2020 CAST by McHutchison

GREENFUSE ANNUALS Begonia rex Bewitched

Dianthus Constant Beauty The Constant Beauty Crush series flowers

Hydrangea Mountain Series The enormous lace cap blossoms in blue, pink, shell pink and picotee will all come into full-flower in as little as 13-weeks from an unrooted cutting, easily removing 20-weeks of production time compared to traditional hydrangeas. Once the Mountain comes into flower it will bloom continuously until frost. Its hardiness and excellent garden performance will ensure years of enjoyment for the consumer. Zone 5.

Our Bewitched series features distinctive cut leaves in a variety of colors. All have strong vigor and are heavily branched making them perfect for faster turns in your Begonia rex program. This year we added Bewitched Cherry, Bewitched Pink, Bewitched Lavender and Bewitched Silver to bring the series to seven colors.

continuously through the hottest night temperatures and demonstrates a traditional pot carnation look while still maintaining zone hardiness. Standouts include Milk Cherry with flowers that open white and fade to pure red, and Peach Milk with deep pink blossoms that harden to a clean white. The Constant Promise series is a chinesis X barbatus cross delivering an abundance of semi-double flowers all season long.

Begonia Bewitched Pink

Dianthus Constant Beauty Peach Milk

Hydrangea Mountain Shell Pink

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