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provider, such as LEW Corp., where each student will receive a FREE compliance assistance and record retention CD, which is approximately a $50.00 val- ue. The instructors will instill the importance of remaining in compliance with EPA’s RRP Rule, as well as, and most im- portantly answer any questions that may arise before, during, and long after the course. A qualified and competent EPA Renovation, Repair and Paint- ing Rule (RRP) should instruct you on the RRP’s three simple steps to compliance; Training, Record Retention and Work Practices. A qualified RRP

instructor should also be able to present courses in both English and Spanish. When refreshing, don’t just sit thru a class, register with a training provider who provides real in- struction and actually educates you on the importance of how, what and when to remain com- pliant and profitable. To register for LEW Corpo- ration Refresher courses, go to www.RRPTrainer.com. For questions, call 1-800-783-0567, Ext. 33 or email training@lew- corp.com. Lee Wasserman is the president of LEW Corpora- tion. n

ive years have come and gone! EPA’s Renovate, Repair, and Painting

Classes have already started to fill up in their advertised courses, occurring in NJ, New York, Pennsylvania, Boston, and Connecticut with new and prior students. They also plan to hold Refresher courses in more of the major cities of the U.S. throughout the course of 2015 and into 2016. When signing up to refresh, contractors should consider training with the most knowl- edgeable lead-based paint training provider they can identify! A well experienced training provider will have rec- ognized instructors who have decades of real life and practi-

cal experiences that they can share, as well as, give the great- est level of expertise with their in-person interactive training. Additionally, such a trainer will become the contractors Lead regulation resource during the class as well as into the future, so the proper trainer is critical so contractors feel comfortable and confident when working on pre-1978 homes that will dis- turb or are presumed to disturb lead paint, dust and minimize the risk of child lead poisoning, which is the primary purpose of this course. When looking for an RRP training provider, look for a

Rule is once again, in full effect as con- tractors and facility man- agers in the United States have begun to renew their 2010 F i rm

Lee Wasserman

certifications and their Initial Lead Safe Renovator certifica- tions. Per EPA regulation, 40 CFR, Part 745, if an individual does not take an EPA RRP Refresher Course and recer- tify PRIOR to their current expiration date, they will have to start the process all over! This means, taking the 8 hour initial course all over again. During this lapse, all work governed by the rule, will be in violation and there will be risk for penalties, litigation, guilt, time, and money!! So, if you think you will be able to hold off on renewing, think again!! The time is NOW!! With over 40,000 students previously trained during the initial period, LEW Corpo- ration, the Environmental consulting, remediation, and training provider, has been gearing up for the influx of students headed their way for RRP Refresher Courses. ruling for Inclusive Communi- ties would legitimize the many court decisions prohibiting disparate impact discrimina- tion—a laudable public policy goal with a potentially nega- tive impact for development of low-income and blighted areas if these same subsidies are considered discriminatory under the Act. If this case does not settle as prior cases have, a deci- sion is expected late spring or early summer of 2015. Stayed tuned for more information as we follow this case; we predict a flurry of legislative activity either way this case is decided. Steven Williams is the managing partner of the Harrisburg, PA office of Cohen Seglias. Alexander Barth is an associate in the Business Transactions and Commercial Litigation Groups at Cohen Seglias n continued from page 8B The disparate impacts of Texas v. The Inclusive. . .

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Homes and more “With LEW Corporation you get the best! Over 20 years experience, unsurpassed service, national relationships and recognized expertise.”

Lee Wasserman CEO & President

T: 800-783-0567 E: info@lewcorp.com

The Lead-Safe EPA Certification for your company is valid for 5 years. Be aware of your expiration date! Submit your re-certification application at least 90 days before your expiration date. LEW Corporation is the MOST recognized environmental lead-based paint entity in the country. LEW trained over 20,000 prior RRP students in Spanish & English.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your EPA RRP re-certification.

Seats fill up quickly, register at www.RRPtrainer.com for our next course near you.

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