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DR. LEANDER S. KEYSER Internationally known a« an educator and voluminous contributor to the literature of evangelical Christianity November i 1926 “ For Ever, O Lord, Thy Word is Settled in Heaven” (Psalm 119 :89 )


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THIS MAGAZINE stands for the Infallible Word of Cod, and for its great fundamental doctrines. ITS PURPOSE is to strengthen the faith of all believers, in all the world; to stir their hearts to them with the varied work of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles; and to work in harmony person and the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, and thus hasten His coming.

engage in definite Christian work; to acquaint and fellowship with them in magnifying the

Number 11

November, 1926

Volume XVII

Table o f Contents


Editorials Page Giving Thanks for God's Goodness............................................................... 6 2 1 Is Christ’s Coming Imminent?............................................................... ........ 621 Seeking to Save Sinners........ ............................... ............................................. 622 The Deceptive, Destructive Detour........................................—.................... .623 Following the Fashion................................. ............. ................................. .........623 Shall We Bury the Bible?.................. .'............... ................................................ 624 Best Books for Children............. ......................................................................... 624 Contributed Articles “The Challenge of a New Order” — Dean John M. Maclnnis................625 The Bible: A Little Candle and a Big Light — Prof. Leander 5. Keyser, D .D ............................ .......... ................. 627 Giving Thanks for Our Inheritance— Alexander Maclaren, D .D ...........629 How Fosdick Was Forced Into the Open — By a Missionary Correspondent.............................................. ...........631 The First Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation............... 633 Anthropology: or, The Doctrine of Man— Dr. F. E. Marsh..... ..............634 The Antichrist a Person— Pastor A . Reilly Copeland................. ............ 636 “ The Mark of the Beast” — Sydney Watson......................................................... 638 Our Bible Institute in China................................ ........ ............................. ............. 639 Straws and Symptoms...... ..................... .......... ...........................................................641 Practical Methods of Personal Work (For Defenders of the Faith) — T. C. Horton............ ..................................................................................642 Outline Studies in the Epistles of John— T. C. Horton.................. ..................... 643 Pointers for Preachers and Teachers (Homiletical Helps)................................ 645 Evangelistic Department (Interesting Soul Winning Stories from Real Experience)................. ............. ........................... .................. 646 Christian Endeavor Topics................ 648 Bible Institute Happenings....................................................... ...649 The Family Circle (For Fellowship and Intercession)........................................ 652 The Children’s Garden (The King's Business Junior)........................................655 The Chosen People, the Land and the Book........................................................660


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November W26

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S



(7Tt HE Bible Institute of Los Angeles counts itself fortunate in being able Vll' to secure this man of God for a three months teaching ministry during November, December and January. He will also preach oh Sundays in the Church of the Open Door, whose services are held in the Institute Auditorium.


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

November 1926

we have and are, as a nation, to Him. Does our ingrati­ tude hurt His great heart? Does our selfishness and indifference give Him pain ? Are we as a nation drift­ ing away from the moorings o f the faith o f our fathers? Will the theatres and picture ghows be full of grate­ ful people on Thanksgiving Day? Will the dance halls resound with hallelujahs? W ill spiritual songs break forth from the beaches? Will the mountains and hills echo the sounds of holy rejoicing? Will God be “ in all their thoughts” ? What will the atheists be doing to “ abolish God’,’ on that day? Will they distribute their literature?

GIVING THANKS FOR GOD ’S GOODNESS The United States o f America is today the outstand­ ing nation o f the world, and the logical question is "W h y is it ? ” It is a new nation. It is separated from the old nations by the waters of two great oceans. It is large in area and yet compact. It is the richest of the nations. Its citizenship is complex, for its doors have been wide open in the past to all peoples, though now the influx is restricted by more stringent immigration laws. We have treated the people who have come to

We have come a long way in a short time, as a nation. We have left behind many sacred privileges. The first place in our hearts has been assigned to other gods. We are wealthy. We are great in our own eyes. But we have short memories. We forget that there are other nations, which were once great and prosperous which are poor and needy now. W o u l d it not be a fine thing if we,' as a n a t i o n , could gather on Thanksgiv­ ing Day, confess our sins, and pour out our hearts in gratitude to God; reach up and put our hands in the Hands that were pierced, . and call Him L o r d and Master ? He is real. Make Him rea l! Enter into His heavenly gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise! Be thankful unto Him, and bless His Name!

