negotiate the best possible terms. She is an expert at the buying process from the 1st time home buyer to the seasoned buyer. gdehart@robbpartners.com 314-677-6134 ABBY GOLDSTEIN – Buyer Specialist As a Buyer’s Agent with the Robb Partners – Abby navigates clients through local market conditions and works to negotiate on behalf of their best interests. Her goal is to give her clients that exact satisfaction, helping them identify the perfect neighborhood and working diligently to find their dream home. abby@robbpartners.com 314-394-5108 MAUREENWALLINGSFORD – Transaction Coordinator Maureen joined the Robb Partners in 2014 and quickly became a favorite among our clients. Maureen is our office liason between our clients, title company & lenders.As soon as you are under contract, Maureen sends an introductory “Dates-to-Remember” and

keeps all things transaction related moving smoothly. Maureen@robbpartners.com 314-677-6144

KIM LIMOLI – Marketing and Social Media Director Kim is at the center of executing on the marketing plan designed by the Listing Specialist and home owner.There are many avenues for promoting your home to the greatest number of possible buyers and buyer’s agents. Utilizing all in her toolbox, she will advertise,

promote, network & broadcast your home. klimoli@robbpartners.com 314-882-5205

Where Buyers Come From

Bought an Open House they saw 1% Bought for a combination of reasons 3% Bought advertised property 3% Referral by relocation service 7% Responded to an open house, but purchased a different home 8% Responded to an ad, but purchased a different home 18%

For Sale sign


Name/Firm recognition or salesperson contact 40%


1. Team approach – a team of specialized individuals networking among agents and prospecting for buyers. 2. Access to staging professionals and all others needed to get your home prepared to sell. 3. Professional photography and 3D tour. 4. Custom website page including photos, 3D tour, property description and room dimensions. 5. Sign placed in yard. 6. Premarketing exposure on Zillow and with select local agents. 7. Distinctive brochures created to market your home.
 8. Property video placed onYouTube. 
 9. Premier exposure on Zillow,Turlia, and Realtor.com. 10. Broker Open House.

11. Agent networking. 12. Just listed postcards mailed for neighborhood prospecting of buyers. 13. Prospecting for buyers in Robb Partners database. 14. National and international brokerage networking. 15. Exposure on 100+ websites. 16. Social Media Campaigns will be run with tracking (just listed, open houses, etc).We measure our success by the engagement we get on ads/posts and consistently track and compare our social media engagement to others in the market. 17. Watching the market to remain competitive, so that potential buyers choose your home to buy. 18. Weekly feedback reports.

Home SaleTimeline


Listed and Active


Marketing campaign started Professional photography taken Signs installed Submitted to multiple listing service Property website launched Property brochure delivered Direct mail campaign launched Print campaigns launched Telephone campaign started E-mail campaigns started Office preview, broker preview Mega open house Progressive home tours

Schedule an appointment Meet with ROBB Partners Discuss best strategy for selling Formal listing presentation Executed sales agreement Property evaluation | appraisal Design team walkthrough Market analysis completed Sales price established

Offer(s) received Offer(s) negotiated Offer accepted Back-up offer(s) accepted Inspections & disclosures completed Appraisal completed Contingencies removed Property closes Refer friends to ROBB Partners

When Representation Counts

Recently SOLD by the Robb Partners

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“Dave’s advice and expertise were greatly appreciated through a somewhat trying purchase. Dave communicates clearly and concisely; he is calm when needed, firm when required, and lets his dry wit shine through when the moment calls for it. It took a bit of time to finally find the right home and Dave remained patient and positive. We trusted his instincts and advice and couldn’t be happier with the end results.” Visionary Buyer | Creve Coeur “Dave, Sabrina, and their team helped me sell two condominiums in Clayton. One unit needed repair work, and Dave helped me find a painter and coordinate the repair process.The second unit was a challenging property to sell, in need of an extensive remodel. Dave helped me price it realistically and negotiate the closing with a private buyer. I live out of state, and everyone at Robb Partners made the transactions go smoothly and helped me solve all the glitches along the way – I could not have sold these properties without their extensive knowledge and assistance. I highly recommend Dave and Sabrina!” Family Trustee | Out-of-State

“You had a keen sense of knowing what help we needed at certain points and what help we didn’t need.” Veteran Investor | Clayton

