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MAR 2018


THAT’S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAMES EVERYONE LOVES AN UNDERDOG I once read a study that said $4 billion is lost during the first week of March Madness due to decreased employee productivity. The study didn’t break down the losses geographically, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of that money comes from Kentucky and Southern Indiana. I

The value of taking people by surprise isn’t just limited to basketball. Whenever I go car shopping, I always go alone. Bringing my husband, Dave, along only leads to me being ignored. The salespeople just want to talk to him. When I go alone, they see a blonde lady and think there’s a chance to avoid haggling. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that I’m

definitely don’t need a study to tell you that our community goes crazy for the NCAA Tournament. Once the brackets come out, all anyone wants to talk about is college basketball. While watching excellent teams play great games is exciting, and we should know, living next to three powerhouse schools — University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, and Indiana University — I think we can all agree that upsets are the most magical aspects of March Madness. Everyone loves a good underdog story. How are the scrappy upstarts able to compete against established titans with way more resources? It comes down to passion, dedication, self-belief, and hard

going to upset their expectations. I’ve walked away with some pretty great deals in my time, largely because the salespeople don’t see me coming.

“How are the scrappy

Come to think of it, the work we do at Emery Law Office is also an underdog tale. Our clients are often facing off against massive insurance companies that have more money than I’ll ever see in my life. With hard work, solid evidence, and the truth, we are able to close this resource gap. We may not have the power of unlimited funds, but our dedication to getting our clients what they deserve is invaluable. Whether you bleed Wildcat blue, Cardinal red, or Hoosier crimson, I’m sure you’re looking forward to another exciting NCAA tournament. Regardless of who ends up hoisting the trophy, we’ll be treated to plenty of pageantry, excitement, and upsets.

upstarts able to compete against

established titans with way more resources? It comes down to passion,

dedication, self- belief, and hard work.”

work. Sometimes, the big guys are overconfident and take an opponent too lightly. Tenacity and good decision-making can overcome raw talent. One team may look

Here’s to the underdogs. They inspire me to work hard even when the

odds seem insurmountable.

better than another on paper, but every game starts with the scoreboard reading 0-0. If you’ve ever had to throw your bracket in the trash after the first round of games, you know that no outcome is certain.

-Melissa Emery


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