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Walking, running, and rolling across Canada


the young people. It’s really fun to be part of this group.” O’Brien left Victoria, BC, on April 12. Since then he has biked, walked, run, used an adapted bike, wheel chair, roller skates and longboard, his way across the country in an e!ort to inspire kids to stay in school and reach for their dreams. His journey will end in Halifax in just about three months. If it snows, he will be cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. “I think what he is doing is wonderful,” saidHawkesburyMayor Jeanne Charlebois. “It is so sel"ess for a very good cause. #e kids are our future.” #e Communities that Care (CTC) pro- gram, along with 100% Actifs, combined e!orts to help O’Brien get local kids involved. “Wemet Steve in April when he came to talk to the kids in CTC,” saidManon Parent, from CTC. “What he is doing for clubs like this, to keep kids active, is extraordinary.” CTCworks with all members of the com- munity to create a safe and caring environ- ment for the youth and families of Pres- cott-Russell. CTC aims at reducing alcohol and drug use, violence, teenage pregnancy, delinquency and school drop-out rates. #e mandate for 100% Actifs is to provide

École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury (ESCRH). Together, the close to 40 students walked with him to Place des Pionniers for a barbecue. “I have been following himon Facebook since he started,” said Audrey Normand, a 15-year-old student at ESCRH. “He is doing so much for the kids. I really wanted to see him. What a nice thing he is doing, walking all of Canada for

all young people aged 9 to 12 years in the area an equal opportunity to participate in various sports and cultural activities. Steve O’Brien O’Brien was born in Hawkesbury but considers Brownsburg his home town. An accomplished athlete and gold medal winner, O’Brien believes that hard work, determination and perseverance is the way to be. “#ere have been a lot of ups and downs,” said O’Brien. “But when you arrive somewhere, and you see this, it’s all up.” Along one of his stops, O’Brien met a police o$cer that said his grandson, also a police o$cer, would escort him to where he needed to go. #en he told O’Brien that he himself had escorted Terry Fox when he had done his cross-country trek. “I wanted to see the photos,” said O’Brien. Terry Fox has always been a rolemodel and inspiration to O’Brien. Further along his journey, he came across the spot where the photo had been taken with Terry Fox and the o$cer. “I had goosebumps,” exclaimed O’Brien. “It was a sign that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.” Information on Steve O’Brien’s journey and how to donate is available at www.ste-

Steve O’Brien is walking, running, and rol- ling across Canada to raise funds for the !ght against school dropouts and to help inspire young people to reach for the sky. On September 8, O’Brien made a stop in Hawkesbury, where he was born, at

Steve O’Brien with one of his biggest fans, 15-year-old Audrey Normand from École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury (ESCRH). Steve O’Brien with a few of his fans at l’École secondaire catholique de Hawkesbury.

Hawkesbury Mayor Jeanne Charlebois gives a check for $200 to Steve O’Brien to go toward raising funds to keep kids in school.

Steve O’Brien walking with the students from École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury (ESCRH) , members of CTC and 100% Actifs, just after arriving in the town where he was born.

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