Performance Movement Index With 9 Round Fitness

February, 2017

Performance Movement Index With 9 Round Fitness “ I Was Experiencing Weight Gain, So I Decided To Do Something About It.”


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Performance Movement Index with Jim Silvestri, PT Cred MDT

Dear Valued Client,

We are partnering with the local gym 9 Round Fitness and offering free performance movement assessments. Community outreach is an initiative we want to focus on so if you as a patient want a free performance movement assessment or know of someone who may want to partner with us please let us know.

James Silvestri, PT CEO

The Performance Movement Index is a full body evaluation of movement fundamentals and capabilities. We go through a series of motions and exercises, then use this information to design a safe, scientifically based performance program to fit each individual’s needs. If you have any limitations we will develop a plan to help you gain strength and functionality.

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