“You were a good fit for us and this house – and that is why it got done.” Satisfied Seller | Clayton

“Thanks for your availability at all and odd times of the day and night when we needed help or advice.” Downsizer | Clayton

“You had a good sense of how to strategically and sensitively negotiate the steps with an out-of-town purchaser.” Developer | Saint Louis

“Dave Robb and his team were stellar through the entire sales process from beginning to end and we could not be happier with the results: our home sold within the first week!! Our circumstances were a bit unusual. We had a unique home – a modern multi level home on a street of traditional ranch homes. My husband and I believe that his sophisticated research and market analysis positioned us precisely where we needed to be. The sales materials his team produced were exemplary; we couldn’t have been more impressed. We would recommend him in a heartbeat!” Modernist | Creve Coeur “We had a very good experience working with the Robb Partners -they helped us sell 2 homes and purchase our current home.Their knowledge of the area is extensive.Their marketing materials are very impressive and really draw attention to the property you’re selling.We highly recommend them.” Repeat Client | Clayton, University City

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Dave and Sabrina Robb 314-727-2001 314-677-6490 info@robbpartners.com

10936 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, MO 63122



6333 Ellenwood Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri 63105

PREPARED FOR Todd Oberman & Laura Davis JANUARY 29, 2018

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



Sabrina Robb Robb Partners



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Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



MLS # Subject





6333 Ellenwood Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri 63105

1 16040450 2 17002976 3 17009236 4 17082028

S 7246 Wydown Boulevard S 509 West Polo Drive S 23 Southmoor Drive

$1,450,000 $1,000,000 $1,588,000 $1,550,000

S 6428 Cecil Avenue

Status: S = Sold

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



Sold Listings


Beds Baths YrBlt


Lot Size


Sold Date

7246 Wydown Boulevard

4 5 6 4

5.00 1927 4,750 5.00 1929 4,196 6.00 1926 6,798 5.00 1924 4,626

32,670 $1,450,000 41,643 $1,000,000 21,344 $1,588,000 15,464 $1,550,000 27,780 $1,397,000

3/16/17 3/14/17 2/10/17 10/13/17

509 West Polo Drive 23 Southmoor Drive 6428 Cecil Avenue



Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com

CMA 1 Line (Portrait)

01/29/2018 at 2:29 PM

Listings as of Property Type: Residential

Transaction Type is one of 'Sale', 'Auction' Status is one of 'Active', 'Coming Soon', 'Contingent w/Kickout', 'Contingent No Kickout', 'Contingent Short Sale', 'Option' Status is 'Sold' Search Contractual Date is 1/29/2018 to 1/29/2017 Property Type is 'Residential' State Or Province is 'Missouri' Area Desc is '226 - Clayton' Price is 1200000 to 1700000 Residential Sold Properties Address Area Bd Bth SqFt Lot Sz Age Date $/SqFt CDOM List Price Orig Price SP%LP Sold Price 7246 Wydown Blvd $1,495,000 4 4,750 91 $305.26 0.750 $1,450,000 $1,495,000 96.99 180 5 (3 2) Clayton 03/16/17 16 Crestwood $1,515,000 5 4,872 100 $313.01 0.298 $1,525,000 $1,515,000 100.66 7 6 (4 2) Clayton 08/01/17 6428 Cecil Ave $1,550,000 4 4,626 94 $335.06 0.355 $1,550,000 $1,550,000 100.00 0 5 (3 2) Clayton 10/13/17 23 Southmoor Dr $1,699,900 6 6,798 92 $233.60 0.490 $1,588,000 $1,699,900 93.42 0 6 (4 2) Clayton 02/10/17

Sold Totals







$1,564,975 $1,528,250


Listing Count :





Price :




Grand Totals


$296.73 $/SqFt:


OP: $1,564,975



Count :





Presented By: Sabrina Robb Phone: 314-283-7590 Featured properties may not be listed by the office/agent presenting the brochure. All information herein has not been verified and is not guaranteed. Copyright © 2018 MARIS. All rights reserved.


