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MAY 2019


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A FAMILIAR HEALING OUR JOURNEY IN PT W hen we first opened our doors in Belvidere, New Jersey, and that’s why we work alongside you to restore you to health as fast as possible.

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in 2005, we weren’t quite sure where our new practice was going to take us. Now, 14 years later, we’re proud to have expanded both locations to meet the needs of the communities we're in. Our success is not evidenced in the expansion of our little family, but rather through the smiles of numerous satisfied clients who we’ve helped get back on their feet. After all, that’s why we started practicing physical therapy in the first place. The pillars of recovery and perseverance on which we built Maximum Solutions stand as tall today as they did many years ago. We are constantly updating our technology and procedures to deliver quality healing, both now and into the future. The excitement that comes from forming personal relationships in our field never wanes. Time goes by pretty fast when you spend your days practicing in a profession you really care about. The rewards are endless, and creating specialized treatment plans for our patients means we are constantly updating our practices to best suit your needs. We know that no two injuries or recovery plans are the same;

After nearly a decade and a half working together, it’s now hard to imagine how different things used to be. We didn’t always have the luxury of a tightknit staff when we were starting out. As it is with any career, moving forward in your field takes years of dedicated training and service. We first met each other working together at a PT facility in a clinical affiliation, but there was always an itch to branch out and start something we could call our own. So, we did just that. By combining our own unique styles and independent attitudes into one like-minded ideology, we were able to start our own clinic and never look back to our old corporate lives. One of the unique benefits of being a privately owned clinic is being able to make the experience more personal for our patients, most of whom we now consider friends. By having a trusting therapist-patient relationship, your path to healing becomes much easier. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest studies and technologies released in our field. We want to make your experience as convenient

and painless as possible with the most effective, hands-on, manual therapy methods in the industry. That’s what sets us apart here at Maximum Solutions. Before we go, we had such a great time sponsoring the Belvidere Foxtrot 5K and 1-mile Walk this year, which benefits the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Although the event already occurred on April 13, please don't hesitate to donate to such a great cause. Feel free to visit their website at for more information.

–Dora Godnig, P.T. – Cara Sadowski, P.T.

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