us with a large measure of tolerance and have permit­ ted them to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. God has been bountiful in His blessings to ns. *As a nation, we were founded on our faith in God ’s H o l y Word, which has been recog­ nized as authoritative, al­ though s u b j e c t to many interpretations. It is hon­ ored by the President, who presses it to his lips when he takes the oath of office. It is recognized in every court of justice, and every witness m u s t swear with uplifted hand that with God’s help he will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Thanksgiving D a y h a s been a memorable day in recognition o f God ’s gra­ cious goodness to us, and every loyal citizen should recognize that fact when he reads the President’s procla­

HYMN OF THANKSGIVING TjffOR all that God in mercy sends; JJi For health and children, home and friends, For comfort in the time of need, For guidance in our daily walk, For everything, give thanks! For beauty in this world of ours, For verdant grass and lovely flowers, For song of birds, for hum of bees, For the refreshing summe* breeze, For hill and plain, for streams and wood, For the great ocean’s mighty flood, For everything, give thanks! For the sweet sleep which comes with night, For the returning morning’s light, For the bright sun that shines on high, For every kindly word and deed, For happy thoughts and holy talk,

For the stars glittering in the sky, For these and everything we see, O L ord ! our hearts we lift to Thee, And give Thee hearty thanks!

— Selected.

IS CHRIST’S COMING IMMINENT? There is a remarkable sound the world around which may well arrest the attention o f every thoughtful believer. Are the prophesied times at hand? The startling fact is that not only in religious papers and magazines, but in secular papers o f all kinds, the question is, “ What does it all mean—this spirit of unrest and uncertainty so manifest everywhere ? ’ ’ There are no signs of relief or peace anywhere, but there are signs which cause thinking men to ponder deeply and which fill them with alarm. The “ World Court” wobbles in the hands o f the politicians. Every nation would like to have things go smoothly—until they were in good shape to combine with others in defense o f their own interests! Each looks askance at the other and tries to fathom their motives.

mation. Thousands will do this, and many churches will be open where people will gather in the name of Jesus Christ and voice their anthems and songs of praise, and He who sitteth upon the throne will rejoice in every breath of true acknowledgment o f His loving kindness and tender mercies. Thanksgiving Day was no doubt ordained of God for America, and has had its influence in the past; but as the years have rolled along it has become less and less o f a “ holy-day” and more and more of a holiday. In place o f every church gathering its own people together for a Thanksgiving service, as formerly, now one church accommodates all who will gather out o f sev­ eral congregations, and the number o f real worshippers decreases as the population increases. Why is this?. God looks down from His throne and sees and knows every heart. He has been so good to us. He has favored us so graciously. We owe all that

thirty years as a workman among men, and then spend three and a half years in service with common work­ men whom He called to follow Him. Our Lord ’s mission, also, was comprehensive. Its object was large, including all men as sinners. It was not for any particular class of men, but for sinners, and “ all have sinned!” It was conclusive. He came to save sinners. He did not come as an example only, though He is that. He did not come to show us how to live a nice, respectable life One may live a respectable life in the sight of men but if he has not been begotten from above, he cannot live a respectable life in God’s sight, for he is a sinner, and a sinner is a law-breaker, and no lawless man can be considered respectable. A sinner must livfe forever. He cannot avoid eternity by committing suicide. They are doing that every day now, but such a course only means “ into the fire. _ Nor does death rob the sinner of his identity. He is the same restless, hopeless soul in the next world as in this. I f this were not true then our Lord made a mis­ take in laying down His life to save men. Then, again, the mission of our Lord was contin­ uous— ‘ ‘ seeking.” Follow His earthly life history for a little while. With whom did He live ! Where did He g o ! Whom did He seek and whom did He find! Very few people have ever made an analysis o f His service bv making a memorandum o f whom, when and what He sought and found, but it is well worth while to do so. We hear much in these days o f the example of Jesus Christ, but few preachers ever paint the real picture of our Lord ’s life and purpose, as expressed in the verse we have quoted: “ For the Son of^Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Why no t! Of course, it is not pleasant to hear the explanation of what the word “ lost” means, but Christ explained it and emphasized the horrors o f it in His own definite way: “ Weeping and wailing and gnashing o f teeth! Perhaps a preacher might lose his job for that kind of preaching, but he will lose something far more impor­ tant when “ the books are opened” if he trifles with the solemn truth. Is it true that men and women and young people are lost in sin! Yes! YES !! Y E S ! ! Are they as much lost as were the people who perished in Sodom and Gomorrah! Yes! Can they be saved! Yes. How can they be saved! By accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Who is responsible for telling them the story! Those who are included in the command, “ Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Who is* included in that “ Y e ” ! The writer of this editorial, the reader of this editorial, every real believer in the atoning work o f our Lord. Two lit­ tle words embody the gist o f it all, “ GO—GIVE!” Hungry-hearted, restless, troubled souls are all around us every day. We pass them, touch them, evade them, ignore them! They are hopeless and help­ less, and the cry of their hearts is “ No man cares for our souls!” Will we seek to follow our L ord ’s example ! I f there is any real love for our Lord in our hearts it will not be expressed in words only, but in depds. Are we “ soul-seeking Christians!” Then we are following in His footsteps. I f we are not, then God pity us, and

