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By Dan Haer, Retail Store Painting When is the best time to get my building repainted?

Y ou know that you need to get your building re- painted, but the bigger

widely fluctuates between one extreme to the other, which can run the speeding time of your paint project and can make textures of paint on even look sloppy. If you need a commer- cial building repainted, this is going to make the job of a commercial painting contractor difficult and costly for them. If possible, only repaint during the spring! Free time for spring and summer breaks If you hire a paint contractor professional to repaint your building's exterior, you raise the chances of the job being rushed. Repainting during the winter season is way too close to the holidays - and the job may not be done as quickly as you needed to be. On the other hand, painting during the sum- mer is also a great idea because it gets in the way of summer breaks. By hiring someone to re- paint your building during the spring, you can be assured that both of you have plenty of time to spare before the job is finished. It is right before sum- mer break and the holidays are so far away that they are a non- issue. Hire a paint contractor in the spring, and save a wealth of headache later! Dan Haer is owner of Retail Store Painting. n Taylor Long Props. orchestrates 17,293 s/f SC sale Powhatan, VA — Clos- ing of an investment sale between Maxey Center, LLC (SELLER), and JWN Proper- ties, LLC (BUYER) for $3.8 million. The Property is Maxey Center, a 17,293 s/f shopping center located at 3454 Ander- son Hwy., Powhatan. Mike Weisberg and Brian Bock handled the negotiations on behalf of the seller. n OceanCity, MD — Hen- ry Hanna, CCIM, SIOR , se- nior advisor with Sperry Van Ness – Miller Commercial Real Estate has leased the former JR Ribs in Ocean City to Tokyo Seafood Buffet. The 15,000 s/f space on 131st St. is the largest seafood buffet in Ocean City. Hanna represent- ed both the landlord and the tenant in this transaction. n Sperry Van Ness – Miller facilitates 15,000 s/f lease

springtime. If you want your painting project to be successful and flow as easily as possible with minimal interruptions or hangups, continue reading to figure out for yourself why springtime is the best time to have your building repainted by professional painters! Weather Is Perfect Nobody wants to have to deal with repainting their building during the winter. Moreover, fall usually does not give painting experts enough time to finish repainting the building before the winter sets in. High winds and snow are

usually prevalent during these two seasons, which will harm the new fresh coat of paint on your building. No one wants to have to deal with the heat of the summer either. The heat of the summer will actually cause the paint on your building to drive too fast and ruin the overall finish of the look. Again, painting dur- ing the summer is also very uncomfortable, so this season is not ideal either. By painting during the spring, not only is it more comfortable, it is also one of the only seasons during the

year in which there is not any extreme weather whatsoever. The temperature is temperate, resulting in a prime time for paint to dry properly. Hire am expert painter to begin repaint- ing during the spring, and see exactly what we mean. As Is The Temperature Because spring is the most temperate seasonal year, this means you can usually count on the temperature stay- ing around a certain degree throughout the season. As op- posed to winter and summer (and depending where you are, even fall), the temperature

question is when should you get your building re- painted? It i s a que s - tion that not many people ask whenever it comes to a

Dan Haer

big painting project, but there is a certain time during the year that is better for getting your building repainted than any other time of year: the

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