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If you’re a parent in 2018, you know how popular slime has become among the kiddos. NPR reports that the gooey stuff has become a “social media sensation” and even led to glue shortages in many areas across the country. But instead of making a traditional pile of neon goop with your child, why not upgrade it with magnetic capabilities? Make your own magnetic slime with just a few ingredients you can easily find around town.

to doubt that this preslime mixture can possibly turn into anything, but have faith and continue to mix. Eventually, it’ll take on that gooey slime-like texture. 3. Once the slime is a little squishy, remove it from the bowl and start mashing it with your hands. Knead and knead until the mixture is evenly distributed throughout. Don’t worry about the black juice remaining in the bowl — just mix it in as best you can. When that’s done, give your hands a good scrub. The black mess will leave a stain for a little over a day.

What you’ll need:

• Liquid starch

• Elmer’s glue (or any white glue)

• Iron oxide powder (can be found at home improvement stores — avoid breathing it in!)

4. Pat the slime down to dry off excess juice. That’s the stuff that makes a mess and blackens your hands, not the slime. Now it’s ready for action! Set the slime on the countertop and get out your magnet. Your kids will be amazed by the way the thick slime reaches for the magnet, almost like some alien creature. This is the perfect opportunity to explain how magnets work. Check out the “Magnetism” page on Or just squish the slime around and see what it can do! Though it may not be as colorful as the slime you usually see, it’s definitely more interesting. It’s the perfect simple activity for a playdate with your kids this May.

• Disposable bowls

• An extra-powerful neodymium magnet (check online retailers or hobby stores) 1. Start off by pouring 1/4 cup of liquid starch into a disposable bowl. Add 2 carefully-measured tablespoons of iron oxide, and stir

vigorously until fully mixed. 2. Mix in 1/4 cup of glue, and stir like crazy. You’re going

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