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AMemorable TimeofYear A funny reversal has happened to my relationship with Halloween over the years. When I was growing up, I never really put much effort into my costume. I didn’t care much about what character I was or how detailed my outfit looked. For young Chelsea, it was all about the candy. This was back when it was still normal to go trick-or-treating using a full-size pillowcase. As a mother, I’ve undergone a total role reversal. Not only am I the one at the start of the season trying to get Heidi and Ian’s costumes squared away, I also step in to monitor



Our family memories in Kansas City are important to me this time of year. As the leaves start to change, inevitably I feel a tug of nostalgia for my home town of Omaha, Nebraska. Autumn is beautiful throughout the Midwest to be sure, but only Nebraska has Cornhusker football. As an alumna of UNL, my father has been a proud season ticket holder for decades. So many of my memories from this time of year are from Memorial Stadium, cheering on the team despite freezing temperatures. Much of this was during the ‘90s, when quarterbacks Tommie Frazier and



Brook Berringer carried us to two consecutive national championship games, and current coach Scott Frost carried us to our third national championship. Those are the kind of seasons that make you a die-hard fan for life. Nowadays, I don’t get to make it out to as many games as I’d like, but I’ll settle for watching them on TV in the warmth of our own home. It’s fun to watch the kids get into the game with us, cheering, “Go Big Red!” as loud as possible.

their candy consumption. It definitely makes me appreciate the work my mom did for us all those years ago. The work is definitely worth it. Both kids have had adorable costumes over the years. While we’re still working on ideas for this year, it’s a good bet that Heidi will go as something princess-related. She’s been everything from Minnie Mouse to Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” Ian has had a bit of variety over the years

"Astheleaves starttochange, inevitably I feela tugofnostalgiafor myhometownof Omaha,Nebraska."



Between football and Halloween, this time of year is rich with memories new and old. I can’t wait to see what new ones we add this year. I hope this autumn gives you plenty of moments to cherish as well. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

but particularly enjoyed dressing up as Batman. His suit came with built-in muscles, which he got a kick out of.


Back in the early days of our firm, our office was conveniently located right next to Heidi and Ian’s day care. Every Halloween, they and the other children used to parade by our office, and our staff passed out candy to them. We loved every minute of it! As much as I enjoy our downtown location, I’ll always hold those office visits by trick- or-treaters close to heart.

Go Cornhuskers,


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