2020 CAST by McHutchison


Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double PlumTastic The MiniFamous Neo series provides a uniform, semi-trailing habit, along with medium vigor. New Neo Double PlumTastic showcases a striking bicolor pattern on a double-flower form, which is exclusive to Selecta One. The entire series is ideal for baskets and large containers.

Dahlia Dalaya Fireball and Raspberry Dalaya green-leaf garden dahlia features big blooms and exotic bicolors. Dalaya is early to flower, slow to fade and is known for having excellent garden performance that beats the competition across all varieties. New Fireball features a new anemone flower form in a bright-orange, non-fading color, while New Raspberry has double, rose-raspberry blooms with a blue undertone.Well-branched series is ideal for 2.5-quart and larger pots.

Phlox Gisele Red Bred for reliable rooting, mounded habit and heat tolerance. Gisele has been trialed all over North America for outstanding performance.This series works great in small containers, baskets and gardens, continuously producing large, vibrant flower clusters.With the expansion of Gisele this season, New Red helps round out this series to deliver the most complete phlox color range on the market. The consistent vigor creates a stunning look in the landscape.

Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double PlumTastic

Dahlia Dalaya Raspberry

Phlox Gisele Red

Dahlia Dalaya Fireball

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