Has thè Twentieth Century changed human nature ! No. The same selfish, Satanic spirit controls it. Every country would like to have peace—provided they could pay their debts and have their own way in the future ! The same spirit which put the Son of God on the cross would bifid one another in chains today. Can there ever be any change in human nature t No. Is there any satisfactory solution of the problem! Yes, and it is to be found where the solution o f every other problem is to be found—in God’s unfailing, unchang­ ing Word (Mark 13:7, 8 ) : “ And when ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, be ye not troubled; for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet. “ For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be earthquakes in dlT«rs ¡¡laces, and there shall be famines and troubles; these are the beginnings of sorrows.” (Matt. 24 :44) : “ Therefore be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." These are the words of our Lord Himself, and in 1 Thcs8. 5 :l-3 we have the Scripture as given through the Apostle Paul : “ But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. , . T . “ For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Bora so cometh as a thief in the night, “ For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.” The Bible is the picture book o f future events, and its fulfilled prophecy is the testimony to its truthful­ ness. What is written must come to pass. The Bride­ groom is coming (Matt. 25 :6) j “ And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Our heart aches for the poor, sin-stricken sons of men, and for the sleepy saints who slumber with the Bible on the table, but— it is written! What can we d o ! The one thing which the Lord emphasized, and which a loving heart for a lost world demands, is to warn and win the souls of men. Tell the old sweet story to the lost. Arouse the sleepy saints and tell them their obli­ gation, and practice what you preach! Pity the men and. women who profess to love their Lord but who never offer the Bread o f Life to hungry souls ! The greatest need of the world today is for per­ sonal workers who will walk in the footsteps of the Saviour o f men and seek and save the lost. Now is the needy time ! Now is the opportune time ! Now is the best time to go forth, with a heart of love, to gather precious souls for the Lord o f the har­ vest, remembering that “ he that reapeth receiveth wages !’ ’ SEEKING TO SAVE SINNERS The mission of our Lord on earth is described in Luke 19 :10 : “ For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Here our Lord Himself tells us in concise terms WHAT He came from Heaven to earth for, and WHY He humbled Himself to be born of a virgin, live for


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

November 1926

FOLLOWING THE FASHION This is the order of the day. Who orders it? Why, the day in which we live. The day tfyut controls humanity. _ In every walk of life we find it—in social affairs, in amusements, in schools, in politics, in church, in the movies, in every w a y and every day we find it to be a definite Twentieth Century law—“ Follow the fash­ io n !” ■ , Any question as to whether the fashion is right, wise or godly, is not permitted. Just—“ Follow the fash­ ion !’ ’ In former days some considerations of con­ science and propriety were allowed to control one, but these have largely disappeared, and now it is “ Where shall we live?” — “ Follow the fashion!” “ How shall we dress?” — “ Follow the fashion!” “ What shall we eat?” — “ Follow the fashion!” “ Where shall we g o ? ” — “ Follow the fashion!” “ What shall we read?” — “ Follow the fashion! “ What church shall we jo in ? ” — “ Follow the fash- ion !” ' , . This law is Satanic but it works unhindered. As regards education, standards are set by the universities and are handed on down to the children, and they ctune home and tell their parents how to live and how to fol- low the fashion o f the intellectuals. So the dear, ignorant parents bow to the inevitable and adjust themselves to the prevailing fashion. For are the schools not supposed to set the fashion for thinking? People are not supposed to think for

