King's Business - 1926-11

can get its full richness from the New and Enlarged Edition ot

Read the recommendation o f the two great Christian Leaders whose pictures appear on this page. One o f these has passed to his reward. Readers of THE KING’S BUSINESS know their deep sincerity. From their own freely given testimony you will see they have been wonderfully helped by the Thompson Chain Reference Bible.

CYPSY SMITH. WORLD EVANGELIST “ To preachers, Bible Readers, S u n d a y Turns the searchlight o f knowledge and understanding on the pages o f Holy Scrip- Schoo-, Teachers and other worlcer.. the tUre. Leads you to vital truths and clarifies Clw in^eferenoe Bible is worth its weight their meaning. Contains full Bible text Authorized Version, and the equivalent o f 3200 columns o f reference data. Bible Helps, etc., or the equal o f over 800 pages. Chain Reference System Enables you quickly and easily to follow any thought, topic or character straight through the Bible. Only Reference System in existence that does away with letters and figures and confusing signs in the text. Expository Verse Analysis Substantially every verse in the Bible is analyzed into thought topics— some into as many as seven. These are printed in the reference column directly opposite the verse. Being both suggestive and expository, they throw light on hidden truths.

T e x t C y c l o p e d i a A cbmprehensive encyclopedia o f Bible texts and related information grouped and classified under easy subject headings. A THE LATE W.H. CR1FFITH THOMAS. D D. condensed reference library in itself. Nothing like it ever attempted. Fruit of ¡ V ™ b,io hca!ï auenuev" o ^th“ chain years o f devoted effort. Combines all the reference chains o f over 100,- Reference Bible and recommend it for use UUu individual references, each chain complete under its topic, together with lible of the contents of the Word of God." general Bible information, dictionary material, biographical sketches, Bible readings, a n d comprehensive

treatment o f doctrines, manners and customs. C O U P O N B. B. KIRKBRIDE BIBLE CO. 3 3 1RB Meridian Life Bldg., Indianapolis, Indiana


No matter how many Bibles you may have at the present time, do not fail to take advantage of our unusual FREE TRIAL offer. We make it possible for every Christian home to have a copy of this wonderful book. After 3 days* reading, if for any reason you wish to return the Thompson Chain Reference Bible, you can do so. Coupon brings you free descriptive booklet and low price offers. B.B.Wide Bible C o ., 33 i - rb Meridian LifeBldg.,Indianapolis,Ind. C H R I S T I A N R E P R E S E N T A T I V E W A N T E D You can $10.00 to $50.00 Uptime $50.00 to $150.00 make a week for full time

Nov. 11-26

Gentlemen: Please send me free of charge copy of your book illustrating, describing and pricing the Thompson Chain Reference Bible under your 3 day F R E E T R I A L offer. □ Please check here if you are interested in becoming our representative.

No one but earnest Christian workers need apply for the position of representative of the Chain Reference Bible. Its sale is distinctly a service for our Lord and Master, since it helps others to know His will and teachings. Hun* dreds of people in your neighborhood know that they cannot “ live on bread alone, but from every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.** These people will quickly buy a Chain- Reference When it is shown to them that this “ bread of life" can more easily be gotten from it. EVERY CHRISTIAN HOME WANTS

This “ Bible Library in one volume** is not sold in stores. The same commission is paid representatives that stores get for selling other Bibles. All Inquiries from your territory are forwarded to you and sales from them are given full credit to you. Many representatives are m a k i n g the amounts given above— you can do the same'. Only one representative allowed in a commun­ ity, so mail coupon now to be sure of this privilege in* your own vicinity. THE CHAIN REFERENCE BIBLE





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