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Ashes into space AURA FLIGHTS

How do you celebrate a loved one who spent their life exploring and adventuring? We are all made of stardust — so when the time comes, why not return to the stars? Voyager launch £495

Perfect for adventurers and explorers, we take a symbolic portion of ashes on a shared monthly flight into space and back. The ashes are returned to you in an elegant miniature urn along with an image and video of the unique view from their flight. Memorial launch £2,950 Celebrate your loved one’s final journey with a flight just for them! We launch the complete complement of ashes into space in a patent-pending intelligent scatter vessel, which releases them in a gentle cascade against the stunning backdrop of planet Earth floating in the inky blackness of space. From there, they spend up to 6 months travelling, spreading across the entire planet, before finally returning to the Earth in the heart of raindrops and snowflakes. The memorial launch includes a personalised memorial video with photos, videos and music chosen by you, and a dedicated memorial page on the Aura Flights website for friends and family to share in this unique celebration of life.

Brought to you by the world’s leading experts in Near Space flight, Aura Flights’ unique memorial services allow you to send a loved one on a breathtaking final journey into space, 100,000 feet above the Earth, where our blue sphere hangs in the black vacuum of space. You can book a dedicated flight to have your loved one’s ashes scattered in space with the Memorial Launch, or fulfil a lifelong dream of traveling to the stars by sending a portion of ashes on a shared flight to space and back with the Voyager Launch. Both launch options are filmed using space- capable 4K camera systems to create a beautiful memorial video commemorating the incredible event. Using renewable hydrogen gas, non- toxic and biodegradable balloons and with all equipment launched recovered and reused, this service is environmentally conscious too.

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