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MAY 2020

Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care


In March, AZCOMP celebrated 20 yeas as a company, and it’s been exciting to see us grow over that time. It began as a husband and wife team that pretty quickly added two additional employees. This team of four was doing its best to produce the work of 20 people. It seemed destined to succeed right from the start with unprecedented growth and success each and every year. Above all, the one thing that AZCOMP started with — and has continued to keep for 20 years — is its spirit of collaboration and care for what it does. I know this because I was one of those original employees back when everything started. I’ve worn lots of hats during my time with AZCOMP. But back in 2001 when things were still just starting out, I was wearing a lot of those hats all at the same time, which can be expected with any new business. Having so many roles could have been an overwhelming prospect, but it actually didn’t feel that way. It was an exciting time full of possibilities that we always tried to take full advantage of. I attribute our success right from the start to having great leadership. Specifically, our owner always looked to outside sources for help in every area we weren’t experts in and always sought out advice from the leaders in our industry, continually striving to make us better and stronger in any way he could. When you have leaders who invest everything they can right back into the company they’re trying to grow, you have the formula for success, and the rest of the team can’t help but jump on board. Then, somewhere down the road to growth, AZCOMP also realized it needed to define its true purpose. You might be thinking that’s something that should have been done from the beginning, and you’re probably right. Businesses are often formed with specific goals and purposes in mind. But when a business starts to grow and roles become more defined, things inevitably change. So it was necessary to sit down and take time to define what made us great, what made employees excited to come to work, what our clients loved most about us, and the

vision we had for making a real difference in our clients’ lives. It was a pivotal time in our company’s history.

We sat down for a week and hashed things out. We talked about the work we did and what it meant for our clients, their families, and even our own families. Here’s what we concluded: When you work in the field of health care technology, you touch many more people than just the doctors’ offices where you implement software and systems. The job you do affects every patient who comes to see them, and in turn, affects every person that patient has an impactful relationship with. That’s because the well-being of one person matters to more than just that person. The technology we provide ensures our clients can take care of patients to the best of their ability, protecting them from everything from drug interactions to early detection of disease. That patient has been our mother, our brother, our child, our friend. The work we help these offices do comes full circle at that point, and we’ve built a team that understands the importance and impact of that. For us, it’s personal. That realization made our purpose crystal clear, everything we do day in and day out ultimately serves to “Empower small practices to deliver the BEST care.”

This idea of growing and expanding upon who we are and who we’ve envisioned ourselves to be has never stopped since day one, over 20 years ago. I’ve seen it firsthand and played many different roles in many different departments during that time. For that reason, I have no doubt that we’ll continue down the path we’ve laid out for ourselves. So here’s to the next 20 years of “Delivering Phenomenal” to our clients so they can “Deliver Phenomenal” to their clients, too.

–Loree Olsen

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To Keep You Connected During Quarantine

Social interaction outside of the home has become nearly nonexistent, so people are resorting to video calls like never before. Whether it’s a collaborative meeting for work or a virtual happy hour with loved ones, some video apps are better to rely on than others. Cisco Webex The convenience of Cisco Webex is that it has two options for videoconferencing: Meetings and Teams. Meetings is primarily for straightforward videoconferencing, while Teams is specifically designed for collaborating with those you’re talking to. With Meetings, you can have face-to-face interactions and the ability to share your screen and record. Teams will take you to a virtual whiteboard when you start your video call where everyone can contribute and brainstorm. Skype Now owned by Microsoft, Skype has become a great collaboration suite for businesses that use Office 365. You get high-definition audio and video during calls, can chat in private, and can share your screen and record meetings. In collaboration with Microsoft, Skype also gives you the ability to save conversations, search those conversations later, customize notifications, and equip the highest levels of security. The

free version is great for colleagues and families, as long as everyone is willing to sign up for their own account.

GoToMeeting If you need a videoconferencing app with more professional features, then GoToMeeting is it. It’s great for desktops but is also one of the best mobile options available. You can share your screen, view presentations, and integrate it with your calendar to receive meeting alerts. If you’re on your mobile device, you can do everything you would on your computer, and commuter mode will save you up to 90% of data when you join a meeting. Zoom If you’re brand-new to videoconferencing, then Zoom offers simplicity without sacrificing quality. Top-tier video, audio, screen-sharing, and cross-platform messaging are all easy to use. Zoom’s phone service even allows you to make calls from your own phone number through the app. Be aware that the free version has limitations on meeting lengths and the number of participants. It’s also important to stay abreast of security changes Zoom is implementing in response to rapid-spread use. MEDISOFT, LYTEC, NEXTGEN, & APRIMA SUPPORT PLANS FOR HOSTING, BACKUP, AND MORE


Robert Ladner knows a lot about computers, so we knew he’d be a great fit at AZCOMP when

he started as a support technician in February. What we didn’t know was how quickly he’d ease into the world of medical technology and embrace the opportunity to help our clients with such enthusiasm.

Need Support? Call 480-497-7480 if you have a support contract. Don’t Have Support? Plans start at just $99/month. Call us at 855-455-5035 to get started with support, training, electronic claims, electronic health records (EHR), hosting, backup, and more. We have so many tools and services to help your business become more efficient, keep its network protected, and remain a thriving independent practice. We want to help your practice perform at the highest possible level by providing services that help you get the most out of your software. Be sure to check our website often at to learn about upcoming trainings and other events we host. DON’T FORGET TO UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE!

