Ardmac Pharma Solutions : Apr 2022

Ardmac Pharma Solutions : Apr 2022

We’ve got News Ardmac Pharma Solutions Quarterly Newsletter Apr 2022

Hello from Ardmac, In this month’s issue of our quarterly newsletter, we feature our regional manager, Mark Seymour, who heads up the operations team for UK Cleanrooms. Mark manages all day-to-day activities on our construction sites. He is heavily involved in Health and Safety and manages his team with the aim of empowering them and ensuring they successfully deliver on projects. We are excited to share with you some photos from Phacilitate Advanced Therapies Week in Miami and to announce that wewill be bringingour Germfree trailer to the Advanced Therapies Congress 2022 in London next month. This month our feature focus is on women in construction. Ardmac are celebrating the women that make up our company. We are working to #BreakTheBias. We offer a variety of construction related job opportunities for all and we are proud to be an equal opportunities employer. We’re delighted to launch the second leadership development programme in partnership with Trinity Business School. Forty-three employees from across the Ardmac business came together for the five module programme. Finally, we look forward to the awards season ahead.









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Mark Seymour is our regional manager, heading up the ops team for UK Cleanrooms. He manages all the day- to-day activities on the construction sites. He is heavily involved in Health and Safety and manages his teams aiming to empower them and ensure they successfully deliver on projects. Mark also gets involved in business development and tendering activities and is on hand to help with anything else the business needs. Ardmac’s mantra – to be a contractor of choice – is something that Mark feels is well embedded within the business saying; “We all buy into it, and we all look at how we can play our part in contributing to it. Anyone we deal with gets treated the same, no matter what, so we always represent a united approach.” For Mark, inevitably every day is different and comes with new challenges. At the beginning of the day, Mark checks in with his site teams, making sure they have everything they need and helping where-ever possible. The rest of the day involves systematically working through the different aspects of his role. Checking up

M E E T Mark Seymour

Regional Manager


on paperwork and checking in to Ardmac’s remote project software Procore.

“Safety is paramount, and we make sure that everyone on site has that understanding. We encourage them to speak up if they see problems, if things don’t feel right, they stop and deal with it. We need to ensure people are doing their jobs right so that they go home safely at the end of the day.” Mark is also one of Ardmac’s trained mental health first aiders. He said, “being a mental health first aider has really enabled me to support my team during this difficult period. It has really helped me manage my own mental health and that of friends, family, and colleagues as well. I certainly feel better placed to lend assistance and encourage conversation. His top two mental wellbeing tips are – going to the gym and spending time with family. Over the last 12 months, life has really made him appreciate what he’s got. With a single figure handicap at golf, Mark is a keen golfer and family man. With a wife and daughter who is starting out in her career pathway, he is looking forward to getting back to a holiday in the sun with them very soon.

COVID-19 has inevitably brought about challenging aspects, but Mark was very clear about the positive consequences of this saying: “Over the last 18 months, thanks to our systems, we have been able to continue with business quite well despite COVID. Thanks to Procore, we know we can work collaboratively on latest, live information and still work remotely.” The best part of Mark’s job is, by far, being on the construction sites. Whilst he loves the management side of his role in empowering others and learning himself, he still loves to roll up his sleeves and get involved. Mark continues: “I really enjoy the camaraderie that comes from the site team coming together to deliver on a common goal. I am also really fortunate to have the opportunity to view things from a senior management point of view, building key relationships that really make a big impact on the business.” Prior to working for Ardmac, Mark worked in construction all over the world on some major projects in theUKandMiddleEast. Heworked for Siemens, in the gas, water and nuclear industries and in clean rooms in other business sectors. Mark said, “attention to detail and precision is really important in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s about making sure all the boxes are ticked properly and safely. I believe that if you have to put the brakes on to make the job right, then you should have the confidence to do it, change what needs changing and ultimately succeed safely without worrying about a date in the diary.”


Wuxi Biologics

Ardmac were contracted to complete a full cleanroom installation within two buildings on the Wuxi Biologics site in Dundalk. The project involved detailed design assist with execution including project management, procurement and installation of all architectural elements within the cleanroom envelope. This included but not limited to Modular Ceilings [incl. lights and grilles] Walls, Double Flush Vision Panels,

Doors, Furniture, Flooring and Stainless Steel Protections. The scope also included Door Automation & Interlock Controls along with eight number Downflow Booths for client processes and manufacturing.



