2020 CAST by McHutchison

DÜMMEN ORANGE ANNUALS Coleus Main Street Beale Street Beale Street was technically a new introduction last year, but Dümmen decided to do a big show this year because it won the first ever AAS award for a coleus. It proved itself last summer as the only red coleus to

Dahlia MegaBoom Berry Blast The MegaBoom series is the newest lineup of dahlias from Dümmen Orange.They remind us of the little sisters to the XXL lineup, with the same massive bloom that we’ve all loved from XXL, but on a shorter peduncle, where the blooms sit right above the foliage.We see this as a perfect fit for large container combinations or for growers wanting to ship that huge bloom, while fitting more plants on a rack.

New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Series

These are just plain fun. Last year Dümmen Orange introduced the first color of Hot Pink, but now it is joined by a full family with fun names, including Tangy Taffy, Cotton Candy, White Lightning and Red Racer. Features huge flowers with double petals, and each petal is ruffled up and down like the tracks of a roller coaster.

stand up to full sun or shade without flowering until very late in the year, holding a superb habit.

New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Cotton Candy

Dahlia MegaBoom Berry Blast

Coleus Main Street Beale Street

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