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The DevilsYou Don’t Know

Unseen Habits Hurting Your Health

EXCESSIVE SITTING While the oft-hyped refrain “sitting is the new smoking” is overblown, there’s no denying that spending excessive time off your feet is bad for your health. Recently, a study in the American Journal of Public Health concluded that sitting more than 8 hours per day increases the risk of premature death and many chronic diseases by anywhere from 10–20%. That may not be tobacco- level dangerous, but it’s certainly not optimal. POOR QUALITY OF SLEEP You’re probably aware that you should be getting 8 hours of sleep each night, but the quality of sleep matters just as much as the duration. If you sleep enough but still wake up tired, consider having your dentist screen you for sleep apnea.

The monsters in scary movies come in two forms. First, you have the big bads who look bad and act worse. The second, and perhaps scarier, type of monsters are the ones we can’t see. They haunt the area outside the frame, a vague and constant threat to the characters in it. The same goes for the ghouls who seek to harm our health. We all know that drinking liters of soda or smoking cigarettes will wreak havoc, but there are also countless little behaviors you don’t even realize are making you feel less than your best. In honor of Halloween, let’s shine a light on a few of these ghastly habits. SKIPPING MEALS In an age when our lives are busier than ever before, it’s easier for meals to vanish. While that may seem like not a big deal, it actually has adverse effects on your health. It won’t lead to lower calorie consumption because people tend to overcompensate throughout the day. Irregular eating also creates metabolic changes that mess with your glucose levels, which can be especially dangerous for people with diabetes.

Once you bring these monsters out into the light, you’ll have a much easier time slaying them.


“Before PT, I was experiencing a lot of neck and back discomfort and tension on a daily basis. Now, even though I still have my moments, I see myself getting closer to resuming my regular activities. Everyone I have worked with here has been so supportive and friendly and made my journey one where I felt confident. I had a great team behind me. The front desk was amazing.”

Leftover Candy Snack Mix This recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar chef and “Master Chef” judge Christina Tosi makes great use of those extra Halloween goodies. It’s a quick and easy way to both elevate and get rid of unwanted leftovers.

–Dharmista Patel


“Prior to physical therapy, I experienced sharp pains in my right shoulder. I couldn’t rotate my shoulder fully. I had trouble holding a pan while cooking, washing dishes, etc. I also had trouble sleeping on my side because of the pain and soreness from my shoulder. Coming to physical therapy provided a road map for my recovery, and allayed my fear about my shoulder injury, as the team did a great job in helping me understand the injury.” –Kevin HsuCollette

2 cups mini pretzels, coarsely broken

• • •

1/3 cup dry milk powder

6 tbsp unsalted butter, melted 12 oz mini candy bars, such as Snickers, chopped into 1/2 - inch pieces

• •

1/4 cup light brown sugar 2 tbsp granulated sugar

Directions 1. Heat oven to 275 F. 2. In a large mixing bowl, fold together pretzels, sugars, milk powder, and butter. 3. Spread mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 20 minutes. 4. Let cool for at least 30 minutes and mix in candy bar pieces before serving.

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