The walk-on ceiling systemwas designed and installed to facilitate 1.5kN/m ² and 2.5kN/m ² at varying locations complete the Ardmac supply and install Interstitial Area Handrails/Edge Protection and Stair units. The cleanroom floor installations complimented a flush floor finish interface with wall panels, furniture and client equipment. The cleanroom scope spanned c.15,000m ² with Grade C, Grade D and CNC room classifications. As part of design development and field execution a significant amount of trade partner constructability and coordination reviews were held focusing on the build sequencing and timing for planned works. The project was successfully PC’d in May 2021 with a an extremely high quality finish and very satisfied project team and client.


Wuxi Biologics, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Location: Project Size:

15,000m ²



Advanced Therapies Congress & Expo 2022

Ardmac are excited to announce we will be gold sponsors at the Advanced Therapies Congress & Expo 2022.

We will be showcasing our BioGO Mobile cGMP mobile Cleanroom at the exhibition in London from May 23 - 25. We are excited to join the industry leaders in showcasing the latest technologies and advancements in the industry and to bring the Germfree trailer out on the road and overseas. See our photos fromm Advanced Therapies Week in Miami, Germfree’s team of experts answered questions on the show floor about the “Future of Biopharma Innovation.” The BioGO ® Mobile cGMP Cleanroom was there all week and open to walkthrough tours.





Construction is a fast paced industry and full of opportunities for creativity and growth for all. The industry focuses on teamwork, creativity and in many instances, international opportunities, this can provide varied career andpersonal growth. Employee retention has challenged companies to look at flexible ways of working and take on board feedback from employees on how personal agendas at all levels can be supported – this in turn can help attract women into our industry by supporting the work life balance that many women seek.

Women startingofftheir careers inengineering, design, QS or architecture should want to join a company where there are opportunities for growth, investment in people development and an opportunity to work with different cultures and sectors – construction provides all of these opportunities.

Ardmac will continue to work to break the bias and support our female professionals


women in STEM Michael Quinn Director of Engineering

As part of their guidelines for the 2018 employment policies of the Member States, the council of the European Union determined that all Union members should work to ensure gender equality and increased labour market participation by women. CSO figures indicate that the construction industry in Ireland currently has the highest number of women working in the industry on record, with the figure increasing by 25% in 2021 to a total of 14,400. Despite this, women still only make up approximately 9% of the overall construction workforce in the country. The figures specific toWomen in STEM in Ireland make for slightly better reading, with the CSO reporting 25%of jobs that require STEM skills are currently occupied by women. However, with only 1 in every 6 engineering graduates being female the likelihood is that the figure for Women in Construction related STEM roles is much lower.


Given the career opportunities available, the impact made by the industry worldwide and the innovation happening on an ongoing basis, this no longer makes sense. Along with current global supply chain issues, the shortage of personnel is seen as the greatest challenge facing the construction industry in Ireland. Over the coming years, this is likely to be the single biggest barrier to achieving Government targets for house building, the current National Development Plan and continuing to support the growth of multi-national companies in Ireland. Over the past 20 years, I have seen the construction industry undergo significant advancement in terms of health and safet harder’ philosophy being adopted. At Ardmac, we “Work Smart”, meaning we deploy innovative technology throughout our business to empower our people, drive performance and delight our customers. To support this advancement, the types of roles within the construction industry have had to evolve with multiple new technology-based roles emerging and the level of physically demanding roles reducing. This is especially true in the high-tech sectors in which Ardmac operate. As a leading provider of complex turn-key solutions to the cleanroom and data centre sectors, our business is engineering led. We aim to employ the brightest and the best for all disciplines within the company, regardless of demographics, to ensure we continue to provide Excellence as Standard to our Clients.

Over 70%of constructionfirmsaresaidto fully recognise the need for more women in the industry. It is also clear that there is a huge shortage in construction personnel and that there are more diverse and well-paid roles availablewithin the industry. Despite all this, the uptake of construction sector roles by women remains low. A significant amount of good work has been undertaken over the past few years by organisations such as the CIF and Engineers Ireland to promote the industry as inclusive and diverse, but the sector still remains one of the most gender-segregated in the world. The reason for this appears tobedown to theperception of the industry that still exists. As part of a 2018 survey carried out by the CIF for their #BuildingEquality campaign it was suggested that the Construction Industry had an image problem. One of the comments received relating to this was as follows: “I think many women when they think of the construction industry think or hard hats, cold weather, dirty building sites and a lot of physical labour. Add to that a perception that it is male oriented, and you can see why it may not be viewed as an attractive career for a woman.” (Senior female professional) As part of Engineer’s Ireland STEPS programme for Engineering Week, I recently gave a presentation to approximately 100 female transition year students on engineering as a career. When I asked the group what their impression of the construction industry and engineering as a career was, much of the initial feedback I received was in line with the above quote.


