C+S February 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 2 (web)

Values: Our vision is that this awareness goes beyond an organization and becomes a global movement of #BreakingBias where people can share their stories, inspire change, and support each other as we do the work to break biases. Members: Carrie Casillas Carrie West Jenny Thomason, AIA, NCARB Jen Harkleroad, PE Lauren Kirschbaum, EIT Vanessa Davis, PG

Tasha Bolivar Jessica Schmidtetter Tony Casagrande, PE Well Engaged (2022)

Thesis: A confluence of factors is impacting our AEC workforce. Tak - ing care of people, finding people, and retaining people are challenging the industry like never before. The challenges show no sign of let - ting up and likely will continue to influence our industry. We believe wellness is a sound way of thinking about and addressing challenges. Simply put: healthy people for a healthy business. What is wellness? Wellness is a holistic integration of all aspects of the human experi - ence. It is an active and intentional endeavor to achieve health in many dimensions including, but not limited to, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social. We believe wellness programs that are long- term and people-oriented not only create healthy employees but also produce benefits such as preventing burnout, reducing absenteeism, mitigating turnover, aiding in recruitment and retention, and proving productivity. All add value to organizations and produce well-engaged people. Our team will deliver tools, demonstrated benefits, a financial comparison, and a way to get wellness started if you haven’t already. Members: Ana Ramirez Chris Haas


TeacHER (2022) Thesis: Many AEC firms are struggling to hire due to a shrinking workforce. In addition, there is a lack of awareness and interest about the AEC field in K-12 students. The teacHER group is hoping to com - bat this challenge by creating resources for AEC professionals to go out into K-12 classrooms and after-school programs and get students excited about opportunities in the AEC inclusion. Our goal is to close the gap and increase diversity, equity, and industry industry-wide. Target Audience: Teachers, parents, and members of the community who want to do outreach for K-12 students and want pre-developed curriculum and presentations. Objectives:

Christine Sheng Dathan Gaskill Emily Waldenmeyer Emily Winfield Kim Thompson Smith Kristen Jacons Scott Tanner


• Create a calendar of important dates for AEC outreach (i.e. Engineers Week, Women in Construction, etc.) • Create a map of AEC experts through the ElevateHER net- work that are willing to present to K-12 classrooms • Create a database of existing resources/curriculum for AEC activities for K-12 students Members: Andi Vicksman Godfroy Anne Brummett

Breaking Bias (2022) Mission: Create gender bias awareness at all levels of an organiza - tion by developing a survey along with engaging activities based on research and statistics, that break down defense barriers by using an ap - proach that incorporates psychological safety, humor, and competition that will inform, educate, enlighten, and create a culture committed to breaking bias.


February 2023



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