2020 CAST by McHutchison

Weigela Towers of Flowers Apple Blossom An upright flowering shrub, boasting large shell-pink flowers, blooming in clusters along the entire stem— truly a tower of flowers. The full-bloom season lasts 3- to 4-weeks during late spring with partial blooms occurring throughout the summer. Weigela Towers of Flowers Apple Blossom is a quick-growing shrub. Foliage color is a strong medium-green with bronzing

Fuchsia Skyrocket Fuchsia Skyrocket is blasting off and skyward bound. The narrow, upright, columnar habit is ideal for impressive vertical containers up to 48-inches tall. Traditional red and white single blooms decorate the plant, flowering on the entire stem. Great impulse retail appeal. Outstanding heat and humidity tolerance. Use in containers and landscape plantings. Zone 9. Hedera Tropical Blizzard A stunning new large-leaved Algerian ivy. Unique highly variegated leaves, gold to pure-white marbling and flecking with shades of green in between. Bright pink-red stems add an additional pop of color. Excellent for house plants, hanging/seasonal baskets and ground cover in warmer climates.This evergreen climber is happy in sun to full-shade and in any soil that is not waterlogged. Zone 8.

Dianthus Star Single Neon Star Improved An improvement of a classic, tried and true, industry icon with the same amazingly iridescent, vivid, neon- pink color, with a new elegant central pattern. Increased flower count and more compact than the original, Neon Star Improved is a closer

match to the collection. Flower stems are sturdy and do not flop. Deadhead and feed regularly to encourage fast repeat

on new growth. Excellent as an informal screen for vertical living and great for small yards and color in the landscape. Zone 6.

blooming. Bred for beautifully scented

blooms and excellent garden performance. Pollinator magnet! Use in containers, borders and mass landscape plantings. Zone 5.

Weigela Towers of Flowers Apple Blossom

Hedera Tropical Blizzard

Fuchsia Skyrocket

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