“My computer background is in a different realm, but using my skill set to

now help people with their health care is really exciting,” Robert says. “Not only has my support team been outstanding, but I’ve also already developed a great rapport with clients because they’re so enjoyable to work with,” he adds. “It’s like everyone who works for or with AZCOMP is just really happy to be a part of it.” Outside work, Robert chases after his 2-year-old and 6-month-old daughters and enjoys spending time with extended family. When he finds time to himself, Robert indulges in his hobby of 3D printing. He prints everything from small toys for his girls to household items that help him with everyday fixes. Having a mindset for figuring out how to make things work serves him well in everything he does.

Welcome to the team, Robert!

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If you plan on spending any time in the sun this summer, it’s important to remain hydrated. One of the easiest ways to do that is to use a refillable water bottle. But if you’re going to carry one around with you, why not choose one that can do so much more than just provide drinking water? The Lunatec Aquabot water bottle is a pressurized mister, shower sprayer, and hydrator all in one. It’s like portable running water that fits in your pocket. It comes with a built-in lever on the top that you simply pump to build pressure. You twist the nozzle to select the mist, shower, or stream setting, then spray. It’s so easy to hold and control that you can easily do so with one hand. With Aquabot, you can drink, cool off, rinse dirty equipment or gear, clean your body, or put out fires. The possibilities are only as endless as your uses for water. The bottle has a variable flow trigger, three attachment points for accessories, and even works upside down. If you’re going to be outdoors and need pressurized water but don’t have a flow source, The Lunatec Aquabot is a great solution. SHINY NEW OBJECT Drink, Spritz, and Spray


No Matter Where Your Team Is Located

Working from home has become a major reality for a lot of people lately. Precautions and protocols have been put in place so that people can stay safe and continue doing work that puts food on their table. In times like these, having a steady paycheck is critical, but if your business relies on heavy teamwork to get the job done, remote work can seem like a threat. That’s why the options provided by companies like Asana are so important. Asana is project planning and management software that makes it easy for your team to collaborate and work with each other no matter where they are. Users can start new projects, contribute to ongoing projects, track tasks and steps, create messages, manage details, and get approvals all in one location. It might just sound like another task management system for corporations with lots of employees and projects, but users hail Asana because it has proven to be much less a project management app than it is a suite for productivity and collaboration. When you have team members working in multiple locations, it can be easy to lose any sense of effective collaboration. Not only is Asana able to increase a team’s productivity by 45% on average, but the product’s overall goal is to foster a sense of teamwork along with that productivity. The software is extremely flexible depending on a team’s needs and allows for such a variety of app integrations that Asana itself is built to be a great member of the team of software many businesses need to be successful. Great collaboration plays an immense role in the success a team can reach as a whole. Asana’s founders realized that and named the business Asana because it’s a series of yoga poses meant to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. There are no better words to fuel a business that’s all about achieving great teamwork.


How to Utilize the Connections You Already Have

Many successful businesses are built on their professional relationships. That’s why networking is so popular for meeting new partners and customers. But today’s market has shown that the most cost-effective way to generate new, repeat, and referral business with high

returns is through existing networks, not by creating new ones. “Success Is in Your Sphere: Leverage the Power of Relationships to Achieve Your Business Goals” by Zvi Band shows readers how to do just that. As a relationship marketing expert, Band has years of experience teaching business owners how to deepen their connections with their existing networks by using productive personal interaction. The CAPITAL system spells out those steps: • Consistency: Develop good habits to form strong relationships. • Aggregate: Build a personal database of contacts. • Prioritize: Order your network based on who can help you. • Investigate: Collect information on people who are most important to you. • Timely Engagement: Create a steady flow with your outreach. • Adding Value: Offer more than follow-up. • Leverage: Execute business more effectively. The basic idea behind these tools is that if you strengthen the connections you already have, you’ll generate more meaningful business and find key people to help drive that business forward. Band’s prescriptive strategy is based on personal experience, expert research, and case studies. It’s also customizable to your business, so you can start implementing stronger relationships with your networks easily.

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In times of hardship, a feel-good story may be exactly what you need to make it through another tough day. And during a time when coming together and helping one another is that much harder, a story about community could go a long way. One bus driver for an elementary school in Dallas, Texas, makes the most of his role by creating a job he loves and turning a typically mundane time of day into one that kids look forward to. Every day, Curtis Jenkins could simply perform the job required of him: Drive the bus, pick kids up, and drop them off. But instead, he cares about these kids so much that he goes beyond transportation. During each school year, Jenkins makes an effort to get to know each of his kids. He has conversations with them, learns about their hopes and aspirations, and even assigns them meaningful duties during

their rides. For holidays and birthdays, he takes time to buy gifts for every child out of his own pocket, and each gift is carefully chosen based on the child as he’s gotten to know them. He says their gratitude and excitement is his real salary. But if you ask any child on his bus why they enjoy their time with Jenkins so much, none of them will tell you it’s because of the stuff he gives them. Rather, it’s because he’s a caring adult who takes genuine interest in who they are, how they’re growing, and what they need. He’s there for them in ways that other adults sometimes can’t be. At AZCOMP, there’s no better way to label Curtis Jenkins and all he stands for than our core value “We Care About the One.” When we think collectively about what we do, whether that’s our jobs, volunteer work, or supporting one another emotionally, there’s no limit to the good we can create.

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