may He open our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our hearts to respond to the voice o f the lost and the com­ mand o f our Lord : “ Follow Me, and I will make yon fishers of men.” THE DECEPTIVE, DESTRUCTIVE DETOUR This cartoon presents one o f the most pathetic pic­ tures possible to present, and nation wide in its appli­ cation. The flowers o f soft, seductive words and Satanic sentences; the veiling of truth and hiding of Biblical testimony marks a detour that is wrecking churches and Christians. Pity the poor, bewildered people who are seeking bread for their hungry souls, rest for their weary consciences, and peace for their muddled minds,—looking, longing for the path which leads to the place o f peace. Have you eyes! Then open them wide to see the dangers o f the detour. Have you a heart ? Then raise your voice in warning to the weary pedestrian along life ’s highway. . Our Lord, when here, went about,—praying, plead­ ing, warning, beseeching the lost to take the narrow way that leads to the cross. The true witnesses in the early church were loyal in their work o f warning, and the need today is greater than ever before. Take your stand. Warn o f the danger o f listening to the Modernist who would deceive, and point to the path that promises and provides full forgiveness o f sin, sunshine all the days, and a joy unspeakable and full o f glory at the end.


November 1926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


“ Our separate states may provide chaplains for the pris­ ons and penitentiaries, whose business it is to read the Bible and pray with and for the unfortunate. , “ But Uie ten or fifteen future presidents who are now i ° U“ The>11future senators, representatives, party leaders, o ffic ia ls who are now by the thousands in our public schools—- . , "We must keep the Bible from them. i “We must keep the knowledge of prayer ir01“ J i® !n’hut “We Tre permitted a Christian form of l a m e n t , but we are forced to maintain a pagan public school. "Every president of the United States to date has been reared £ a school that was opened by Bible reading and P “ Why not our future presidents also? "It is a question hammering for an answer from the con science of the American people.” What do you say? Will you help? Then send for our literature on “ The Blasphemous Attack of the A.A.A.A. on the Bible,” and broadcast it “ far as the curse is found.” b e s t b o o k s f o r c h i l d r e n The National Association, of Book Publishers announces a Children’s Book Week, November 7 to 13 and are suggesting to magazines that they emphasize the need of reliable books for children. _ The enemy is hard at work in these days in an effort to undermine the faith of our young people, and Chris­ tian parents should be wide awake to what this means and seek to forestall the foe by supplying them with the Best Books calculated to develop the nght char- &ct6r The right kind of books can be depended on to sup- nlement the right teaching in the home and Sunday S o ? Child character building is o f the greatest importance, and money spent for Best Books is well spent Buy them and read them with your young peo­ ple for the trend of the tide today is tremendous and every wise and loyal father and mother should con­ template what the years from 12 to 18 will mean to the home in which there are young people. A study of the lives of the great Americans reveals the value of Best Books. Biola Book Room will have a “ Book W eek” from November 7 to 13. Send for cir­ culars and give them to your neighbors who have chil­ dren, so that they may make their homes such real happy homes that even the devil won t be able to 1 *m the children away. . One o f the greatest assets o f the church, the home and the country is a loyal young person, filled with the Spirit of God, clean living, wisely careful in contact with others, happy in doing the greatest work ever committed to the church—leading souls into the green pastures and beside the still waters. m "Now, will you remember that the Lord Jesus Christ, for whom I plead, looks upon the heart, and a high look and a lofty look are an abomination unto Him. He will go Past us, not­ withstanding all our physical inches, and all our intellectual endowment, and He will take somebody out of the gutter, lift up that soul, and show that He is beholden absolutely for nothing to pride of mental or bodily girth. He is beholden to Himself, and to Himself alone. Be humble my brother, be lowly and resist pride. 'He giveth grace unto the lowly'.”— J ohn M c N eiu .

