C+S February 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 2 (web)

Data and the talent shortage Exploiting historical data and benchmarks can also help overcome issues created by the industry’s talent shortage. Although technology will never be a direct replacement for human intelligence, automating some of the project checks and balances that would have previously been done manually will give the industry greater workforce flexibility. Companies will be able to put less experienced workers in more pro - ductive roles more quickly, confident in the knowledge that plans, esti - mates and schedules can be validated against historic data. Meanwhile, more experienced workers can focus on the company’s most complex issues to ensure project delivery continues to move forward efficiently. More broadly, progressive use of technology is an important facet in reinvigorating the industry’s image to attract ambitious, tech-savvy workers that will be needed to meet the world’s infrastructure chal - lenge. A lot of the key skills required in the construction industry – planning, modelling, problem solving, risk mitigation, management,

communication – are no different from those required by other indus - tries that are often perceived as more alluring, such as aerospace or manufacturing. The construction industry represents a unique intersec - tion of innovations such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and simulations with enduring, amazing, and often beautiful structures that stand the test of time. With another 1.7 billion people to support the world’s infrastructure by 2050, and billions more that will benefit from infrastructure upgrades, the industry is feeling the pressure of construction demand expand - ing faster than delivery capacity. Connecting the past with the present through data, using standardized processes and systems, is a key part of the digital transformation currently occurring in the construction industry, and it’s the best bet for the industry to meet that demand.

BRAD BARTH is chief product officer at InEight.


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February 2023



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