MLS #16040450

7246 Wydown Boulevard, Clayton



Listing information MLS#: 16040450

Beds: 4

Sq Ft: 4,750

Sold Date: 3/16/17

Status: Sold

Baths: 5.00

Year Built: 1927

DOM: 180

Features Cooling : Ceiling Fan, Central-Electric Heating : Radiator(s) Sewer : Public Water : Public Architecture : Historic, Manse Construction : Brick/Stone Msn Pred Virtual Tour : https://youtu.be/_t_H_2z77mA Lotsize : 32670 Acres : 0.7500 Remarks Almost a double lot! Loads of interest! Smart buyer secured home prior to spring re-launch! This English inspired manor house has captured the hearts and imaginations of passers by for generations. Situated on one of the finest lots in Clayton with backyard space hosting an Italian like Piazza and an enormous side yard for your pool addition. Enjoy drinks and secrets fireside in the grand salon with dedicated solarium. Spacious dining room with intimate sunken niche and attached screened porch. Updated kitchen could be opened to the dining room creating a Pinterest worthy oasis! Main level library with full bath easily converts to 1st floor bedroom. Family room between floors provides the perfect gathering space with JULIETTE balcony and fireplace (ideal new master area) Private master suite with dressing area and lovely bath with tub and separate shower. Rehabbed hall bath for kids....

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Source: MARIS

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com


MLS #17002976

509 West Polo Drive, Clayton



Listing information MLS#: 17002976

Beds: 5

Sq Ft: 4,196

Sold Date: 3/14/17

Status: Sold

Baths: 5.00

Year Built: 1929

DOM: 6

Features Amenities : Sauna Cooling : Attic Fan, Central-Electric, Other Heating : Radiator(s) Sewer : Public Water : Public Architecture : Colonial Construction : Brick Veneer Predom Lotsize : 41643 Acres : 0.9560 Remarks If you are wanting to be in the heart of Clayton, but don't want to sacrifice space or land, this home is for you! This stately colonial sits on nearly an acre lot that is within walking distance to cafes, salons, and the local elementary school. Step inside the beautiful leaded glass entry, and you will find yourself in an inviting light filled foyer. To your right is a large living room with a gas fireplace, perfect for St. Louis winters. The room is even better in the summer with its wall of french doors that open onto the screened in porch. To the left of the entry is the formal dining room with 9 ceilings and an adjoining sunroom that is perfect for relaxing with the family. Just past the dining room is the large kitchen that awaits your finishing touches. The second level features a master bedroom with access to a second floor balcony, a sunroom, and 3 additional large bedrooms...

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Source: MARIS

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com


MLS #17009236

23 Southmoor Drive, Clayton



Listing information MLS#: 17009236

Beds: 6

Sq Ft: 6,798

List Date: 2/13/17 Sold Date: 2/10/17

Status: Sold

Baths: 6.00

Year Built: 1926

Features Amenities : Elevator in Residence, Security Lighting Cooling : Ceiling Fan, Central-Electric Heating : Forced Air Sewer : Public Water : Public Architecture : Traditional Construction : Brick/Stone Msn Pred Lotsize : 21344 Acres : 0.4900 Remarks For Comp Purposes. Discover a commanding 6,798 square foot brick residence that artfully unites light-filled living space with beautiful architectural details in this recently expanded home in sought-after Southmoor. Floor-to-ceiling windows infuse the soaring great room addition with light and create the perfect gathering space for friends and loved ones. Entertain in style within the formal rooms where French doors open to a private alcove with a peaceful water feature. The gourmet kitchen opens to the family room and is a perfect place for informal entertaining and everyday living. The gracious master suite offers peace and tranquility along with an impressive master bath. Step out to the terrace to enjoy brunch or al fresco dining under the stars. Adjoining Oak Knoll Park provides acres of open space and tranquil beauty.

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Source: MARIS

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com


MLS #17082028

6428 Cecil Avenue, St Louis



Listing information MLS#: 17082028

Beds: 4

Sq Ft: 4,626

List Date: 10/14/17 Sold Date: 10/13/17

Status: Sold

Baths: 5.00

Year Built: 1924

Features Amenities : Underground Util, Workshop/Hobby Area Cooling : Central-Electric Heating : Forced Air Sewer : Public Water : Public Architecture : Manse, Traditional Construction : Brick/Stone Msn Pred Lotsize : 15464 Acres : 0.3550 Remarks Stunning Clayton Home - A classic example of Georgian Revival Architecture! Total perfection inside & out! Gorgeous curb appeal with amazing landscaping, large French doors, wonderful brickwork, fabulous limestone columns at entry, dormer windows, slate roof - and it only gets better inside! Gracious foyer with open staircase, large dining room & living room with fireplace, original moldings, great main floor study, breakfast room & butlers pantry, plus a large addition with family room, mudroom, another half bath, and a delightful wrap around screened porch. Beautiful white kitchen with Carrara marble countertops, Viking & Sub-Zero appliances, butcher block center island, vegetable sink- its perfect! 4 bedrooms including master suite, 3 full & 2 half baths, meticulously maintained, in a prime location, location, location!