themselves or act for themselves or believe for them­ selves. That would be unfashionable, and to be unfash­ ionable is not to be thought of. There may, of course, be some odd people m the world. There always have been. But they are to be pitied. No man or woman of any standing would do anything to attract attention such as carrying a Bible on the street on week days or even Sunday. It is not fashionable! No one but an ignorant disciple o f some “ cult” would violate the fashion by doing such a crude thing! . . . . . . . Giving an altar call in church is out of the fashion now. If any one wants to join the church they should be told to see the elders or other church officials. 1hat is the fashion! ... ..TT . . , , , , No one should ever say “ Amen! or Hallelujah! any more in church. It is not the fashion and sounds crude in these enlightened days. You must never speak to people to whom you have not been introduced, and you must never invite people to come to your church unless you are sure they are respectable, for the atmosphere must be kept pure and the standard high! . . , . . . If our Lord were here on earth again and associated with such common men as the fishermen o f Galilee, would He dare to bring them into our. fashionable churches ? , _ This is a new age ! A wonderful age ! Don t quote Scripture to us. We cannot listen to anything so unfashionable! Times have changed. We have our own interpretation o f it? anyway. We have our authority from the schools and we must follow their fashion. With a Twentieth Century Bible, and a Twentieth Century University education, and a Twentieth Cen­ tury civilization^ and a Twentieth Century fashion, we are perfectlv/satisficd! Don ’t bother us! SHALL W E BURY THE BIBLE? The “ Dearborn Independent” in a recent number contained an item under the title “ Shall we Hide the B ib le !” which, coming as it does from a secular paper, we take pleasure in passing on to our constituency with the hope that it will help to stir the conscience of the American people and arouse them to definite effort to stay the rising tide o f atheism: "No whatever we do, we must not permit the public school generation to see the Bible. We must not*--permit them to see or hear anything concerning the practice of prayer. - "We may still permit the president to take his oath of office on the Holy Bible. ■“ We may still permit the United States Senate to open every session with prayer by a chaplain paid by the govern- “ We may still permit the House of Representatives to open every session with prayer by a chaplain paid by the government. ' . . “We may still permit our ships at sea the services or naval chaplains who read the Bible to the sailors and marines, and pray in their hearing, and are paid by the government. . . , . , “ We may still permit the government to appoint and pay chaplains for our army posts at home and abroad, and main­ tain an army chaplain’s school for the preparation and train­ ing of men who read the Bible and pray for and with the United Stated soldier. “ The National Republican Convention may still open Its daily sessions with prayer. __ “ The Democratic National Convention may still open its daily sessions with prayer, yea, though the Convention run for three stormy weeks.


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

November 1926

“ The Challenge of a N ew Order DEAN JOHN M. MACINNIS

"in the fourth place “ coming to Jesus” means coming to God, the Judge of all. In Him we reach the final reality and therefore we find in Him the final test. He that hath seen Jesus hath seen the Father, and we know that when we touch the life of 'Jesus Christ and experience Him as a Saviour, we are in touch ,with the life of God. We do not understand Him in all the mystery of His life but we know that in everything that we do understand about Him, He is like God. We behold the glory of God in nature, in his­ tory, and we know something of the presence of God in the inner life, but in Jesus Christ we come face -to face with God as He looks upon us in a form that we can understand, and speaks to us in the words that are common to the human family, and we know that whatever else God is besides what is manifested in Jesus Christ, He is all that Jesus was. This makes Jesus the final revelation because there is nothing to reveal beyond God. It makes Him the final standard, for God is the final law, and it puts at our disposal the full resources of our universe because in God "we live, move and have our being.” This opens up a whole world of thought that we cannot discuSs at this point. In the fifth place, when we come to Jesus we come “ to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven.” That is to say, in Jesus we have the center of union and fellowship with all the saved of all ages, and the man who has consciously experienced God in Jesus Christ has come into fellowship with the truly redeemed of all times and in all the world as well as with those who have gone beyond and are now beholding Him in His glory. We may limit our fellowship upon earth by our little standards and interpretations, but when we come to the final reality in the experience of a life of the new order there is no limit to our fellowship only as it is limited in Jesus Christ. Our fellowship is as narrow as He is hut it is also as broad as His life manifested in all who are truly identified with Him in the new birth. In the sixth place we come to the ministry of "an innum­ erable company of angels.” More than the royal ministry of the richest monarchs of earth is the ministry that is put at the disposal of the redeemed through the new order of this covenant in Jesus Christ. But finally it is suggested that we come "unto Mount Sion and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem." In other words we come to an organized order governed by Jesus Christ as its King, and moving toward the realization of His purposes which shall be consummated in His coming glory when He shall come to “ reign where’er the sun doth his successive journeys’ run.” This is a hint at the riches of this order into which we are brought when we come to Jesus Christ. Now what is the challenge of such an Qrder as thatt In the first place it is a challenge to obedience. "See that ye refuse not Him that speaketh.” “ How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” The writer seems to think that it is almost unthinkable that people should refuse to

