February 2023 Oracle

The Resort has gone through many changes the past few years; not all have gone as smoothly as we would have hoped for. It is time to move forward and work for the common good of all owners. My priority would be to continue the work in maintaining our financial stability, help to improve our security

I will be honored to be one of your next board members and I plan on making you proud. My past experiences as City Council President, in the small town of Estacada, Oregon will lend to my decision making here at ORPS.

services within the resort, and maintain/improve our resort at the high standards expected by owners at a reasonable cost. If elected in addition to the above, I will be committed to the following: • Act in the best interest of owners by researching, discussing issues, and become aware of any past history, policy or legal requirements concerning Board actions. • Ensure the Capital and Reserve Funds are returned to the desired level and maintained for new Resort projects, unexpected requirements, and infrastructure repairs and expenses. • Assist in the development of procedures and policies that manage ORPS assets prudently. • Work with General Manager to assure contracting services meet the contract requirements and contracts are successful in providing optimum services to owners. EDUCATION: BS degree in Education and Corrections from Western Oregon University EXPERIENCE: • Six years on the ORPS Board of Directors • Thirty+ years in a City Building Department and management of the Department 5 1/2 years • Gresham City Council (one yr. as president) • Budget Committee member for City of Albany and Gresham • Oregon Board of Directors of Oregon League of Cities • Board of Directors of Oregon Building Officials Association • One year president City of Albany American Federation of State County Municipal Employees The experience gained over the years has given me the business and management leadership, and knowledge to serve on the Board. I believe in an Open Door Policy; your views are important and should be listened to and understood. All my appointments required strong communication skills and the ability to listen and resolve issues quickly and fairly to all owners. I have the fiscal discipline required and a high standard of ethics that will keep the best interest of owners in mind at all times.

In small towns like our resort, we need to know how to budget our money to get the most out of what we spend it on. In this capacity I worked with the City Manager, the Mayor, and the rest of the Council, to make the community a wonderful place to live and raise my family. I promise to lookout for your best interests here at ORPS, that means keeping it running and looking properly. When the board spends our money, I will ask the questions as to why we are spending this money, is it a need or a want and is it benefiting the owners. We have items that need to be fixed, you, nor I want anything to fall into disrepair causing extra money for the repair or replacement. Sometimes new and costly projects have been performed, In the future I will ask the important questions like have we planned for them, were they budgeted for, that is part of board planning, being prepared for when that money is spent. I believe that we need to try to put a limit on our HOA dues, it can and should be done so that you know how to plan for your future, by budgeting and planning. I would like to find better ways to recycle inside our resort. Such as picking up on Tuesday and Thursday along with our yard waste, it is an idea and would love to hear your ideas. I will listen to you, I will be available to you and keep you informed, I will not be a knee jerk decision maker. I am a person that will investigate, research, and hear from you personally to make sure we really have an issue that must be acted upon.

I would be thankful for your vote.

John Mullins

Bob Moore

Lot 85




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