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Source: MARIS

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



Sold Listings Number of listings 4 Lowest price $1,000,000 Average price $1,397,000 Highest price $1,588,000 Avg price per sqft $278 Avg DOM 93

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



Sold Listings Address

Sold Date 3/16/17 3/14/17 2/10/17 10/13/17

Sold Price



7246 Wydown Boulevard

$1,450,000 $1,000,000 $1,588,000 $1,550,000

$1,467,919 $1,013,212 $1,535,252 $1,374,099

1.2% 1.3% -3.3%

509 West Polo Drive 23 Southmoor Drive 6428 Cecil Avenue


Source: MARIS

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com




List Price

Sold Price

% of List Price

DOM $ per Sqft

7246 Wydown Boulevard


$1,450,000 $1,000,000 $1,588,000 $1,550,000 $1,397,000

97.0% 180 101.0% 6 93.4% 0 100.0% 0 97.4% 93

$305 $238 $234 $335 $278

509 West Polo Drive 23 Southmoor Drive 6428 Cecil Avenue


$1,699,900 $1,550,000 $1,433,725

Sold Averages

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



Pricing a home for sale is as much art as science, but there are a few truisms that never change. • Fair market value attracts buyers, overpricing never does. • The first two weeks of marketing are crucial. • The market never lies, but it can change its mind.

Fair market value is what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree by contract is a fair price for the home. Values can be impacted by a wide range of reasons but the two largest are location and condition. Generally, fair market value can be determined by comparables - other similar homes that have sold or are currently for sale in the same area. Sellers often view their homes as special which tempts them to put a higher price on the home, believing they can always come down later, but that’s a serious mistake. Overpricing prevents the very buyers who are eligible to buy the home from ever seeing it. Most buyers shop by price range, and look for the best value in that range.

Sabrina Robb | Robb Partners | srobb@robbpartners.com



Your best chance of selling your home is in the first two weeks of marketing. Your home is fresh and exciting to buyers and to their agents. With a sign in the yard, a description in the local Multiple Listing Service, distribution across the Internet, open houses, broker’s caravan, ads, and email blasts to your listing agent’s buyers, your home will get the greatest flurry of attention and interest in the first two weeks. If you don’t get many showings or offers, you’ve probably overpriced your home, and it’s not comparing well to the competition. Since you can’t change the location, you’ll have to improve the home’s condition or lower the price. Consult with your agent and ask for feedback. Perhaps you can do a little more to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, or perhaps stage the interior to better advantage. The market can always change its mind and give your home another chance, but by then you’ve lost precious time and perhaps allowed a stigma to cloud your home’s value. Intelligent pricing isn’t about getting the most for your home – it’s about getting your home sold quickly at fair market value.

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First Impressions Most buyers form their first impression of your home before they even get out of their cars. This is “curb appeal,” or the view from the curb that tells the buyer how attractive and well-maintained your home is compared to other homes. In a competitive market, it takes more than trimming the hedges and planting a few flowers to create curb appeal. The exterior of your home must be in pristine condition – freshly painted, cleared of clutter, with no visible repairs needed. A broken step, overgrown bush, or abandoned toys in the yard can spoil the appearance and your buyer’s first impression. Curb Appeal Curb appeal is important because it sets the tone for what the buyer is going to see inside. If the buyer likes the exterior, he or she will be predisposed to also like the interior and you’re that much closer to selling your home. To see what needs to be done to sell your home faster and for a higher price, go outside, stand on the curb and try to look at your home the way the buyer will. Walkways/driveways - Make sure walkways are clear of snow, weeds, or debris. Repair or replace cracked steps or pavers. Driveways should also be clear of vehicles, toys and debris. Park cars in the garage. Landscaping - Keep your lawn mowed, edged and watered. Prune dead branches and plants. Weed flower beds and replace leggy, thin landscaping with fresh plants and flowers. Exterior - Replace loose or damaged roof shingles, clean the gutters, and paint and caulk window trim and doors. Repaint the front door an eye-catching color that complements the rest of the exterior. Replace broken windows. Entry - Power wash siding, brick, windows, and porches. Paint or replace furniture such as rocking chairs or porch swings. Replace mailboxes, light fixtures, door knobs or any other fixture that looks less than fresh. Put out a welcoming new floormat. Some parts of your home may require more work than others, but it’s well worth it to get buyers eager to see what’s inside.