PH jm wN the Letter to the Hebrews the writer calls our jUB attention to the fact that we are come “ to Jesus H & the mediator of the new covenant,” and the state- ™ ment in its context clearly indicates that this means a new order which brings us into a larger life which puts at our disposal richer resources and creates a new responsibility. This responsibility is an immediate chal­ lenge. The average Christian uses that term “ coming to Jesus” without realizing the significance of the fact repre­ sented by it. The writer of this Epistle in writing to a group of people who had become panicky as they saw the old order passing, assured them that everything that was real in that order was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, and that in Him we come to the final reality and therefore to the real­ ization of life at its best. It is in the light of this fact that we must understand his statement here in the twelfth chap­ ter, verses twenty-two to twenty-nine. Dr. Stuart Holden of London, in a chapter in his book "The God-Lit Road,” suggests that the statement of the things that we have come to so far as experience is con­ cerned, must be studied beginning with the last thing stated instead of the first. Following that suggestion we find that “ coming to Jesus Christ” means first of all the coming “ to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.” . In other words “ coming to Jesus Christ” means that we find in Him a solution for the sin question. The blood'of Abel and of the sacrifices of the Old Testament had their meaning and significance but they could not make atonement for sin. All that they could suggest would be that the way into the holiest of all was not yet open, but when we face Jesus Christ in His dying love and sacrifice we realize that at last we have found a basis for the forgiveness of sins and a way into the holiest -of all. In the second place "coming to Jesus Christ” means com­ ing to the Mediator of the new covenant. This covenant is a covenant of life in which is realized a thing that could not be realized under the old covenant, therefore the first is taken away in order that He may establish this second and new covenant (Heb. 10 :9 ). This new covenant'is one in which we have not only the taking care of the sins and iniquities of those who come to Him but the recreation of the life so that the laws of God are put in the heart and written upon the mind. It is a récréation of life in which the nature of God is imparted to the one coming to Christ. That means that coming to Jesus Christ involves being born into a new order. In the third place this new order brings us "to the spirits of Just men made perfect.” When Jesus Christ died, He accomplished something that had to do not alone with the people who were to follow Him but with those who went before. “ He led captivity captive.” We do not know all the mystic meanings of that great declaration but we may depend upon it that it meant something in the perfecting of those who had witness borne to them through faith, and we are brought into fellowship with them in this new life.

November 1926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


THE CRUSADER’S “ IF” (With apologies to Ruyard Kipling) Rev. R. Hindle

obey the voice that speaks from such an order, therefore we are challenged to obey Him in this new life. In the second place we are challenged to offer a service well pleasing to God with reverence and awe. This order puts at our disposal not only the ideals of a well-pleasing ser­ vice but also the power by which the ideal can be realized and therefore we are supposed to live up to the ideal. This brings us once more to the challenge of Mr. Gandhi, the great Indian leader, referred to in our article last month. Obedience means to live more like Jesus Christ. It also involves that we practice our religion “ without adulterating or toning it down.” We are entrusted with a livings and vital message and witness and we dare not tone it down. If there is any change in the message it must come from the original source— the throne of God. Acceptable service must put the emphasis on love. It must be the experience of lore__nothing short of this is acceptable to God. What is our answer to this challenge of Jesus Christ as emphasized by this man who has been watching the church during the last few years in its work in India? A few years ago' another Indian who had accepted Jesus Christ but had not responded to the full challenge of the new order and life was met by a man who knew him ip his earlier days and was asked how it was that he was not as attractive and- influential as in the earlier days before he accepted Christianity. Instead of finding fault with the man who criticized him. he said: “ I was at once upon my knees burled deep in prayer, meditation and communion with God and thinking of the whole history of my life. I awoke as if from a trance, a new man. believing that God wills to make me a living likeness of Jesus for India, and from that moment until now I„enjoy a change and Joy which words cannot adequately express.” The biographer says that from that moment the life of Tilak was a changed life, and the two years that remained for him to live were full of effective and powerful service for Jesus Christ. • Are we as Christians going to respond ,to the challenge of the new order and to Mr. Gandhi’s kindly criticism of the church by doing at least as much as this Hindu did when he was criticized by a friend of tjie old days of Hinduism? "Ye are come to Jesus, „the mediator of the new covenant.” . Have we come into the experience made available by Jesus in that covenant? Ü "LiHen to this description : The devil has not all the fine fel­ lows. Here David comes in, and he is described for **• A ow , he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look at.’ The Lord has no objection to fine looks, the Lord has no objection to a fine physique, and no objection to your develop­ ing your physique, in all natural, healthful gymnastic exercises, as far as you please, and as far as you may. Oh. do not make the slightest mistake!—the Lord has n o special delight in shambling people who walk on the uppers o f their boots to save the soles, as some people do. The Lord has no particular delight in round shoulders and broken wind—not He. David was ruddy, comely, and goodly to look upon. As his after history shows, a splendid fellow, a daring fellow, with a keen eye in his head, and a big brain behind his eye. and a bursting heart inside hu bosom. Ait all-round man was David, who was shepherd, soldier and king in one lifetime, and played his part well,in all three ------ To Him be all the praise, to Him be all the glory; it is He who makes us what we are .”— J ohn M c N eill .

