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JULY 2020

GROWING UP AT SUMMER CAMP S’mores, Campfires, and Lifelong Friendships

game on Friday and my team needs me.” It wasn’t long before the letters said, “I love it here, can I stay for the second session?” Camp helped Hannah blossom into a self- assured, independent woman. Now she’s going to be a general surgeon. I don’t know if we can give camp all the credit for that one, but I do know it played an important part in helping her come out of her shell. After she outgrew her time as a camper, Hannah volunteered as a counselor at Flying Horse Farm, a camp that serves kids with serious illnesses. It’s an amazing place that holds a special place in our hearts. I cherish the time I spent volunteering in the kitchens and seeing firsthand the people they are serving and the difference camp can make. It is truly magical. This summer, Flying Horse made the difficult decision to suspend their in-person camp programs. I feel for these kids who are missing out on camp this summer. The camp is doing the best they can to make the most of the situation. They’ve been coming up with creative virtual programming, and yes, it even involves s’mores. I know it won’t duplicate being at camp in person, but I hope it will at least be a fun way for campers to stay connected and have some fun. I guess that’s what we’ve all been doing — trying to figure out how to make the most of the situations life brings us. It’s not always easy, and if an important moment in your life was put on pause or altered, I’m so sorry. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to grieve and

There have been so many missed milestones this summer, including weddings, graduations, and entire sports seasons. With all that’s been postponed or canceled, I can’t help but think of all the kids who won’t get to go to summer camp. For my kids, and for me, camp — the kind that involves campfires and singing, swimming in the lake, and sleeping in cabins —was a quintessential part of summer. From the time they were 8 until they became counselors when they got older, camp was always part of my kids’ summers. Each year, I noticed how my kids came home more confident, more independent, and more sure of their place in the world. I noticed this especially in my youngest, Hannah, who was always very shy as a kid. She was the one to hide behind my legs when faced with someone she didn’t know. The first letter that came from her started with, “The food is terrible, please come get me,” which was very difficult as a parent. Soon though, the letters changed to, “Please come get me, but not until Saturday because there is a big kickball

have found other sources of joy, even if they aren’t the same as what you had planned.

In many ways, the time my kids spent away from home each year helped them find out who they are and form their identities. Camp also gave them lifelong friends, many of whom they keep in touch with to this day. I feel very lucky that they had these experiences, and knowing how beneficial they were, my wish is that every kid gets to take part in the joy and fun to be had at summer camp.

“Each year, I noticed how my kids came home more confident, more independent, and more sure of their place in the world.”

–Hillary Rinehardt


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