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Once your home goes on the market, real estate agents may call to show your home anytime, day or evening. Keeping your home "showtime" ready can be challenging, especially if you have children and pets. Showings & Open House checklist • Eliminate clutter: Not only is clutter unattractive, it’s time-consuming to sort through and expensive for you to move. If you have a lot of stuff, collections, and family mementoes, you would be better off renting a small storage unit for a few months. • Keep, donate, throw away: Go through your belongings and put them into one of these three baskets. You’ll receive more in tax benefits for your donations than pennies on the dollar at a garage sale. It’s faster, more efficient and you’ll help more people. • Remove temptations: Take valuable jewelry and collectibles to a safety deposit box, a safe, or store them in a secure location. • Remove breakables: Figurines, china, crystal and other breakables should be packed and put away in the garage or storage. • Be hospitable: You want your home to look like a home. Stage it to show the possibilities, perhaps set the table, or put a throw on the chair by the fireplace with a bookmarked book on the table. • Have a family plan of action: Sometimes showings aren’t convenient. You can always refuse a showing, but do you really want to? If you have a showing with little notice, get the family engaged. Everyone has a basket and picks up glasses, plates, newspapers, or anything left lying about. • Get in the habit: Wash dishes immediately after meals. Clean off countertops. Make beds in the morning. Keep pet toys and beds washed and smelling fresh. • Clean out the garage and attic: Buyers want to see what kind of storage there is. The Essential Five-minute Clean-up for Showings Everyone gets their baskets and cleans up clutter. Check for hazards, like toys left on the floor. Make sure all toys, including bicycles, are put away. • Put pets in daycare, sleep cages or take them with you: In the listing instructions, there should be a warning if there is a big dog on premises. Buyers with allergies also may appreciate knowing in advance if you have pets. • Turn on lights: Open the drapes, turn on lights so buyers can really see. • Give the buyer privacy: The buyer can not come to your home without being accompanied by an agent. The buyer can assess your home more honestly without your presence.

