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Digitizing negatives from The Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 By Carolynn Bart-Riedstra, Archivist, Middlesex Centre Archives

Archives digitize records and photographs for many reasons, but it is primarily for preservation and access. Ideally archives create three digital copies of photographs and negatives. The first is the archival copy and is done at higher pixels per inch (ppi) in a tiff format. This is to create a copy of the original image. Another copy is made that allows for the archivist to enhance the image by changing the contrast, removing dust and other blemishes to create an improved document. It is also scanned at a higher ppi and is commonly referred to as the master copy. An access copy can also be created at a lower ppi in a jpeg format and is often what is viewed on the web by researchers.

financial contribution from the Library and Archives Canada’s Documentary Communities Heritage Program for a project to digitize approximately 3500 negatives from The Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 book. The negatives include images in the book as well as some that were not used. When completed, these images will be available for viewing. Due to time constraints the archival copy has been created. Among the pictures that are digitized for this collection are some from Komoka and Coldstream. Some of the photographs from these areas have been included here with identifying information from the book. When you see the citation for archival material it is identifying the name of the institution, or in this case Middlesex Centre Archives, the title of the fonds or record group and the accession number. This allows anyone who is interested in seeing the item to contact the archives and identify the collection and any other identifiable information that will help the archives staff retrieve the items for researchers. One thing that was discovered working with this collection is that some of the original material from the book committee is missing. If you have any information about these records please contact us by email at middlesexcentrearchives@gmail. com or by phone at 519-518-5590.

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 2015- 0011-V34-002 Large gathering perhaps Komoka, when King Georg and Queen Elizabeth travelled in 1930. If anyone has information about this photo or the gathering please let us know.

Archives should also be aware of copyright restrictions when publishing photographs. Usually anything before 1960 is in the public domain where the original copyright holder and estate heirs no longer have copyright or receive fees for the items or images. Under the Canadian Copyright Act, it is important for archivists to know if images are created after that as there are regulations about posting images. Under the Copyright Act, Archives, Libraries and Museums are still able to create preservation copies if they are not sold or made available for a fee. Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 2015-0011-V102- 016 John Laidlaw barn raising circa 1890, location unknown. If you have any other information about this event, please let us know.

Middlesex Archives The Heritage of Lobo 1820- 1990 2015-0011-V33-002A An unidentified person setting straw blower from thresher into barn. If anyone has information about this photo, please let us know. Centre

The Canadian Council of Archives has an advisory committee whose function is to monitor any suggested changes to the Copyright Legislation and advise archives about the implications for preservation and publication. The Copyright Act has different regulations for different media. Audio, film and other multi media can fall under different copyright requirements as can archival manuscripts. Recently, Middlesex Centre Archives was the recipient of a Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 2015-0011-V102- 013 Chapter 5 page 128 Max Campbell and C. M. T. Carmichael in 1928 with horses during haying.

Middlesex Centre Archives The Heritage of Lobo 1820-1990 2015-0011-V100- 009 John Bycraft gathering sap home on sleigh.

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