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Muscle pliability is all the rage in modern strength and conditioning training. This method of training has recently been made famous by athletes like Tom Brady, but it’s applicable to all levels of training. The concepts are very basic, the workouts can be done anywhere, and it benefits a variety of training goals.

discretion and can be as minimal or intense as you like. Training is usually accompanied by some form of massage to help prevent buildup of lactic acid and muscle tightening.

Fad or Next Big Thing?

What Is Muscle Pliability?

We’ve all seen the waves of new health and fitness regimes that will change your life forever. With a lot of trainers moving toward this approach, it’s easy to be cautious about whether or not this is the right path for you. Pliability is not just a specific workout plan; it’s also a great workout companion.

Muscle pliability is the lengthening and softening of your muscles. The long-standing belief in strength training is that lifting weights is the path to strong and healthy muscles. While you will get bigger by lifting, it also makes your muscles shorter and tighter. This increases the likelihood of an injury. Training for pliability elongates muscles, making them softer and less easy to strain.

By adding pliability to your workout regimen, you can enhance recovery and limit injury. It’s the perfect add- on to your program. It helps you push your

How to Train for It

body further while mitigating long-term complications. Plus, who doesn’t love a massage after a workout?

Training for pliability is simple and can easily be integrated into any workout plan. Pliability workouts use resistance bands and foam rolling to train your soft tissue. The intensity of the training is at your

This is a snapshot of the lowest point in my life, both physically and mentally. I remember crying when this was taken, because I was in such a bad place. I not only lost my values, but I completely lost myself. Taking into account that I was dealing with various trials and tribulations, I was seriously fighting just to live another day. For the latter half of the spring semester at WMU, I stayed home in Chicago to work on waking up and not having depression and anxiety defeat me. After endless hours of therapy and months of self-work, I started to change for the better.

I have been working my butt off since April 2016 to attain the healthy lifestyle I once knew and loved. It took a whole year just to lose the 35 pounds I had gained during that low point. Almost two years later, I have exceeded my expectations and have expanded my knowledge immensely regarding fitness, nutrition, and my body. Considering how hard I work each and every day, it’s sometimes discouraging that I have not yet reached my goals. However, looking back at this truly puts into perspective howmuch progress I have made. I am trusting the process and am still learning so much every single day throughout this journey. A special thanks to my KFBBC family for kicking my butt, pushing me to reach my greatest potential and create the best me.

Self-love is something I will continue to strive for — it is my ultimate goal. I am truly dedicated to my success, and I’m so incredibly grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who helped me get to where I am today. So much love for you all. – Taylor LaPage

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