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting journey. Whether you’re changing cities or neighborhoods, a move is not only a change in scenery, it’s the start of a new chapter in life. Yet, moving can also be very stressful, often seeming like one thing after another has to be done. By finding the right moving service and having a good, though flexible, moving plan, most of the common moving headaches can be easily avoided. Start planning your move Finding the best mover for your particular needs and at the right price involves a simple evaluation of your needs. Like many service-oriented industries, the moving companies of today have expanded to offer a wide range of services in order to be competitive. From planning your move, to storing your things, to packing and unpacking, to decorating and organizing your belongings in your new home, you can choose the extent of services you require and have them tailored to suit your moving budget. Deciding what to pack isn’t as simple as it sounds, particularly if you’re downsizing, but the amount of goods as well as the type of goods you’re moving can make a big difference in which mover you choose and how much you’ll spend. A good rule of thumb is to group items into no more than three categories - Keep, Donate, Throw Away. Label your things according to the rooms where they’ll be moved – bedroom #2, first floor powder bath by stairs, etc. Provide your movers with copies of the floorplan of your new home, so they can move more efficiently without having to stop and ask you where things go. Lastly, remember that the movers, though they are professionals, will get tired. On the Chicago-based Bernard Movers website, the movers advise keeping boxes under 50 pounds whenever possible. They also strongly recommend putting heavier items in smaller boxes to reduce bulkiness, and lighter items in larger boxes with proper labeling like "topload." Get referrals According to Mayflower.com, one of the nation’s most recognized movers, finding a good moving service begins with asking someone you know - a family member, coworker or a friend about their moving experiences, good or bad. Who do you know who works with people who frequently move? Your real estate professional can also be an excellent source of information. And if you’re being transferred, ask your relocation agent which moving companies their company recommends. Other employees of your company who have preceded your relocation may also be able to suggest a reputable mover. Large industry organizations such as American Moving and Storage Association have associate members listed on their Web sites. These associate moving company members must agree to abide by the terms of the organization's published tariffs and to participate in the Arbitration Program sponsored by the organization, which may be positive for consumers. Although the AMSA doesn't recommend movers, a list of members is posted on the site, along with helpful hints. The AMSA does suggest getting several estimates in order to compare cost and range of services. Consumer organizations such as the Better Business Bureau can give you additional insights. If the company is registered through BBB, then you can find all relevant information from their corporate address, BBB rating, if there are any complaints against the company, the names of any and all management, and any specific licensing that your state may require. Of course one of the many places to start looking for your mover is the Internet. Online you can find and compare many moving companies’ services on their websites. Comparing movers When you compare price and service estimates from several moving companies, you will find that estimates are based on the weight of your household items, the distance they will be moved, and the amount of packing and other services you will require. Be sure to show the estimator every single item that will be moved. Find out if your mover accepts credit cards, third- party payments from your company, or whether the mover operates by cash only. Negotiations with your mover should include a clear understanding of rates and charges that will apply, the mover's liability for your belongings, pick-up and delivery schedules, and claims protection. For example, if you decide to pack some of your own things, your mover will not be liable. If your estimate is binding, it will not cover non-itemized items. Non-binding estimates are not guaranteed rates, and only cover the weight of your shipment, and the cost of the moving services. An estimate still has to be performed before a mover will provide you with a binding contract.

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If you are moving interstate, you should read and understand all of the information you will receive. In addition to brochures explaining their various services, moving companies should give you a copy of a consumer booklet entitled "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" and information regarding the mover's participation in a Dispute Settlement Program. Distribution of the consumer booklet and the requirement that movers must offer shippers neutral arbitration as a means of settling disputes that may arise concerning loss or damage on household goods shipments are requirements of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Be prepared Even in the most well-planned moves, something can happen. Insurance is crucial. Check with your homeowner’s insurance carrier about coverage for your belongings while moving. Your mover will provide either released value insurance (about $0.60 per pound of goods lost or damaged, according to NAVL.com) or full replacement value, which you must sign for on your bill of lading. If you are not sure how to estimate the value of your belongings for insurance purposes, your insurance carrier may provide suggestions, such as $10,000 per room or half the value of the new home. Items of special value such as heirlooms, paintings, or collectibles can be insured under separate riders. In the event of damage to an item, file a claim immediately. Be sure to save the packing materials to show to the adjuster, should there be any problems.

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In a neighborhood of similar homes, why is one worth more than another? That’s the question that’s teased buyers and sellers for ages, but the answer is simple. Every home is different. When a home is sold, a willing seller and a willing buyer have just announced to the world the value of that home. From there, other similar homes are benchmarked, but other factors come into play. The most important are: Location - The closer a home is to jobs, parks, transportation, schools, and community services, the more desirable it is. Size - Square footage impacts home values because they’re built using more materials. Larger lot sizes mean more privacy. Number of bedrooms and baths - Over time, median homes have grown larger. Decades ago, household members shared bedrooms and baths without complaint, but today, families want more privacy. The median home purchased today is a three- bedroom, two-bath home. Features and finishes - Features such as outdoor kitchens and spa baths make a home more luxurious. A home finished with hardwood floors and granite countertops is going to cost more than a home with carpet and laminate countertops. Condition - The closer a home is to new construction, the more it will retain its value. It’s perceived as more modern, up to date, and perhaps safer. Homes that are not updated or in poor repair sell for less. It’s a good idea for homeowners to keep their homes updated and in top repair. Curb appeal - From the street, the home looks clean, fresh, and inviting. Fresh landscaping and flowers won’t change the size or location, but they certainly add charm. When two homes are identical in the same neighborhood, a higher price may come down to something as simple as views, or paint colors, or the overall taste of the homeowner. Valuing a home will never be an exact science, but if you buy wisely, keep your home updated and in good repair, you should recoup most if not all of your investment.

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