This Show is LIT! Improv Asylum is home to the coolest alt-comedy show in town - Lit Nig ht!

When recreational cannabis hit Massachusetts, everyone got real excited to see how we could blend this newly legal substance into their existing businesses. Comedy is no different. It's a natural fit, a tried and true combination - from Cheech and Chong all the way to Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Improv Asylum's answer? Lit Night .

Imagine the joyful chaos of a late-night talk show with some of the strangest guests and comedic bits you can imagine. Our writers room gathers a week ahead of time and thinks of some of the most off-the-wall comedic bits and characters they can cram into an hour-long format.

The hook? The host is high and has no idea who's slotted to be a guest on the show or what's going to happen next. The glee of watching the host react to the parade of insanity only reinforces the insanity itself.

For the last two years, this show has developed a cult following, including both fans of cannabis and non-users alike. It also has one of the largest comedic ensembles currently working in Boston with a huge social network.

So how can you get involved? Turn the page, baby!

For 1k, the title sponsorship package allows businesses a three-month run of branding Lit Night as their own. (But what exactly does that mean?) 20 tickets to use for each Lit Night show  20 drink tickets ( good for one drink at the bar)  Full page ad in Improv Asylum's program ( averaging over 2000 distributed weekly) Placement on theater monitor screens Above-the-title naming on all marketing materials, "Your Name Presents... Lit Night" Meet and greet with performers after the show Two tables set up to promote specific brands for pre- and post- show marketing opportunities. Title Sponsorship

Lit Night Trailer

For Further Info: Norm Laviolette

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