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on the circumstances, with longer suspen- sion periods for second and third convictions while their novice licence period is in e$ect. Some drivers amuse themselves by pas- sing as close to cyclists as they can get away with, a practice known as «dooring» and that will cost themmore if they are caught doing it by police or reported by a cyclist. «Dooring a cyclist» also refers to a situation where a cyclist passing by a parked vehicle runs into a door that was opened without the vehicle occupant !rst checking for any hazards. A new provincial regulation requires at least one-metre distance kept between a vehicle and a cyclist during a passing maneuver or else the driver is subject to a $110 !ne plus two demerit points. %e same penalty may also apply to a person in a parked car or truck Tougher penalties for bad driving habits who ends up «dooring a cyclist» by accident. Cyclists are also responsible for making sure they either stay within a designated cycling lane or on the shoulder of the road or highway to allow faster vehicles easier passage past them. %ey are also required to make sure their bikes have the proper working lights and re&ectors or else face a $110 !ne. Drivers trying to pass a tow truck stopped along the roadsidemust leave a safe passing distance between their vehicle and the truck. Doing a fast and close swing around the tow truck is not allowed because it creates a risky situation for the tow truck driver and anyone involved with the vehicle in distress. Failure to do a safe bypass of a tow truck will

With children returning to school now in September, the province brings into force a new schedule of penalties for drivers with bad habits. As of Sept. 1, the !nes get more expensive for distracted driving, putting cyclists at risk on the road, and risky business involving either school buses or tow trucks. It’s all part of a provincial government campaign against poor driving practices. Driving while distracted by chatting on the cellphone or doing other things that take attention away from the tra#c ahead will mean a mandatory !ne now of $490 with three demerit points upon conviction. Novice drivers caught in the act of driving while distracted will also have at least a 30- day suspension of their licence, depending

mean a $490 !ne. %e provincial government is also limiting use of the colour school-bus yellow. As of Sept. 1 only actual school buses used to transport students can be chrome yellow in colour. No other buses in Ontario can be chrome yellow, which means school buses retired from active service and sold have to be repainted. Drivers who put students at risk because they ignore the tra#c rules regarding school buses are facing !nes up to $2000 and six demerit points for a !rst conviction. All mo- torists must stop for a school bus when its warning lights are &ashing and the stop sign and bar are extended to signal that students are either boarding or disembarking.

Accident mineur à Hawkesbury

Un accident mineur impliquant deux véhicules est survenu mercredi matin, aux environs de 9 h 30, au coin des rues Cameron et Aberdeen. Selon les personnes impliquées sur la scène, il s’agirait d’une malencontreuse erreur d’inattention. Les deux véhicules seraient repartis en même temps, suite à leur arrêt obligatoire. La conductrice du véhicule utilitaire sport rouge n’aurait pas vu la berline grise et c’est à ce moment qu’est survenue la collision. Heureusement, aucune des deux conductrices n’a été blessée lors de l’accident. Une agente de la police de l’Ontario (O.P.P.) est intervenue sur les lieux quelques minutes plus tard. Les véhicules ont par la suite été remorqués.

En maquillage permanent, l’expertise a un nom...

30 années d’expérience Dermapigmentologue et esthéticienne Maîtrise en maquillage permanent, esthétique et paramédical des États-Unis Il y a assurément une clinique près de chez vous!

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