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Performing physical activity in the morning or during a midafternoon break can do wonders for your focus. I’ve learned this firsthand. You feel energized. You feel all-around better. Again — the better the person, the better the employee. I’ve also watched Mometrix’s food culture change over the years. Early on, the snack selection was a little heavy on the sugar. You could grab a Coke from the fridge and maybe a few Oreos if you were so inclined. Or maybe even an ice cream bar. At one point in time, we had a lot of beverage options, but many of them were packed with sugar or high- fructose corn syrup. Well, that changed. We realized just how poor our diets were and how little we were moving. So the company opted to get rid of the sugary beverages. They even phased out drinks with artificial sweeteners. Over a period of about six months, the company — myself included — was weaned off of sugar. It wasn’t easy, but we did it! These days, the options are on the healthier side, though there are often a wide variety of options available to cater to different tastes. Of course, the company culture goes beyond health and wellness. There is a huge emphasis on promoting self-improvement. If you need something to help you be better at your job, more productive, or more well-rounded, the company will do what it can to make that happen. Mometrix really set the example for me personally when they reached out about developing a muscular dystrophy campaign. They gave me the tools I needed to make it happen — and now it does, every year. I can’t tell you how happy that made me and my family. This all goes to show how important a solid company culture is, no matter where you work or what industry you may be in. Mometrix helps people succeed on exams. At a glance, you wouldn’t necessarily think a company that produces study guides and flashcards would put such an emphasis on culture, but that’s exactly what they do.

Over the years, Mometrix has strived to create something great. That quest is evident in our company culture. Since the day I started, Mometrix’s company culture has come a long way. We’ve made impressive strides to grow and improve in every way. Some people have even gone so far as to call the company “the Google of Southeast Texas.” That’s high praise, and it’s well-earned. A lot of people collaborated to make our culture what it is today. A big part of it was shaped by the idea that the better the person, the better the employee. You can also think of that in terms of happiness — the happier the person, the happier the employee. Numerous studies have shown that happier employees are more productive. Mometrix learned from that idea and sought to create a work environment that promotes happiness. But how do you influence happiness? For a lot of people, happiness starts with good health. Mometrix did some serious research into employee health and wellness — something I’m benefiting from right now. The company has an option for sit-and- stand desks, which are considered much healthier than a conventional desk. Sitting all day, it turns out, is not good for your health! Everyone is regularly encouraged to get moving as well. To help with that, the company put in an onsite gym. If you want to lift weights, you can do that. If you want to play a little indoor soccer, you can do that too. And wallyball, we have you covered!

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