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their cousin before he jets off to the Air Force's flight school. They probably won’t see him for a couple of years while he’s training. As the new year arrives, we’re spending New Year’s Eve in Portland. We have something of a tradition to celebrate Scottish style, where the last day of the year is called Hogmanay. For this holiday, you discard all your regrets into a fire! It’s a great way to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new as you clear away any thoughts that may be holding you back. Once you clear away the clutter, it becomes easier to set new goals. Of course, since it’s January and New Year’s just passed, it seems like everyone is setting goals or resolutions. People are thinking about what they want to accomplish, including improving their health. And I hope you set some health-related goals for yourself too! Just don’t make your goals too difficult to achieve. That’s one of the big reasons why people give up on their goals so early in the year — they become overwhelmed. My advice is to make it a journey by taking it one step at a time, no matter what your goal may be. If you’re trying to get in better shape, it’s always good to start small and work your way up (and if you’re having trouble getting

2019 ended on a high note! My wedding anniversary was in December, when my wife and I celebrated 30 years together. To commemorate the occasion, we decided it was time for a weekend away at the Pronghorn Resort near Bend. This is something we’ve been talking about for months, and we finally made it happen. As part of our anniversary, I wanted to surprise my wife with an anniversary band — a ring to replace her wedding ring. Unfortunately, her wedding ring fell apart, but I thought it would be great to incorporate the diamonds from that ring into a new one to mark our 30th. Our visit to Pronghorn actually marked my third time to the Bend area this year. In November, we spent a weekend with two of my sons and my son’s girlfriend at Sunriver, just south of Bend. It was a wonderful family weekend between the seasons. It wasn’t busy, the weather was good (as evidenced in the photo), and we had a relaxing time. I felt refreshed to get away before the holiday season. And speaking of the holiday season, we’re making a quick trip to San Diego this year to spend Christmas with my father-in-law. As I mentioned before, he recently turned 94. It will be great to spend the holiday with him, even if it’s for a short time. Our trip to San Diego will also give our sons a chance to see

motivated, give me a call). Say, for instance, you’d like to walk or run a 10K. Start with shorter distances and then work your way up to longer ones. If you push yourself too hard right at the beginning, you can exhaust yourself. Plus, when it comes to goals involving physical activity, you can even injure yourself, and I certainly don’t want to see anyone get hurt because they’re trying to reach a health goal. As I think about what I want to accomplish in 2020, I want to thank all of our loyal patients who helped make 2019 a great year. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful new year!

–Paul Kane, P.T., BSC, CMP

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