Whilst us within the industry know that careers in construction have changed considerably, becoming more flexible, more technology driven, safer and less physically demanding, there is still much work to do in getting this message across to the wider population. Key factors encouraging men into the industry include culture, representation, confidence and opportunity and we need to establish these more strongly for women now. At Ardmac, we are working hard to implement the following actions to encourage more women into Engineering and Construction, and we encourage all members to do the same –

01. All roles within the construction industry should be and need to be open to women. The key is ensuring that this message is clearly communicated and that the actions of the industry demonstrate this to be true. We need to ensure recruitment campaigns are described and advertised in such a way as to attract a diverse group of applicants. 02. We need to ensure young women have the same opportunity and exposure to careers in the sector. From a young age, men see family members, contacts and connections working in the industry. It has been socially acceptable in society for generations for men to see construction as a viable long-term career.


They also benefit from being offered subjects at school which provide insights into the work involved and building confidence in their abilities to do the work and find it rewarding. Career offices promote engineering to young men, meaning key elements of the funnel channelling young men into the industry exist as standard.

construction industry can take you all over the world and present you with the opportunity to be involved in hugely rewarding projects where, regardless of demographics, you can make a significant contribution to the project and society itself.

We need to do the same for young women.

03. We need to normalise STEM careers for men andwomenstartingat primaryschool. This includes representation, experience of the work, understanding the impact of the work and training /experience of the type of work involved. We need to continue to work with careers offices within schools to promote the opportunities available and put forward the women and men of our industry who have forged successful careers. 04. We need to promote the value and impact of the construction industry. We need to make sure we are conveying the right message to women in promoting these roles. The industry needs to focus on recruitment campaigns that present the vision of the industry and its impact on people and their quality of life. Communicating the contribution that construction projects make to people’s lives and the challenging and fulfilling roles available in the industry will help to attract the right calibre of people. Employees at Ardmac are lucky to experience this on an on-going basis as we contribute to the delivery of exciting and innovative projects in the life sciences sector, from mobile micro-vaccine production facilities to large scale drug manufacturing facilities. A career in the

Our Director of Engineering, Michael Quinn is visiting schools this year, along with Catherine Greene, to showcase what a varied career construction can offer and highlight that all roles are open to our young girls. The aim of our school tours and visits is to promote construction and engineering to young people, especially girls. There is a male dominated industry bias and we want to show young students that a career in construction is open to everyone. We hope that young girls are encouraged to take on STEM subjects early on and in turn build our future.


Leadership development course

On January 24th, Ardmac in conjunctionwithTrinity Business School launched their second leadership development programme. Forty-three employees fromacross the Ardmac business came together for the fivemodule programme. The programme is an investment in the current and future leaders of Ardmac which will explore effective business management and delivery skills. Participants will take time to understand leadership from many aspects and to consider their individual leadership styles. Emphasis is also being given to the importance of emotional intelligence and mindfulness in challenging times. It is a great opportunity to learn in an off site environment and to meet with and hear from some great thought leaders from the Trinity Business faculty. The added bonus is it also gives the participants the opportunity to meet and network face to face with colleagues across the business, with many of our European and UK employees travelling to Trinity for the programme. After two years of a pandemic and a lot of remote working it was great to have the opportunity to meet colleagues in a “non virtual” setting.



and the award goes to....

We have a busy few weeks ahead at Ardmac. We are attending the Pharma Awards on the 27th of April at the Mansion House in Dublin. We are nominated for the Pharma Supplier of the Year, and we are sponsoring the Health and Safety Award. On May 14th, Ardmac are attending the Irish Construction Excellence Awards. We are nominated for three awards, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Initiative, BIM Excellence and Innovation in Construction. We are looking forward to attending these awards and meeting those within the industry. The very best of luck to all who are nominated in both awards. Ardmac’s DermotMcKenna, Enda Murphy and Mark McCullagh will be attending ISPE Europe. The annual conference features dynamic keynote speakers and focuses on innovation and current trends within the pharmaceutical industry. We are looking forward to exhibiting at ISPE Europe in Madrid from April 25th to 27th, if you are attending any of these events be sure to get in touch with us. March was a successful month for our team and saw our HR team win the Innovation in Technology Award at the Irish HR Champions Award. In addition to this, at the Irish Construction Industry Awards we won the COVID-19 Response Award and the Excellence in Health and Safety Award.


Ardmac Dublin Swords Business Campus, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 D8H0, Ireland. E: T: +353 (0) 1 894 8800 Ardmac Manchester 4 Scholar Green Road , Cobra Court,Trafford Park, Manchester M32 0TR, England. E: T: +44 (0) 161 8668086


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