Mr Hindle. who is Secretary for Africa of the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, London England, sends. us this soul*-stirring challenge to Christians, and in the letter en“? Shafeitiustyr;ceived the July and August King’s Busi­ ness and greatly admire the breeziness of your newB. It is what a dear friend of mine would call ‘ hot stuff, but withal a deep spiritual tone about it that makes it of great valu as a tonic for the fight to which it calls us. M a y 111“ 11* continue to sound forth the old truths and expose the false. If you care not a toss for all the critics Who say that from a monkey you’ve evolved If you can laugh in faith at all the cynicB Who pour contempt on all you have resolved If you can treat them as you treat the bogey Of whom you’ve heard, from whom you’ve never run. And still press on, rejoicing in your calling, Till, vanquished, Satan’s hosts the battle won— If you can leave your home, your friends, and kindred, And feel the smart, and keep on feeling, too, While you are far away in isolation, And yet go smiling all the conflict through— If you can leave all luxuries behind you, And choose a path of hardship, toil, and pain, Leaving your normal food and earthly comforts, To go with Christ into the “ Devil’s Den”— If you can live as natives all around you, Ne’er asking as to future furloughs “ When?” But quite content to be like Him who sent you, One of His true and honored gentlemen— If you can make a heap of fancied talents, And epunt them all but dross for Christ your Lord, And ¿ever breathe a word about them after, But throw them all completely overboard— If you can go without the treasured bank-book, Or Council with large missionary fund, And look above, but never look behind you, And never waver, whatsoe’er may come— If you can stand alone when friends forsake you,

Your reputation trust to Him you serve, Assured that He will be your Vindicator, And never from the path of duty swerve— If you can find a Joy in persecution, When all is for your dear Redeemer’s sake; And love your persecutor as your brother. Though he would from you every virtue take— If you are dead to sin. and self, and mammon; And ready, like the great Apostle Paul, To lay yourself— your all,— upon the altar. That God, through you, may save another soul— If on to further regions you would hasten To tell those "other sheep” of Him you love, And ever keep before you His appearing, And seek to bring Him quickly from above— If you can work on, patiently enduring,

Until you hear your Master’s welcome, “ Come” , All things are yours— you’re not a “ Mr. Fearing”— But “ Great Heart” true— a D.C.D.,* my son. •A “D.C.D.” is a man who cares for neither danger, death, the Devil, or Doomsday.


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

November 1926


The Bible: A Little Candle and a Big PROFESSOR LEANDER S. KEYSER, D.D.

Dr. Keyser, the author o f this article, whose picture adorns the cover o f this issue o f The King’ s Business, is so well known and so well beloved that it is hardly necessary to say a word concerning him, but for our new friends we will say that he is Professor o f Systematic Theology at Hamma Divinity School, Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, an author o f note, a stalwart Defender o f the Faith, and a familiar friend o f The King's Business Family. Learn to love him and pray for him.

