JohnstonPT: Back Pain & Difficulty Walking



people in person and in the clinic! We hope that this is just for a few more weeks but are prepared for whatever is best for both our clients aswell as our team. I hopeyouare likeusandattempting to takeadvantageof the “extra” time in a productiveway. We have taken advantage of the extra time at home (and the clinics) and purged many of the drawers, closets and even storage rooms that have been dumping grounds for so long. My house has never been so clean and our clinic has never been so organized – thanks team! These are good things – having cleaned up some of ourpastmessesallowsus toturnourminds tothinkingabout what’s next. It also gives us some time to look at new things wecando tobeevenbetter in the future. At theclinics,weare putting additional short videos together that you will soon be able to go to our website or other social platforms and take a lookat. If youare interested inseeingthis, likeusonFacebook or Instagramas thiswill bewhereweput itout first.This isour waytosimplykeepintouchandjustputoutgoodinformation/ ideasof things thatwecanall bedoingwell weare lessactive than normal outside of our homes. We are keeping these videos light and funbecauseweall knowwe canusemoreof that in our lives right now! If there is a specific question you have, or a video of some type of exercise you feel would be helpful forustoput together, sendmeanemail. Ifyoucan, take advantageof this time! Keepmovingandexercise, eat aswell as you can, get your sleep and practice good hygiene. If you are struggling, think of what we have to be grateful for and reach out to family and friends. I think being grateful for what we have is always a good idea. I know I am grateful to have all my kids home during this time. We have had the chance forgreat conversation, familygamesandsomeclassic family fights. I have to believe that our dog Tuco is loving this, as he has never beenon somanywalks inhis life.We have actually “visited” with our families more (thank you skype, facetime and zoom). I hope that you have had some positive timewith your families aswell. This seasonwill pass. Please know that we are here for you! As always, give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your aches and pains, or if you justneedaquickchatwithsomebodyoutsideofyourhouse:-). Letusknowifwecanhelp inanywayandknowweare looking forward to getting themajority of our care back in the clinic!

NOTES FROM ANDREW: TELEHEALTH I hope this newsletter finds you safe andwell. These are strange and trying times. I am writing these “notes” on April 2, just two weeks into our clinic

transitioning from100% in-clinic provision of care to seeing many of our clients by telehealth. Lots of change! Canceled events, canceled appointments, canceled vacations, CDC Posters,–evenourmonthlyworkshopshavebeencanceled. Threeweeksago,wewerestaggeringschedulestominimize the number of people crossing paths to encourage social distancing intheclinicwiththecurrentCOVID-19pandemic. Four weeks ago, we had nine therapists with waiting list. Todaywehave2 therapistsseeingurgent careclients (post- operative and new injury cases) in our clinics and 3more of our therapistsdoingourphysical therapytreatmentsvirtually viatelehealth.ThisiscertainlysomethingIdidn’tpredict three monthsago, anddidn’thaveasignificantplansetupforeven amonthago. I couldn’t beprouder of our staffwhohaveput patients, and each other, first in making this transition to telehealth possible at this challenging time. I am amazed at what can be accomplished when you put yourmindtoit.Whilesimplyhavingapositiveattitudedoesn’t takeasituationaway–itcertainlycanmakeitmorepleasant for us individuallyand for thosearoundus. I thinkduring this time of more extreme social distancing, we should put our mindtoa learningorgrowingmindset. Ihave learnedaton in the past several weeks about what is possiblewith the right team.Weallunderstandthatmovement toatelehealthmodel isnot the idealway thatweprefer topractice- butwebelieve it is themost responsible way for the time being. With how effective telehealthhasbeen, thepositive feedbackwehave gotten from our clients that are taking advantage of virtual appointments and with the results that we are seeing- we will keep thisasanoptiongoing forward.Wealsoknowthat telehealth is not for everyone (both clients and therapists). This required us to put a screening process in place to help usidentifywhoisappropriatefor in-clinicserviceor telehealth at thistime.Whilewecontinuetolearnandimproveourskills withtelehealth,wecan’twait tillweareprimarilybackseeing


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