February 2023 Oracle


Can't believe we are half way through the season. We are starting to get ready for the CanAm and looking forward to a great turnout. Things are going to run much smoother this season now that we have Scoreholio to set up our round robins and tournaments. If you plan on playing in the CanAm, please make sure to get the Scoreholio app, you must have it to play. Each person needs their own log in. If you

There is no greater love than a person giving their life for a friend. That is what Jesus did for us. Have you experienced the reality of that in trusting and loving Him? Here are some February 14 love questions: 1. Some say that marriage or a friendship is a process as much as an achievement. if you agree; what would your plaque read, for that kind of a trophy? 2. William Shakespeare said, "I will praise any man that will praise me." Do you feel that way? When are you willing to praise without an ulterior motive? 3. We all have repetitive squabbles that occur again and again. What are yours? What can we do the next time one arises? How can we focus on a solution rather than dwell on the problem? 4. Generally speaking, on a scale of 1 to 10, how easy is it for you to take responsibility when you are at fault? BE honest in your answer.

need help signing up come see us on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday and we will help get you all set up. We have been having a good turn out and seeing a lot of new players so

Welcome! See you on the courts Carolyn Chanez

Share these questions and your answer with a special Valentine friend. Be honest!!

Consider attending Chapel with the person you shared these answers with. Each speaker will kindle a warm response and draw you closer. Best of all we will learn more of Jesus ’ love for us!!! Trust Him with your life and love needs.


Dr. Craig Hazen Christian Apologist Outstanding Bill Butterworth humorist and was with us last year. Steve Musto one of best speakers we will EVER enjoy

Feb 19

Feb 26

Coffee and donuts and donuts we begin every Sunday at 8:50 in La Palma

Jim Gwinn, Chaplain 847 - 445 - 0077




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