A “ lamp!” In the margin we read “ a candle.” A candle that is simply “ a light to our feet” , Is only a little candle. It illumines a space only a short distance ahead of us and around us; It casts about us only a small area of light, while a vast region of darkness lies beyond. Probably older read­ ers will remember the old-fashioned lard lamp, or the little tallow-dip, or the farthing rushlight, or the little perforated lantern which we used in feeding the cattle In the barn In winter long after dark in the evening or long before day­ light In the morning. These small candles lighted up enough of the space before us to enable us safely to take one or two steps at a time, and thus we did not need to grope our way in the darkness and run into danger. The Bible Candle In some respects the Bible Is Just such a little candle In the spiritual realm and the realm of providence. For His own wise reasons God does not reveal all knowledge to us; does not solve all our problems for us. For example, He has not told us what matter is in its essence, nor what mind is, nor how mind and matter are co-ordinated In the human brain. What an Insoluble problem the “ mind-body” problem is today, even for the most learned psychologists and phy­ siologists! Nor does the Bible reveal to us what time, space, eternity and Infinity are. And how mysterious oftentimes are the ways of providence! Why all the casualties In the realm of nature? Sometimes the most useful men and women are cut off “ In the midst of their years,” Just when they seem to be most needed. Yes, wonderful as are the revelations given In the Bible, over many of the problems of life it per­ mits the veil of mystery to hang darkly, and many people wonder why, and others even grow skeptical of God’s good- ness- The Divine Reason But there is a divine reason for this method of God’s deal­ ings with His people. He wants to see our faith developed and disciplined. He knows that such a course is good for us. It is better for us morally and spiritually sometimes to “ walk by faith rather than by sight." God sees more good In humble faith than He would find In encyclopedic knowl­ edge. Faith keeps men humble, and humility is a very fine Christian virtue. An apostle enjoins us to “ be clothed with humility,” which is surely a beautiful garment. “ Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth,” is one of the first of the beatitudes. Christ extolled the grace of humil­ ity when He said, “ He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” The world is much hurt by pride, especially pride of intellect, but it is never Injured by true humility, which comes to men when they cannot know everything, and must acknowledge their ignorance, and trust God to lead them aright. And this' is one of the fundamental reasons why the Holy Spirit led David to write the first clause of the verse, "Thy Word Is a candle to my feet.” “ One step enough for

UR title is not a contradiction. You will see that If you read this article through. To explain at once, It Indicates that the Bible Is adapted to our diversified needs, and reveals precisely the things that we ought to know— no more, no less. The suggestion of this title and discussion comes to us right straight from the Bible itself, being found in Psalm 11 fltiOS: "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a Ilfeni untomy path.” This verse is not repetition, but each part of It expresses a distinct thought. David, who undoubtedly wrote this great Psalm, was speaking about his Bible. How much of our present Bible he had in his possession we do not know for certain. It Is very probable that he had the five books of Moses, Joshua, Judges, part of First Samuel, the book of Ruth, and the Epic of Job. There are some reasons to believe that he had other divine revelations that have not been handed down to us in the Biblical canon, but of that we cannot be sure. Now, If David could say of the small part of the Bible which he had In his possession, "Thy Word Is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path,” how much more can you and I say the same of our Bible, which contains the rest of the historical and prophetical books of the Old Testament and all the books of the New Testament, setting before us so clekrly and fully God’s plan of redeeming love and grace through Jesus Christ! We surely may exclaim with all our hearts, “ Thy Word Is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!” The writer of this article has high ideas of the divine Inspiration of the Bible— yes, and of the whole Bible. No doubt David was divinely led to write the verse Just quoted. He may not have fully realized of himself what a great truth he was uttering. He could not have measured Its full meaning and Importance for the ages to follow his day; but the Holy Spirit, who Impelled and guided him, compre­ hended Its full significance for all time, and therefore led him to write it and led others to Include It In the Biblical canon, In order that all people even down to our own age might know how wonderful, relevant and enlightening the whole Word of God was and Is. Surely when we come to look at the Bible, both In the large and in detail, we can underwrite the Psalmist’s tribute toward It, and may per­ haps see even more In It than the Psalmist himself saw. Analysis Leads to Adoration Suppose, now we analyze David's adage regarding the Word of God. If you pick a flower to pieces for scientific purposes, you spoil Its beauty and destroy Its life. Not so with the truths of the Bible. The more you analyze them, the more they are enhanced In beauty, the more they grow In power and life. So with this pregnant verse of the Holy Spirit. Take the first phrase of the passage: “ Thy Word Is a lamp unto my feet.” *

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